Fitz-Gerald Snags Aspen Daily News Endorsement

“In tomorrow’s primary, there is only one contested race for voters in the mid- and upper valley – and it is also the most expensive congressional primary in the country.

Three impressive Democrats are battling it out to succeed U.S. Rep. Mark Udall as the representative of the 2nd Congressional District, which stretches from Basalt in the west to Dacono in the east, with Boulder positioned as the district’s central base.”

“That leaves Joan Fitz-Gerald, a tenacious legislator who has served Colorado well in her years in the state Senate, including becoming Colorado’s first female Senate president. Ever since she was a clerk and recorder in Jefferson County, Fitz-Gerald has solidified her reputation as someone who gets things done. She is the only one of these candidates calling for an immediate withdrawal from Iraq; she wants to use money spent on the war to revive the economy and focus on domestic issues at home; and she supports a single-payer universal health-care program for all. She also presided over the most pro-environmental legislative session in Colorado history, according to the Colorado Environmental Report Card, leading the way with a hat trick of clean energy bills. While her opponents hold similar views, Fitz-Gerald has articulated her positions the most clearly, and we believe she holds the most potential for achieving her goals.

So, tomorrow, we encourage Democratic voters in Eagle County – and the 2nd Congressional District as a whole – to vote for Joan Fitz-Gerald for Congress.”

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  1. redstateblues says:

    that Eagle County was even in CD-2.

  2. RedGreen says:

    I’d like a link to the editorial if it appears online, and the omitted chunk if it doesn’t.

      • redstateblues says:

        Sounds like they picked JFG by defaulting on the other two candidates. It also sounds like their only critiques of Jared Polis are from JFG’s 527 attack ads. Not a very compelling reason to vote any of the three candidates.

        • RedGreen says:

          No, the editorial comes up with plenty of criticism of Polis beyond his positions on vouchers and NCLB, which were raised in the 527 attack ads funded by unions and a nationally prominent gay rights activist, not JFG. Did you miss these critiques? After opening with the observation “his television commercials turned us off,” the editorial recapitulates the argument made in the 527 ads on Polis education policy, but doesn’t stop there.

          Polis also has contributed huge sums of cash to keep his campaign moving, which we believe wouldn’t be necessary had he developed enough traction with voters. We also are not comfortable with Polis’ ties to an offshore investment fund in the Cayman Islands, which one of his opponents claims he is using as a tax shelter.

          The editorial also praises Polis for his bright, engaging manner in person, in contrast with his TV ads, and for visiting Iraq for himself. But your assessment of “their only critiques” is way off the mark.

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