“Oh, that’s not what we meant” – Racism and the RNC

Open letter to Bob Schaffer and the RNC

Bob, as a bi-racial women, I want you to know that your apology is not accepted about your son’s twisted behavior.  

I am tired of being the “good minority” and taking the higher road.  Over the last few months I have been bombarded by ignorant ranting from the people who represent the Republican Party.  

As I read the blogs and have conversations with friends and colleagues, most people are truly upset by this attack on the American people and our beliefs of equality.

I have tried to understand and I have been a part of the conversations to help bring understanding.  However, now I realize that it has nothing to do with “understanding”.  It is a calculated attack that will prove effective for whites who can not imagine that a black man will be our next President.

The RNC knows exactly what it is doing.

Pat Buchanan also admitted this on CNN.  He said since 94% of Blacks will vote Democratic, why should we care about upsetting them – it is about getting the white vote.

It is very confusing to me why some black and brown people and some women continually stand with this party of Lincoln and are used as “spokespeople” who swear to us all “that’s not want they meant”.

“That’s not what they meant” when they made a monkey Obama sock puppet.

“That’s not what they meant” when McCain laughed at Hillary being called a bitch.

“That’s not what they meant” when McCain called his wife a cunt.

“Oh, that’s not what we meant” by repeating the name of Hussein, implying that a name that appears in your bible that has had many honorable namesakes is somehow bad.  Is the name Timothy or McVeigh given the same treatment?

“That’s not what they meant” in the ad with the white women and Harold Ford, Jr.

How many times are we going to accept, “that’s not what was meant”.  They know what they mean and so do the rest of us.   We can no longer accept this as a justification for racial ignorance.  It happens all to often, and I am personally sick of it.

So, Bob and Justin, your apology is not accepted and please quit speaking to us as if we are three year olds and can not grasp the concept of race baiting.

As I have said it in many of my writings, I am not willing to accept this behavior from those that want leadership.  I mean that of Jesse Jackson, John McCain and of Justin and Bob Schaffer.

Just for fun, will all of you bloggers help me make a list of “that’s not what we meant” issues.  I think we could be amazed how many times it has happened.

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  1. Whiskey Lima Juliet says:

    KHOW guest host Pate labeled Obama “Bill Clinton in blackface” and said, “I could even sing a little ‘Mammy’ for ya”

    On the August 5 broadcast of 630 KHOW-AM’s The Peter Boyles Show, guest host Lou Pate stated that on the previous day’s broadcast he had referred to Sen. Barack Obama “as John Kerry in blackface,” adding, “I could even sing a little ‘Mammy’ for ya” — an apparent reference to Al Jolson’s famous performance of the song “My Mammy” in blackface.

    Pate continued, “But he’s really not John Kerry in blackface; he’s Bill Clinton in blackface. I was wrong — and I admit when I’m wrong — but he is Bill Clinton in blackface. Because he’s for hope; he’s for change.”

    That RNC, they are some funny guys!I am starting to understand what they mean!

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