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“Legend remains victorious in spite of history.”

–Sarah Bernhardt

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  1. FrankUnderwood says:

    For those fellow Dems who have been lamenting the lack of a challenger for You-Know-Who besides Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley, your prayers have been answered:  according to NY Times, Lincoln Chaffee is looking at running and the issue will be Hillary’s 2002 vote on the Iraq War resolution.

    • Duke Cox says:

      I am delighted to see the former governor take the plunge…

      Somewhere…somehow…the working and poor people of this country will stop fighting over social issues and help the American voters understand the real issue…

      The Banks…Big Money…they want to abandon FDRs’ “New Deal” and return to the “Old Deal”.

      Read “the Apostate” by Jack London..

      BTW, I am on my way to Denver for a couple of days.

      Is a meet up possible before Sat. at 5:00?

      • Davie says:

        Hi Duke — what part of Denver will you be in?  It would be great to meet you (and fellow Southerner) in person after reading your posts all these years!

        • Duke Cox says:

          South Colorado…. Courtyard.

          There is a Dennys at I25 and Colorado..

          Breakfast there?

          In Five Points currently at Voodoo Theatre..great improv!

          • Duke Cox says:

            so it is now post-breakfast, but my son and I will be in town until this afternoon if anyone has time to catch us at lunch…otherwise  we’ll see you next time..laughing

            • mamajama55 says:

              Some other time, Duke..over the summer, maybe?

            • Canines says:

              Would you and your son be interested in a free visit to the Denver Art Museum, this afternoon, post-lunch?

              • Duke Cox says:

                would love a rain check, Canines…as it turned out we decided just to leave early and head back home by way of South Park…over Hoosier to and thru Breck and back to I-70 at Frisco…

                haven’t been that way in 25 years…we went up east of Breckenridge and visited the old dredge in French gulch where I used to live 30 years ago…The cabins are gone now. Lost to a fire in the late 80s after I moved out, I hear.

                it was cool…

                I will give everyone a bit more notice next time I come over. It would be great to bend an elbow with one and all….cheers!

            • Davie says:

              Hey Duke — sorry — just checking in now.  I wasn’t expecting to have to work today.  Let us know the next time you’re in Denver.  A Pols meetup is way overdue!

    • Canines says:

      Now if some “outsider” Democrat can also co-opt Rand Paul’s “outsider” messaging on drug war reform and domestic spying, we’ll be getting somewhere.

      • BlueCat says:

        Rand Paul is having trouble with message period. Every time he goes on the tube for Q and A he just complains about perfectly reasonable questions, such as why have you changed your position on fill-in-the-blank (there seem to be a zillion of those changes and it’s reasonable to ask about them) and just angrily talks over the questioner while refusing to answer. He seems to think it’s OK to shush and talk over anybody whose questions he doesn’t care for. Not a promising start to a presidential campaign. At least papa Paul was willing to answer the damn questions and didn’t delude himself that he had a right to be treated with kid gloves.

        • Canines says:

          I think we can agree that whoever the Democratic contender is, he or she better have something to say. No namby-pamby talking points.

        • Progressicat says:

          Good news for Rand Paul: You have to be 35 or over to be president, but you need not behave as though you are.

          • BlueCat says:

            If he won’t get specific, his opponents, both in the primary stage and in the highly unlikely event he gets the nomination (some mass murder event at an early debate from which he miraculously escapes?) and runs in the general, will give the specifics for him….. in clip after clip showing his past and present positions. He’s delusional if he thinks that if he just ignores stuff it will go away. Besides having an apparent emotional age of around 12. Delusional and with an emotional age of 12 would account for his so-called “libertarian” streak.

    • BlueCat says:

      HRC’s numbers against the GOTP field are weakening, notably here in Colorado, and she’s hardly opened her mouth yet. No matter whether you love her or can barely tolerate her (sadly, I’m increasingly leaning toward the latter) the speed with which the party and big donors have been putting all their eggs in the HRC basket is frightening. Especially with the Clinton history of scandal explosions of various dimensions. We need more than one alternative.

  2. BlueCat says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Dem pols had the balls to call out the real welfare queens? That would be most red states with red legislatures and Governors. Here’s an example from right next door that our Dem candidates in 2014 were afraid to open their pie holes about for fear of looking not Republican lite enough, I guess.

    Kansas has passed two controversial new laws, one that gives more freedom to gun owners while another that places restrictions on how people who receive government benefits can spend that money.

