Rayburn is simply classless

So I know it is no doubt that I support Jeff Crank for Congress. I really could care less about Bentley Rayburn but today I was at the campaign headquarters and stepped outside for a cigarette. To my absolute disbeleif I look over and some of Bently’s people, including his campaign manager Mike Hess, decided to put up signs on our campaign office space property. What a waste of time. This simply shows that the Rayburn has no chance because if they where smart thay would contact voters. The best they can do is put up signs and maybe a honk and wave. Please do not condone Bentley’s classless behavior with your vote. Please vote Jeff Crank for congress.

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  1. Win Ah says:

    He isn’t ducking any debates nor sending out chickens and milk cartons…THAT is “classless”

  2. springer says:

    Mountain Lion dumbstuck in “absolute disbelief” blogs about where Rayburn staff places yard signs.  News must be pretty slow out of Crank HQ for their blog guy to have to write about this.  What happened to the chicken suit, couldnt you blog about that?

  3. Skyler says:

    This is a hilarious move on behalf of Rayburn.

    I don’t think it calls the legitimacy of his campaign into question at all, it’s really quite humorous.

    MLion must be a wet behind the ears staffer, because I’ve managed legitimate (not Gravel) campaigns where we’ve done something similar. Another favorite of mine is to canvass an opponent’s neighborhood with your yard signs, placing them in every yard (with permission) just to psyche the opponent out.

    • gopstudent says:

      FYI: Doug Lamborn does not even have one of his own signs in front of his house,lol.

      • jericho says:

        Glad to see you’re keeping close tabs on your opponents’ homes. That’s not the least bit creepy.

        How many does Rayburn have in front of his house? Can he spare one of the 5000 his campaign felt the need to buy?

        That should come out to about one sign per vote Rayburn gets this election. Good investment there guys.

        • gopstudent says:

          The difference between Bentley and Lamborn is that Bentley is running a campaign and trying to be in the public eye.

          Whereas Lamborn is trying to avoid as much contact as possible and is hiding somewhere in a cave.  Maybe he has a sign out there.

  4. gopstudent says:

    Look across the street MLion and get real.  There is a church over there, the signs were for the church. Sometimes it’s about something bigger than you and Crank, although I know that must be difficult for you to believe.

    • MLion says:

      Josh Green you are a Joke. The signs where on our office property and on the Church property. Rayburn is a Joke too. You have no chance and are getting desperate. Enough said.  

      • Haners says:

        But it is incredibly poor taste to try and guess the identity of someone who wishes to remain anonymous

        • gopstudent says:

          Though, the signs were for the church not Crank HQ.

          As Skyler pointed out, MLion is a rookie volunteer who has not been around long enough to know the finer points of any campaign.

          His petty angry rhetoric is very indicative of what is happening to many of Crank’s campaigners.  I know who MLion is, and will deal with him outside of this forum, rather than classlessly identify him on pols.

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