Who Ordered a Cake with “Homosexuality Is a Detestable Sin” Written on Top?

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It’s not for everybody, but if you’re me, you can’t help but be curious about a guy who asks Azucar Bakery, on Broadway in Denver, to make cakes shaped like an open Bible with the these messages:

One cake: God Hates Sin, Psalm 45-7. Homosexuality Is a Detestable Sin, Leviticus 18-22.

The other cake: God Loves Sinners. While We Were Yet Sinners, God Died for Us. Romans 5-8.

It turns out that Bill Jack, the man who placed this cake order, is also a sometime talk-show host, which gives a radio aficionado an opening to find out more about him.

After listening to a few hours of his shows on “Generations Radio,” a fundamentalist Christian outlet, and talking with him on the phone, I would describe him as a deeply religious individual who feels so besieged and alienated by cultural norms that he has to carve out an extreme path to function in everyday society.  His path has an internal logic to it, but to the rest of us, it can be hateful and discriminatory.

For example, on a podcasted “Generations Radio” show in January (below), Jack and co-host Steve Vaughan got angry about Planned Parenthood teaching sex-education in public school.

They read an article alleging that a student felt “pressured to have sex” by the lessons. This led to some harsh words about Planned Parenthood and public school education.

Vaughan: (@23:45 below): “The reason why, especially with Planned Parenthood, tthe more sex these kids have, the more business [Planned Parenthood] has in aborting the babies.

Jack: It’s conflict of interest [for Planned Parenthood to be teaching sex education], I would think.”

Vaughan (at @26:15 below): “If you are a Christian, you should not have your kids in public school anyway. This is not a place for them to be witnessing to other people. Bad company corrupts good morals. And your children are going to be the ones to get changed. If you hug a pig, the pig doesn’t get cleaner. Your kid gets dirty. [Laughs]

Jack: I never heard that one before. [Laughs] But everybody needs a hug. But this is what Planned Parenthood does. They want your children to be pigs.

Vaughan: Yeah.

Jack: They want them to wallow in the muck. And what we need to is, we as Christians need to expose evil…Shine the light of truth and grace on such activities. And so I urge you, as home schooling parents, to investigate what’s being taught in the public schools.

I told Jack that my kids go to public school, and even though rats were discovered at East High School in Denver this year, the place is full of beautiful kids. Why call my kid a pig?

Jack: That’s an illustration. It’s an analogy, and the analogy is fairly succinct and pithy, and makes it clear. You don’t want to entrust your student to someone who has an opposing worldview. That’s not as pithy, as punchy.

Salzman: But it’s mean. Would you agree?

Jack: No. it’s not mean. It’s a statement of fact.

Salzman: I take it as mean. I respect what you just said about not sending your kid to public school. That’s your right. But you’re telling me my kid is dirty?

Jack: No. I didn’t say your kid’s dirtier. Your kid gets polluted by a secular worldview.

Jack’s war against the “secular worldview” is key to understanding where he’s coming from.

“For a Christian, your faith dictates your economics, you view of science, of art, of education,” said Jack, who’s a founder of Worldview Academy, which “trains Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview.”  “It’s not compartmentalized.”

Jack has produced a video, showing one way he applies this thinking. It’s titled, “Biblically Correct Tour of The Denver Zoo, The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, The Denver Museum of Art, Law and Order at the Colorado State Capitol, and Dinosaur Ridge outside Denver.”

Which brings us back to Jack’s cake order, with the anti-guy message.

When we spoke, Jack was upset that The Denver Post characterized what he’d asked the baker to write on the cake as “gay slurs” and “hateful words.”

I told Jack I agreed with The Post’s decision to report, in a news story, that the phrase “homosexuality is detestable sin” is a slur, even if it’s in the Bible. Our laws and cultural values affirm this, and so did Colorado’s Civil Rights Division when it rejected Jack’s complaint that his civil rights had been violated when Azucar Bakery refused his order for a cake emblazoned with “homosexuality is a detestable sin” and other phrases.

But Jack believes the “the Civil Rights Commission is acting like the Nazis. They are acting like those who want to re-educate the public.”

It’s a bible verse, Jack has said in numerous interviews about homosexuality being a sin. He emphasized that if the Civil Rights Division is going to force one baker not to discriminate against gays who request cakes for their weddings, then it should force another baker not to discriminate against Christians who request an anti-gay Bible verse on another cake.

“So the Bible is an illegal, immoral book to be censored from the public arena?” he says. “That is offensive. It’s censorship. It’s tyranny. You either believe in the First Amendment or you believe in tyranny.  My bottom line is that this is an effort to censor God from the public square.”

But there are competing rights, I told Jack. Colorado’s public accommodation law bars businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation and religion, among other things. Even Colorado Republican John Suthers agreed that, under Colorado law, a baker must serve gay costumers. Or it’s discrimination.