    But as Stewart pointed out, Kansas receives $1.29 from the federal government for every dollar residents pay in federal taxes, yet it’s still closing schools, cutting funding to museums and canceling much-needed highway repairs due to lack of funding.

    • BlueCat says:

      I’m getting sick of the way the block quote only works if you make no corrections after hitting it. If I go back and correct one error I can’t get block quote again.  Here’s what I couldn’t keep in block quote:

      Kansas has passed two controversial new laws, one that gives more freedom to gun owners while another that places restrictions on how people who receive government benefits can spend that money.

      But as Stewart pointed out, Kansas receives $1.29 from the federal government for every dollar residents pay in federal taxes, yet it’s still closing schools, cutting funding to museums and canceling much-needed highway repairs due to lack of funding.

      • Progressicat says:

        I haven’t had that problem except when I blockquote before I’m done typing and want the next paragraph not to be. I changed to typing everything and quoting after.

        But, hey, we asked for editing.

        When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. – O. Wilde

      • Zappatero says:

        yes, blockquote sux here. 

        You should be able to nest one, because if you c+p a “quote” that has a “quote”, that would require nested block quotes, which are eraseded (sic) when pasted.

    • Zappatero says:


      Other (Corporate) Welfare Queens: ATT, Northrop, Lockheed, Raytheon, Halliburton, Koch Industries, Exxon/Mobil, BP.

  3. Davie says:

    testing blockquote

    this is inside the the blockquote

    this is outside the blockquote

    starting another blockquote  adding more to the blockquote

    Hmm, I don’t think I’m seeing either problem you are reporting.  The blockquote icon is a toggle switch.  You hit it once to create a blockquote, then when you are done, hit it a second time.  Rinse and repeat if you have more.

  4. Zappatero says:

    Do Bennet or Udall know who Atrios is? Would they ever dare admit reading a “librul” blog? Do their Yes-Man staffers ever dare look outside DC CW for policy solutions or ideas?

    Would either have the guts to propose expanding Social Security rather than cutting it and making sure the 1% gets forever more wealthy in our specially rigged form of capitalism?

    First, the specific case for expanding Social Security is quite good. Second, and more fundamentally, Democrats finally seem to be standing up to antigovernment propaganda and recognizing the reality that there are some things the government does better than the private sector.

    It is the latter context that is most important. Paul Krugman phrases this in the context of the basic economic term of “public goods” –

    Every economics textbooks talks about “public goods” like national defense and air traffic control that can’t be made available to anyone without being made available to everyone, and which profit-seeking firms, therefore, have no incentive to provide. But are public goods the only area where the government outperforms the private sector? By no means.He starts with health care, noting the much lower costs of operation of both Medicare and Medicaid than health care through the private market (even under the Affordable Care Act) – and he could have strengthened the argument by pointing at both the military and Veterans Administration systems.He then pivots to retirement security, and I will continue my exploration of this column below the cheese doodle.

    First, again in general economic terms, he deals with the normal economic presumption of rational actors

    Maybe we wouldn’t need Social Security if ordinary people really were the perfectly rational, farsighted agents economists like to assume in their models (and right-wingers like to assume in their propaganda). In an idealized world, 25-year-old workers would base their decisions about how much to save on a realistic assessment of what they will need to live comfortably when they’re in their 70s. They’d also be smart and sophisticated in how they invested those savings, carefully seeking the best trade-offs between risk and return.

    We know Udall was willing to go down with the Bowles-Simpson ship that had Social Security cuts in its platform.

    There is a slight, and I do mean slight, chance Bennet could “man up” on expanding Social Security, but every indication I’ve seen it that he has no guts, has no vision, and is a follower of the Blue Dog/New Dem/Fix the Debt Corporate Dems who are his friends and family members.

  5. mamajama55 says:

    Blockquote works OK. You just have to check sourcecode. It should look like 

    <blockquote><p>around text&nbsp;you wanted to offset.&nbsp;</p></blockquote>

    around text you wanted to offset. 

    What I miss with the new editor is bulleted lists. I’d kill (well maybe just glare in a mean way) to have a decent bulleted list for a comment or post. 

    • Davie says:

      And the GOP if they win the Presidency will celebrate by eliminating the carried interest tax, estate tax and capital gains (and probably throw in a National Sales tax to replace income taxes too)

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