New Polis TV Ads

Two new ads – “Win” and “Fun” – join our Pat Schroeder ad for the closing few days.


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  1. shoofly says:

    Which “newspapers”? Not the Daily Camera. Not the Denver Post? Not the Rocky or even that Vail Daily. Oh that’s right It’s…Yellow Scene! Everyone reads Yellow Scene. Getting their endorsement is like getting Knighted by the Queen.

    I guess when you have more dollars than sense you can make ads like this.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      That’s our Westwood equivilent. As the #2 paper in the largest city of the district, it’s a fair endorsement.

      • RedGreen says:

        But the Boulder Weekly is the No. 2 paper in the third-largest city of the district. Thornton has 18,000 more residents than Boulder and Westminster has 14,000 more. Boulder only thinks it’s the largest city.  

        • Lafayettedem says:

          I posted this on another page, but here it is again:

          When you do a count of registered Democrats in the 2nd CD, 39% live in Boulder County, just over 53,000 vs. just under 39,000 in Adams County for 30%. The City of Boulder has almost 35,000 Democrats to Thornton’s 15,000.  In Boulder County, 35% have voted in one of the last 3 primaries, Adams 31% (just the 2nd).  Further extrapolating for the 2nd, Boulder County represents 46% of Democrats who have voted in the last 3 primaries, Adams represents 30% and the City of Boulder alone represents 30% of all Democrats who have voted in the last 3 primaries.  Boulder will definitely have a say.  

      • shoofly says:

        Daily Camera –> Colorado Daily — Boulder Weekly.

        • DavidThi808 says:

          It’s mostly on campus and so it has all the students, but not much outside that. So for political impact, I think the Weekly is second. But I can see putting the Daily second.

          But for all the entertainment articles in both – still not a single one about Russian Pop. So can we consider either a really serios newspaper?

          • Jambalaya says:

            …such as a retraction on your part?

              • Jambalaya says:

                …heavens to betsy!  

                OK, I will, just for you.  

                But, for real ‘dough, I learned something about the “cities” in the 2nd CD from ya!

                • RedGreen says:

                  Westminster was slightly larger than Boulder, but only by a few thousand votes. Thornton trailed. (A tiny sliver of southwest Westy, with a handful of voters, is in the 7th District.) Since then, Thornton has seen explosive growth, Westminster has grown moderately and Boulder has actually lost a little population. It’s absolutely likely that Boulder will have as many voters in a Democratic primary as the two larger cities, especially because it has a contentious State Senate primary to drive turnout and other places don’t.

                  • Jambalaya says:

                    …population facts like these fascinate me.  Don’t ask me why.  In my so-called humble opinion (IMSCHO), these numbers go to show that total population itself doesn’t equal “city.”  Anyone who’s been to the center of Thornton (if anyone knows where that is, exactly) and anyone’s who’s been to the Boulder center can testify that one is a city and one isn’t.  But total number of voters matters to candidates!

            • DavidThi808 says:

              BTW – total delegates for CD-2 are here. Boulder County is the big dog and Adams County is a close second. Everything else put together is between those two.

              • Jambalaya says:

                …and all it took for you to admit you were way wrong was lil’ol me.

                Thanks for the Boulder County totals…..I note that you were talking (and talking and talking) about Boulder City earlier.

                • RedGreen says:

                  Boulder County has just under 300,000 residents, all the mountain counties put together have just over 100,000, Broomfield has right around 50,000. The remaining roughly 250,000 are in Adams and small portions of Jefferson and Weld counties. But you’re right, there’s not nearly as much “there” there as there is in Boulder.

              • ThillyWabbit says:

                It’s Dem performance, voter turnout, ethnic makeup, etc. Read the state party’s delegate selection plan. It’s sort of like reading assembly instructions for a nuclear submarine.

  2. NEWSMAN says:

    Don’t forget, he got my Endorsement.  

    Jarred is the only one running in CD-2 that has a clue about education.  At least he is thinking outside the box.

    • RedGreen says:

      He also got the endorsements of Alex Cranburg and Ed McVaney, two other “out of the box” education thinkers.

      • DavidThi808 says:

        Joan’s approach to schools is give the unions whatever they want and never require even the smallest amount of measuring how good a job they are doing. Rolling over for the teacher’s unions is illiberal – horribly illiberal.

        Jared is willing to stand up and say that it is critical for us to adequately educate our children. And that we must stand up to an interest group that resists improving the educational system for our kids. And that is a very brave thing to do in a Democratic primary.

        So cast aspersitions because of a couple of donations instead of speaking to the critical issue. But that doesn’t do anything about the horrendous failure rate we presently have in our public schools.

        Me, I prefer to be true the the core tennents of liberalism and work to insure that all children have a fair shot at a good life.

        • RedGreen says:

          David, that was in response to the coveted Newsman endorsement, not “speaking to a critical issue.” We get to make toss-off comments now and then. And you’re right, Polis is quite strong on education. But I don’t think he’s the only candidate willing to stand up and say it’s critical to educate our children.  

          • NEWSMAN says:

            How many times do I agree with any liberal about anything?

            Well, education is the one area Conservatives and truly progressive Liberals are coming together in Colorado.

            I personally don’t favor vouchers, but in my area the worst schools are more than 40% proficient.  In DC, you bet, a drastic action is called for.  What we are, and have been doing is not working there and in other big cities.

            Can you think of any other reason that I would give my sincere endorsement to a guy that joined with Tim Gill to throw my party out of power?

            Jared is the political enemy.  But darn it, he is more right about education than the other Democrats in this race. And just like an R is going to win Cd-5, a D is going to win CD-2.

            Politically, I hope he meets a nice girl, falls in love, and retires to Florida. :)(Yes I know that’s unlikely to happen.)

            Education is his one redeeming social value.  If I lived in the peoples Republic of Boulder, I would go door to door for the guy on that issue alone. And I am not joking.

            PS: I realize I have just damaged the homophobic gay hating stereotype some of you have about all Conservatives, and I am sorry about that.  We all need our fantasies and our villains. I am sure I will say something offensive soon, so you will find a reason to go on. 🙂

          • DavidThi808 says:

            the coveted Newsman endorsement

            Yes, we all get to make those “off the cuff” comments – they’re the fun ones. I’m sensitive on this because education is such a mess and so many candidates just roll over for the unions rather than improving things.

            As NEWSMAN says, this is a place for cooperation between conservatives and liberals.

  3. CD2Watch says:

    I started a year ago impressed by Jared’s intellect but concerned that his ego would make him ineffective.  Over the year I’ve been driven further away from Joan by her brashness and what seems like a sense of entitlement.  I’ve been scorned on here before for saying I just don’t see how Will can really compete Tuesday and his latest ads and mailings did nothing to sway me.  End of all of that, I’ve become a cautiously optimistic Jared supporter.  I hope he lives up to what I think he can and not what I fear he could.  That said, what the heck is with these ads?  When I think of somebody running to replace Udall I’d like to see ads that stir that same inspiration that Udall’s ads and speeches do.  These ads did nothing for me at all.

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