But, under the law, a baker isn’t discriminating against a Christian if he or she refuses to make a cake with slurs on it. Civil society can reject the hateful words in the Bible, and still protect Christians from legitimate discrimination.

“We are gutting the First Amendment,” Jack said. “I’m talking about Bible verses, and suddenly they are being labeled gay slurs.”

So for Jack, his religion, his practice of strict adherence to the Bible, no matter how archaic and out-of-step with how most people practice Christianity, is the trump card, his license to do things that most people—as well as Colorado law—see as hateful and discriminatory.

It’s also the reason why he thinks my public-school-attending children are dirty, polluted by a secular worldview. It’s part of the same continuum.


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  1. (not) Dr. Chaps says:

    Has your child been polluted with a secular worldview? Try new ChapsAway™.

    My patented enzymatic formula removes all forms of demonic oppression, influence from secular humanist indoctrination, and occasional bloating caused by gas.

    Got the gay? ChapsAway™

    Or try new ChapsAway Ultra with Bleach™ for those hard to remove transgender bathroom demons.

  2. Craig says:

    The real problem is that you didn’t call him on his double standard. Ask him if he believes in incest either father daughter of siblings. He’ll say know. Then remind him of the story which he believes is literally in Genesis. The only two people were Adam and Eve. If they were the only two people, then it took incest of some kind for the rest of the world to be created.

  3. mamajama55 says:

    Jason, I applaud you for your willingness to engage with and really listen to where Bill Jack is coming from.
    It’s tough to do. I still have plenty of ex-in laws, friends, and co-workers that sincerely believe things that, to me, are obviously insane. To a certain extent, I’ll engage with them and question them…because I am……
    the jackass whisperer.
    And I still remember how to do html.

    • Jason Salzman says:

      i still like talking across the divide…. nice jackass whisperer graphic!

      • mamajama55 says:

        Maddow, quoted in a Rollng Stone Interview Interview (http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/rachel-maddows-quiet-war-20120627” said something I think we might both agree with:

        “The cable-news model is that you want to create a fight," she says. "Because people will yell! And there will be exclamation points and things will be in ALL CAPS and people will watch! Having been the left-wing person booked to fight with the right-wing person in that Punch and Judy show, I'm not interested in re-creating that. If I've booked you, I feel like you've got something worth listening to. With conservative guests, that means you can't just be a random hack who's here to fight with me because I am who I am. You've got to bring something to it where even without sparks flying and even with it being civil, you're going to illuminate something that I can't."

        no html before coffee.

    • notaskinnycook says:

      OK, MamaJ. But remember what Twain said about that: “Never wrestle with a pig. You both get filthy and the pig likes it.

  4. mamajama55 says:

    In a related case, Gordon “Dr. Chaps” tried to set up a gofundme site for bakers Melissa and Aaron Klein, who had refused to make a wedding cake for lesbians.

    GoFundme took down the original plea for funds for the Kleins, and then also took down Klingenschmitt’s ad which
     photo klingoncake_zpsx8vns7wa.png
    It could be that Gofundmedoesn’t want to support organizations which promote illegal discrimination.

    And, it could be that Gofundme doesn’t want any more like his plea for the orphan children in India (which never gave a dime to orphans).

  5. notaskinnycook says:

    What bugs me about these cases is that a person who goes into a bakery with the little fish on the sign to order a cake for a same-gender wedding, or someone who goes into a business with a rainbow flag decal on the door to order an anti-gay cake is picking a fight. They may not even want the item demanded, they’re trying to be mistreated so they can say “See? They’re discriminating against me!” It’s not always the case, but it happens often enough to irritate me. Now the guy who went to the florist he’d been buying from for years, who then refused to do wedding arrangement for him, he’s got a case. But I get cranky when someone chooses a service provider whom they know will refuse to serve them JUST to start a fight.

    • mamajama55 says:

      cook, you are either the victim or the beneficiary of my insomnia this morning. a) Going with the barnyard analogies, I do whisper to jackasses, but I don’t wrestle pigs. From the “pig”‘s point of view, they’re wrestling with me, and they know that my sheer nerdiness will probably show up the flaws in their logic or facts. So if a conservative is willing to engage with me, there is some part of them that wants to test those assumptions. And I honor that. I do pick my battles, however.

      b) I totally agree with you on the people who are walking into bakeries to pick social-issue fights. It’s part of the litigious nature of our society, which I also dislike…people are looking for excuses to sue one another. I think that bakeries should now have two customer lines – one for their real customers who actually want to buy baked goods, and the other for people who want to posture before cameras and rack up lawyer hours. It’s beyond absurd at this point. But again, from their point of view, they are the sit-in protesters at the Woolworths lunch counter in the 1960s…going in, demanding service, knowing they won’t be served, willing to spend their time and money to show up what they see as an injustice. Even though they didn’t, or wouldn’t have supported the lunch counter sit-ins in the first place.

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