Why Aren’t Democrats Attacking Republicans Over High Gas Prices?

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Republicans have Democrats on the run over high gas prices.  According to the Politco, even Speaker Nancy Pelosi has privately encouraged vulnerable Dems to vote in favor of opening up additional areas to oil exploration.

This is insanity.  Why are Dems conceding that opening up ANWR and offshore drilling sites would reduce the cost of gasoline when it wouldn’t have any impact whatsoever?!  We don’t have enough oil anywhere in America to drill our way out of high gas prices.  Democrats shouldn’t let this issue drag them down, they should hang it on the heads of Republicans for standing in the way of renewable fuels and higher MPG standards.

Defenders of Wildlife
led the way with their attack on Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave.  Democrats under attack from Republicans over high gas prices should run that spot, not run the other way.

Democrats have the truth on their side.  Why not use it?

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  1. RedGreen says:

    also running in Pennsylvania and a handful of other battleground states.

    • Half Glass Full says:

      Well done, Obama campaign.

      • jericho says:

        But I don’t think these sorts of ads are going to work. Gas is the only issue the R’s have this election, and the have it well (believe me, nobody outside of dailykos blames “big oil”)

        Why would Dem’s want to talk about this issue? It’s going to absolutely blow up in their faces on Sept. 30th when they try to force keeping OCS drilling off the table and everyone will know turn on them.

        • jericho says:

          from the last sentence of my last post and it should make sense.

        • thesupercock says:

          Democrats, as evidenced by Obama’s most recent policy reversal on offshore drilling, are trapped on this issue.  They can attack oil companies all they want, but it won’t change the fact that a HUGE majority (check rasmussen, but its around 65% I think) think the Democrats’ (i.e. Al Gore) position on energy is pie-in-the-sky,  and “let’s all drive a Prius and put solar panels on our roofs” unrealistic.

          Oil prices won’t directly be impacted by what any lease sites – ANWR or offshore – produces, but we have seen prices drop nearly $30 a barrel and $.50 at the pump because of the PERCEPTION that demand is waning in the U.S.  

          More drilling may not be the answer to high energy prices, but the Republicans have thoroughly smoked the Dems on this, the most important issue of the campaign.  Ask Obama and Udall – they’re wondering where the leads went…  

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    I think they have a great way to attack the oil companies (see this post) based on what they are doing with their profits.

    • Laughing Boy says:

      Their profits are less, percentage-wise than many businesses.  What does Google do for our cheap internet prices?

      Energy would be cheaper if we drilled domestically.

      We’d also have a better chance of developing scientists capable of creating alternate energy sources if the Dems hadn’t let their unions ruin our public schools.

      Dems can’t win on this one.

      • bobster1 says:

        We’ve been drilling the crap out of this country for the last eight years thanks to the two oilmen in the White House and our reward is $4 a gallon gas. We can drill until Jesus comes back and it won’t make a bit of damn difference in the cost of gas. This has nothing to do with the price of energy, it’s a land grab for the oil companies so they can steal some lovely partings gifts as President Gilligan and the Skipper finally get out the door.

        As for scientists, just up the road is this cool place called the National Renewable Energy Lab and another little spot called the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which just won a Nobel Prize.

        As Obama put it, you act like you’re proud of being ignorant.

        • Laughing Boy says:

          Obama is wrong in his statements.  

          Read This. And this.

          And this.

          Are you denying that the public school system in this country isn’t a complete disaster on Labor’s watch?

          Who’s being ignorant?

          • bobster1 says:

            Like Iraq and 9/11, Republicans like to put unrelated things together to justify their nonsense.  You hate labor, you don’t support public schools, therefore it must be labor that causes your perceived shortcomings with public schools.

            And none of that has anything to do whatsover with the development of renewable energy, which is a both a practical reality and an economic driver here in Colorado.

            And the Dittohead talking points, and you, are wrong – according to actual, y’know, scientists, like the type they have at NREL and NCAR.

            The study indicates that substantial benefits would accrue if car care facilities systematically offered complimentary tire pressure checks with oil changes including: (i) increased safety by decreasing all crashes and saving more than 100 lives per year, (ii) reduced petroleum consumption by over a billion gallons/year, which would (iia) provide over $4 billion in economic savings for US consumers that could in part be recouped in retail/auto-care facilities, (iib) reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 13.5 million tons and automobile pollution and (iic) enhance national security.


            • bobster1 says:

              citing powerline has all the credibility of citing an astrology chart.

              Oh – and those noted left-wingers Govs. Schwarzenegger and Crist think it’s a good idea, too.


              Both governors appealed to those with the real power to make change — average citizens — to drive slower, keep engines tuned and tires properly inflated, to buy hybrids and lower overall consumption.

            • Laughing Boy says:

              you didn’t answer the question (well, I posed it to someone else, so you weren’t really obligated to answer it).

              Are our public schools failing us?  

              Who is in charge of public education in almost every sector?  Labor.

              I’m really familiar with NCAR and especially NOAA.  My dad was a scientist at NOAA and laughed at the global cooling hysteria in the 70s just like he’d laugh at the AGW nonsense today.

