Thursday Open Thread

“Politics is a pendulum whose swings between anarchy and tyranny are fueled by perpetually rejuvenated illusions.”

–Albert Einstein

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  1. Half Glass Full says:

    I know, you’re just paying the bills – and I’m absolutely not a McCain supporter – but that ad is disgusting. True gutter politics.

  2. parsingreality says:

    Which is a lot better than McCain going “Uh…umm…uh” after a simple question.

  3. HamiltonRoberts says:

    Am I the only one that finds this crazy?!


    • parsingreality says:

      As one of our agent officers said – I’m paraphrasing – “This shit has always gone on.” Meaning we also disrespect the border when we want to.  I do doubt if we’ve held Federales at gun point, however.

      Hey, it’s a failed society at our back door.  Why shouldn’t we want more in our house?  (Sarcasm.)

      Yes, it should be a bigger story.

  4. Fidel's dirt nap says:

    This is the kind of stuff that makes me so proud to be an American.  

    There has been a lot of negative stuff flying around Pols lately so I thought I’d post something a little uplifting IMHO:

    It’s a short article about Lopez Lomong, a middle distance runner representing the USA in the Olympics.  He is a former “lost boy” from Sudan – he made his way as a refugee to the US many years ago and became a US citizen in 2007.  

    Now he has been chosen to carry our flag during the opening ceremonies.  Yes, there is a lot wrong with our country right now and we all criticize it and want it to be better, but in this particular case I just have to say GOD BLESS AMERICA !

  5. ardy39 says:

    I’m asking because there is a steady stream of garbage coming out.

    In the GJ Free Press yesterday a story had this delicious quote from County Commissioner Craig Meis (in response to a columnist having questioned the county’s newly proposed “man-camp” regulations):

    “This is absolute bulls***. You’ve got all three commissioners ready to kill that guy,” Meis said of the columnist. “Unfortunately, that jackass can’t make a single phone call.”

    “You cannot build anything on anyone’s land without their permission,” Meis said. “I wouldn’t vote for me either if I approved something like this. I’m not that f**** stupid.”

    See full story here:

    In Mesa County, it’s not enough to use vulgar language to appeal to the R’s, so elected officials also must issue death threats.

    Oh, the Kool Aid has been distributed all over the state!

  6. Half Glass Full says:

    Is it true, as has been reported elsewhere, that Bob Schaffer’s own Facebook page was actually AFFIRMATIVELY LINKED to Jason’s? (Not just Jason linking to Bob, but Bob linking to Jason?)

    That would make the story even more damaging to Forced-Abortion Bob.

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