Are Klingenschmitt’s campaign endorsers standing by him now?

Now that one State Representative, Justin Everett, is arguing that Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt should not lose legislative clout for comments he’s made outside of the legislature, reporters should track down Klingenschmitt’s endorsers from his campaign last year and find out what they think of their embattled friend.

Their words of praise for Dr. Chaps, as Klingenschmitt calls himself, can be found on his campaign website:

“Gordon Klingenschmitt has demonstrated to me strength of character and resolve to maximize our individual liberties.  He is definitely a warrior who will fight the constant intrusion of government which constantly erodes our freedoms.  “Thank You,” Gordon for your willingness to represent us.”  — Fmr. Colorado Senator Dave Schultheis

“I like Gordon Klingenschmitt!  His Academy and military experiences have nurtured a mental toughness to stand and fight for conservative principles when others don’t.  We need that in the Colorado General Assembly.”  — Colorado Senator Kent Lambert

“Gordon Klingenschmitt is a proven leader who has the principles and values we need in the Colorado legislature.” — Colorado Senator Kevin Lundberg

“Today, we are living in a climate of moral and financial confusion.  Gordon Klingenschmitt will help direct the State back to principled conscience and economic prosperity.” — Colorado Senator Vicki Marble

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  1. Duke Cox says:

    Why wouldn’t they support him?…they agree with him… they don’t care what a bunch of liberal bloggers think…they think the guy has crystal nuts in a velvet scrotum…

    I think I’ll start calling him…”Flash”…

  2. Budded says:

    It’s great, I hope he keeps on carrying on, making a mockery of the already fractured right, hopefully ensuring this state doesn’t go red ever again.

    • Miss Jane says:

      El Paso County has parts that are permanently red.  And according to this yahoo it should be red with the blood of innocent women and children.  And people will still vote for him. 

  3. gaf says:

    Schulteis, Lambert, Lundberg, Marble–of course they are going to endorse Dr. Chaps. But I find it more interesting what others did about the Klingenschmitt problem. For example, supposedly “reasonable” and “sane” Mark Waller, the predecessor in the HD 15 seat, criticized Klingenschmitt before the election, groused that it would be a hard decision to vote for him, but observed that “majorities matter”–which was a clear signal to go ahead and vote for Klingenschmitt. And commenting recently on the Colorado Springs city elections, Waller said “party matters”–even though the city elections are non-partisan. Clearly, elect a crazy R rather than a sane D. Last fall the El Paso County Republican leadership claimed Klingenschmitt did not speak for them, but he was their nominee and they wanted him to be elected.

    Of course they don’t want Klingenschmitt speaking for them, but does he “represent” them? Damn right he does. The Republican legislative delegation votes with Dr. Chaps damn near all the time. They agree with him on almost all policy issues and almost all legislation. They don’t like how he says it, but in the end Dr. Chaps is right in tune with “Republican values.”

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