Republicans Study Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling Endorses Lamborn’s Conservative Record

from a letter in the Gazette

For solid conservative values, Lamborn tops list of candidates

For the past year and a half, I’ve had the privilege of serving with Doug Lamborn in the U.S. House of Representatives. Even upon arriving in Washington, Lamborn already had a reputation as a rock-solid conservative leader and friend to the taxpayer.

We were all anxious to work with the man who not only had never voted for a tax increase, but was also responsible for the largest tax cut in Colorado history. It takes courage and dedication to always vote against tax increases because it is the vote that makes a difference.

Lamborn carefully delineates between politics and principles and always chooses principles. Leading conservative groups have consistently ranked Lamborn’s voting record at or near the top of all Republicans in Congress for upholding conservative fiscal and social values.

Lamborn has met our high expectations and has quickly become one of the most valuable members in the conservative caucus of the Republican Party, the Republican Study Committee.

Whether it be immigration, taxes, prolife, or family issues, Doug Lamborn not only votes right, he gets things done. Doug achieved a rare feat this Congress in that he authored a substantive bill that passed the House of Representatives. This is quite a task for anyone in the minority, let alone a freshman.

I not only offer my support for Doug, I encourage you to vote for Congressman Lamborn on August 12th.

Our country faces unprecedented challenges to its prosperity, liberty, and standing in the world if liberal views prevail in the next election. We will need men to stand in the gap, who can oppose liberal forces and strongly defend conservative values.

Doug Lamborn is the man for the job.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Chairman, Republican Study Committee Washington, D.C…  

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  1. CynthiaSmith says:

    If the Chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee endorses Doug Lamborn, so should all Fifth District Conservative voters!!

    Lamborn’s record speaks for itself, lets re-elect him and let him continue to fight to lower our taxes, fight for the unborn and ‘oppose liberal forces and strongly defend conservative values’.

    The choice is clear….Lamborn is our man.

    • Barron X says:


      But he now self-identifies as being from Washington, DC.  

      Too much professional politics; too much “it’s all about me and my power.  Look at me.  I’m a Congressman.”

      Congressman Lamborn still thinks of himself as a representative from Colorado, doesn’t he ?

      He would be well-advised to stay as far away from this guy as possible.  Doug ought to reject this endorsement.  

      Doug should try to stay a man of the people, and be careful not to turn into an elitist professional politician.


  2. seeshore says:

    Colleagues who have worked with Congressman Lamborn in his first term have noticed him and his excellent work so far.  Two more years!

  3. GOPpundit says:

    Interesting to note that this endorsement comes in the waning days of the campaign. Why not much earlier? I am guessing that Lamborn’s internal numbers are causing him to scramble for more support.

    For what it’s worth… local endorsements or at least endorsements by a name people know are considerably and decidedly more important than an endorsement by a random congressman no one knows anything about.

    • NEWSMAN says:

      It’s from his friends like Lamar Smith R-TX, who asked Doug what they could do for him, and why he didn’t ask for an endorsement sooner.

      My guess the campaign gathered a bunch of these for use in the final days to counter the BS from the Crank Politburo of Propaganda that Doug has no support in the national party, and is ineffective.  

      When the Republicans take back the house, Doug Lamborn will be a national leader of Conservative Republicans.

      ( House Judiciary Committee, Republicans Ranking Member Lamar Smith (TX-21)  

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