Obama was flat, routinely Obama and routinely liberal

Barack Obama gave the third best speech of the week.

President Clinton and Michelle Obama were 1 and 2, respectively, Hillary 4th and Biden, what, 100th?

But the quality of a rather routine Obama and liberal presidential nomination acceptance speech probably isn’t the issue.

The question is, will the voters buy his framing of the issues and the solutions he proposes.

Will they buy the man vs. his opponent, John McCain?

To me, McCain’s still the man, but either guy can blow it, and I’m not ready to predict a winner.

I’ve been wrong too many times this year to try to predict this thing.

My wife gave the speech a 7 and I gave it an 8, but then she went on and was more convinced this was a winner for BHO than I am.

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  1. Danny the Red (hair) says:

    Not his best speech, but the perfect politic speech.

    Even the Fox coverage was positive.  Luntz, the best GOP wordsmith, thought it was masterful at going after the voters Obama needs.

    I called McCain as the GOP nominee last summer when everybody had written him off once I saw thompson’s campaign.

    I was pushing for Obama to run 2 years ago.

    I called the election for Obama on February 5th because Hillary had planned for a sprint and Obama planned for a marathon.

    AS its going to be a blow out (+6%) for Obama.

  2. Go Blue says:

    You gave the speech an 8! From you, that means he must have hit it out of the park.  

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