Friday Open Thread

“For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.”

– Virginia Woolf

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  1. Zappatero says:

    You can call me a Socialist……..though I must be the tamest kind ever. Have already given to Bernie, and will give more to the unabashed Socialist Democrat as the campaign heats up:

    What is remarkable about Sanders’s platform is how unremarkable it would sound to any run-of-the-mill Democratic politician 40 years ago, and how moderate it would have sounded to Eugene V. Debs, the last major Socialist candidate for president.

    “The challenges facing our country are enormous. It’s not just that, for 40 years, the middle class has been disappearing. It’s that 99 percent of all new income is going to the top 1 percent, and the grotesque level of wealth and income inequality today is worse than at any time since the late 1920s. The people at the top are grabbing all the new wealth and income for themselves, and the rest of America is being squeezed and left behind. The disastrous decision of the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case and in other related decisions is undermining the very foundations of American democracy, as billionaires rig the system by using their Super PACS to buy politicians and elections. And the peril of global climate change, with catastrophic consequences, is the central challenge of our times and our planet. The middle class in America is at a tipping point. It will not last another generation if we don’t boldly change course now.”

    Lyndon Johnson could have said that. John Kennedy could have said that. Certainly, it’s milder than FDR’s attacks on the “malefactors of great wealth.” In 1912, while running for president in a superheated four-way campaign, Debs accepted the nomination of the Socialist party with a thwacking acceptance speech that makes what Sanders is saying sound like it was written by Evan Bayh.

    Evan Bayh was BFF’s with Udall and Bennet, in case you’ve forgotten.

    For their side’s Jindal, Cruz, Perry, Paul, and other assorted Neanderthals, our side has Bernie, an experienced executive with significant electoral victories and far more experience in national government. I’m not willing to settle for just anyone because they’ve chosen to put a (D) behind their name for political expediency.

    Bernie Sanders has done it out of political necessity and I’ll support him for that same reason.

    • Progressicat says:

      It’s International Workers’ Day. Just like everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, everyone’s a Socialist today.

      Gets a lot lonelier for me the rest of the year, but it’s a party today!

  2. mamajama55 says:

    No Friday Jams Thread? No importa.

    Here are two versions of “The Internationale” for your socialist pinko librul listening pleasure.

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