New TV spot from the Udall campaign

Not sure if anyone else has posted this, but the Udall campaign is running a new TV ad:

It’s worth adding that the official Udall campaign has now run seven TV ads, advocating his message, and directly asking voters to support his campaign. The Schaffer campaign, meanwhile, has run one ad–the infamous Mt. McKinley spot. Otherwise, he’s letting a shadowy group of 501(c(4)s do his talking; in recent weeks, we’ve seen ads from (among others):

Coloradans for Economic Growth

Club for Growth

Freedom’s Watch

Activity by these groups is a common feature of Senate races, of course, but the extent to which Schaffer lets others essentially run his campaign is new to Colorado.

This is especially odd because Schaffer is not running a bootstrapping, grassroots campaign that cannot afford to run TV ads. Instead, he and Wadhams have consciously chosen to let anonymous wealthy donors–who may or may not be from Colorado, and may or may not have Colorado’s best interests in mind–speak to voters on their behalf.

What does this say about how he might serve in the Senate?  

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  1. twas brillig says:

    What a commentary that Schaffer needs Texas developers like Swiftboater Bob Perry to try and buy Colorado for him. Sad.  

    • redstateblues says:

      Bob Schaffer isn’t running on the issues–he’s running against Mark. Mark is running on the issues, and even if you think he “u-turned” or whatever, you have to give him that. I’d like to see Bob talk about the middle class empathetically.

  2. ThillyWabbit says:

    It’s frankly disgusting that a couple of industries (really just a couple of people) can drop $5 million in a week or two to smash Mark Udall–while at the same time Dick Wadhams bemoans the “four horsemen” and the media writes story after story about Tim Gill, et. al.

    Well I’m not sure if the media will ever notice, but the four horsemen haven’t spent one red cent on this race so far as I can tell.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      Oil companies are despised right now and real estate developers are tied to the bank/sub-prime disaster. Bob Schaffer having those groups on his side is not an advantage.

      All Udall has to do is keep hammering what industries are backing Schaffer and it pretty much neutralizes those ads.

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