Coloradans welcome Biden to the Obama campaign

From the Colorado for Obama blog.

Today, people across the state of Colorado are showing their excitement for Barack’s running mate, Joe Biden. Here’s what they have been saying:

Colorado couldn’t be more excited that you were chosen as Obama’s VP! Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing you this week in Denver!!!
Kristopher in Longmont

Congratulations!  This is fabulous news.  The best presidential ticket in my lifetime.  Exactly what the USA needs.
Winefred in Denver

Senator Biden,  I am the retired Colonel from the Colorado State Patrol and have testified before your committee for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.  I am very pleased to see you on the ticket.  As a registered Republican, I have had it with them and completely support the Democratic ticket.  You definitely have my vote.
Lonnie in Larkspur

This is an excellent choice!  Congratulations to Senator Biden.  What an amazing ticket and I can’t imagine how we can fail in November.  I hope you know there are millions out there doing their part.  As a long-time precinct leader, I have never had such an easy time finding volunteers.
Teresa in Erie

Senator Biden,
Welcome to the Change that is revolutionizing America today!  That change is the fresh fire that Senator Obama has brought to the nation and arguably the world.  We are all very tired of partisan politics and are glad that you are a strong advocate for reaching across party line to accomplish that which is best for our nation and our role in the world!  
Good luck!
Emanuel in Longmont

Dear Senator Biden,

I am so pleased to know you will be the next Vice President of the United States! Barack Obama choosing you as his running mate, once again proves to me that he is the right person to lead us back to being the great nation we were before George Bush. I have watched you for a while now and have always been impressed with how you handle yourself. You are just what we need! I truly believe we have a "dream ticket" now and am so excited to take back the White House. Deep in my heart, I feel with you and Senator Obama our future is bright again and hope truly is alive.
Sheila in JeffCo

Congratulations and Welcome to the campaign.  As a Veteran, I want the Country I fought for back. You and Barack are our Hope and Inspiration for the Future.  There are no other options.
John in JeffCo

Dear Senator Biden,
My husband, Jim, and I want to express our support for your joining this history making movement for change in our country.  We are in our late 50’s and were life long registered Republicans until 2006, when, sick of the Bush administration, I said, "let’s change our registration to Democrat, so we can volunteer and campaign for Barack Obama!"  And we did just that and have volunteered since before the caucuses in Colorado.  This is the first time since I’ve been old enough to vote that I have actually BELIEVED a presidential candidate’s words and promises!! It is indeed time for positive change in our nation and we believe Barack Obama with the support of the people and Congress can accomplish this kind of change.  You were who we were hoping Obama would choose for a running mate so we are VERY happy with the announcement of this news!
Best of Luck to you and please know that we are two people in Colorado who will be behind you and Sen. Obama all the way to the White House!
Alexis in Arvada, Colorado

You can still send a message to Joe to welcome him to the Obama campaign.

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