Primaries: Who Will Win CD-6?

This battle royale for the seat of retiring Rep. Tom Tancredo in the overwhelmingly GOP south Denver suburbs will be decided Tuesday between these contenders: Colorado Secretary of State Mike Coffman, state Sen. Ted Harvey, state Sen. Steve Ward, and aspiring dynastic scion Wil Armstrong. Poll follows.

Who will win the CD-6 primary?

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    The only one who did an interview with me. I know it’s NFW but wouldn’t it be cool if he did win…

    • Another skeptic says:

      I got a mailing or two from Armstrong an Harvey, maybe Coffman. Don’t recall for sure.

      Since I watch very little local TV and don’t listen to the local radio much, I have no idea about who will win, but voted Coffman, because he’s the best candidate.

  2. Kiki Trumpet says:

    What happened to Coffman’s recent TV ad?  It’s not on his website anymore and not on YouTube.  It’s like it didn’t exist.  The one with Cynthia and him fighting off sleep in their kitchen…

    I can’t imagine why it’s gone.  Maybe Armstrong stopped paying for it to stay up?

    • ColoCitizen says:

      Did Wil’s Trust Fund run out of money?  Considering the $500,000 dollars of his “trust fund” money he used to run negative attack ads on Coffman’s character.

    • Jambalaya says:

      …longing to see a Coffman TV ad.  Alas, I was disappointed.  Has anyone ever seen one?  Coffman is like Bigfoot…he has good name recognition, but has anyone ever spotted him in the wild?

      • Western Way says:

        Why would the Coffman Campaign put an advertisement on the air after the late local news and before the early morning edition?  The targeted voters in the 6th CD have families that they need to provide for, so they are not up late at night (like the previous poster).  

        ps Just a suggestion… Get some exercise, that will help your sleepless nights.

        • Jambalaya says:

          …so you haven’t see an ad for Coffman either? (I assume you haven’t seen one since you didn’t say otherwise in response to my question)  And you’ve been watching during the day?  Damn!

          Poor little Coffman.  And he had such a bright future at one point.  Another defeat snatched from the jaws of victory for poor Mike.  ‘sniff

          As for exercise, I will take your generous suggestion.  Perhaps I can get a work-out kissing up to Armstrong.  

          • Western Way says:

            Actually, Coffman won a state wide race in ’06 and if you remember, that was one of the worst years for Republicans ever (other than ’32 and 76′).

            Actually I have seen the Coffman Campaign’s ads on the late night news (thus why I said “after that time”), but I find it interesting that all the Armstrong people can talk about is the number of ads Wil’s trust fund paid for…  Why don’t they talk about Wil?  Oh wait, that’s because he is running on his dad’s coattails.

            • RedGreen says:

              1974 was far worse for Republicans than 1976, both nationwide and here in Colorado. It was the last time the Democrats won the state House, plus took the remaining GOP Senate seat and flipped an entrenched Republican House seat, and won all statewide offices but one (secretary of state). In 1976, the Republicans took back the state House and came this close to retaking the 2nd District. 1976 was a good year for Democrats but 1974 was a bloodbath for Republicans.

            • Jambalaya says:

              …are so close….likethis close.

              I will always support him, not matter now lame his efforts are.  I like Mike.  Amen

            • One Queer Dude says:

                 Was it his own idea?  (Hard to fathom when you recall someone posted on here some time back that as a kid, he was hoping his father lost his Congressional race so the family didn’t have to move to D.C.)

                Did Daddy put him up to it?  What does that say about Wil if, at the age of 40, Daddy is still making career choices for him?

                Did a delegation from the Trailhead folks pay a visit to the ARMstrongs (pere + fils) and beg them to help stop Coffman from bagging a House seat.  (Much as they did when they stopped Coffman from bagging the governorship by running Beauprez.)

            • Kiki Trumpet says:

              If you read my above comments correctly (using your English skills) you would notice that I said Wil was probably paying to keep Coffman’s TV ad up…  Had to be the worst ad in the history of politics.

  3. One Queer Dude says:

    …is gonna have some really big white sheets to fill in taking over for Tom Tancredo!

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