McCain’s Colorado, NH HQs Evacuated

UPDATE: Just another jailhouse nut with a few salt packets or whatever, as the Denver Post reports:

An inmate at the Arapahoe County Jail mailed a letter that contained powder to Sen. John McCain’s campaign office in Centennial, authorities said Thursday.

A handful of campaign workers rushed to local hospitals after an envelope containing powder and a threatening letter was opened in McCain’s office.

The substance is not considered hazardous, but had not been officially identified late Thursday, said U.S. Secret Service Agent Malcolm Wiley.

The letter came from Marc Ramsey, an inmate in the jail, officials said Thursday night.

“He is a prolific writer of threatening letters,” Wiley said…

Breaking Denver Post:

The U.S. Secret Service says white powder and a threat were received at Sen. John McCain’s office in Centennial today.

“We have people responding,” said Special Agent Malcolm Wiley. “We have no reports that anyone has been hurt.”

No information was available yet on what the powder is or what form the threat came in.

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  1. Nine House McCain says:

    to try and stir sympathy.

    Expect any agitators at the coming DNC to be GOP plants.

  2. sxp151 says:

    to mess things up. I don’t think this was a stunt by McCain’s people, unlike what some have said. (I’ve seen McCain’s campaign go pretty low, but this would be a record low for just about anyone, even Karl Rove.)

    Literally anyone can mail powder and pretend to be a terrorist. Glad to see nobody was hurt (so it was probably just a prank by some douchebag).

  3. dwyer says:

    Five postal workers were killed by anthrax…and are “soon forgot.” It is reported that there was a threatening letter received at McCain HDQs.  All of this can be very intimating.

    I suggest we hold the jokes and cool it.  When one of us is threatened from participating in the political process, all of us should consider ourselves  harmed. I am sorry that the McCain people have had to deal with this.

  4. divad says:

    …twisted week ahead, I’m afraid.  

    At least they have a relatively small suspect pool…

    “The letter was apparently sent by an inmate at the Arapahoe County Jail, according to the Secret Service.”


  5. Dan Willis says:

    The lead story on is quoting Arapahoe HazMat as saying there was very little, if any, substance in the envelope. There were apparently only trace amounts of protein (probably deposited there when the enelope was sealed).

    However they are reporting a powdery substance in the NH letter although national news services are saying it was on in the Denver letter.

    Apparently the NH had a return address in Denver.

  6. Vincent Lynn says:

    Has anyone seen the blogs on 9news?  I can understand why their stories lack substance, they need to match their readership.  

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