              The amount of gas saved by properly inflating tires is not enough to justify not drilling offshore in our own country, and in places like ANWR. It’s ludicrous to suggest that it is.

              I’m right there with you on renewables, but we’d better get busy fixing our schools if we want to have a chance at competing in this century against countries like CHina who could give a rats ass about global warming or “social justice”.

              • Go Blue says:

                McCain repeated and supported Obama’s conservation statement. And in case you missed it, Time magazine just published a piece on how offshore drilling will supply us with enough oil in 2020 to last us… about an hour.

                • RedGreen says:

                  endorsed Obama’s energy plan today, too.

                  Let’s see … it used to be, all McCain had was his constantly wavering stand on Iraq, but now that he’s adopted Obama’s policies as his own, all he’s got there is his poor judgment and flip-flops. To ice the cake, McCain embrace’s Obama’s proposals for dealing with Afghanistan, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran. What does McCain have to offer? Just a history of failed policies.

                  Then the Republicans thought — oil! Consumers are angry! Let’s rile them up further and bestow gifts on the industry while we’re at it, since they’ve been so good to us. So McCain flip-flopped on expanded off-shore drilling, which he’s opposed for most of his Senate career, and a bunch of yokels (no offense, Yokel) stage a stunt in the House. Meanwhile, Americans figure out these are the jokers who got us into this situation. What does that leave for McCain’s campaign? Not much.

          • parsingreality says:


            All the reserves in America, if suddenly brought online immediately, would have only a minimal drop in oil prices for a short time.  

            This is the 21st C. version of the trusts that TR was so concerned about.

            It’s my understanding – could be wrong – that coal leases are issued on a “use it or lose it” basis.  We need that for oil, too.  

      • RedGreen says:

        That’s the most ridiculous talking point in your quiver. We drill domestically — there’s an energy boom underway in a dozen states, including Colorado. Oil companies are free to drill on the 44 million acres already leased, but have only begun to exploit one-quarter of those, despite drilling at an accelerated pace outstripping the ability of the equipment industry to keep up.

        You know all that, but you continue repeating the lie based on the false premise. Why?  

    • BlueCat says:

      Obama is suddenly coming out with strong ads that go after McCain but on substance, not in the personal way McCain has been going after him. He also is having fun mocking McCain about tire pressure etc. as McCain has been mocking Obama for weeks.  

      I wonder if the Obama campaign didn’t make a decision to let McCain go negative first and for a while.  The last three McCain ads, including the Paris Hilton one, have been mocked and called silly even by some Republicans, including McCain’s mother.  

      Maybe the Obama team felt that if McCain got firmly established as the guy going with the same old Rovian attack ads, as long as they didn’t let it go on too long as Kerry did, it would make it easier for them to get tough going after McCain.  Maybe they let McCain establish the low bar so they could have plenty of room to operate above it while still landing solid hits.

  3. Bob99 says:

    The Dems know that if Obama gets into office they are going to inherit the high gas prices problem.  Dems control congress, if they go after the Republicans on high gas prices it will be immediately turned around on them.  The Bush camp will say they wanted to drill in ANWAR and offshore, but the dems blocked it.  

  4. sjintheknow says:

    People know that drilling will not lower gas prices today!  They know that if drilling had taken place 7 years ago we would not be so Dependent on foreign Oil.

    The people also know that the Democrats have stopped Oil Drilling, Nuclear, Coal.

    Pelosi, stopping the Drilling Vote and then tells her Dems to go home and say what you have to to get elected.

    Oh yes, the American People just love to be lied to by the Dems.

    So the shoe fits… Democrats have not allowed Drilling and now they get to wear the shoe that they caused high gas prices.

    The fact that Obama has changed his mind from his April 7 statement that No Drilling should be allowed has really sunk his boat.

    Who can believe Obama or Pelosi…Not the American People.

    • Go Blue says:

      and who controlled Congress during that time? Don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining.

    • RedGreen says:

      Again with the lies. We are drilling plenty and oil companies are sitting on 44 million acres of leased land they can drill whenever they want to. In fact, they’re drilling like mad on at least 11 million acres. They aren’t drilling on the bulk of the land they’ve already leased because the price of oil hasn’t been high enough to justify the drilling equipment in a competitive world market.

      All this nonsense about Democrats blocking drilling is just a cynical ploy to shirk responsibility for bad Republican energy policies dating back to the Reagan years, and an attempt to capitalize on frightened, strained consumers.  

      • sjintheknow says:

        So you are an Oil Man now…you know that the 44 million acres of leased land has oil!

        So you want the Oil companies to drill on the land leasted that is not good and it costs a lot to drill.  So we would pay high gas prices for this oil.

        However, we have land that we can get oil at a cheap rate and lower gas prices but are not released by the Dem Tree Huggers to drill on.

        Now do you see why the American People know the Dems are at fault for High Gas Prices.

        • Go Blue says:

          how confused you are and I’m wondering how you got here. Where do you get your information?

          • RedGreen says:

            because he got his information this morning on the radio and didn’t write it down. It’s hard to remember so many facts, especially when they aren’t actually facts, but just sound like facts if you repeat them often enough.

        • parsingreality says:

          1.  Oil extracted from off shore drilling is incredibly expensive.  If the price of oil isn’t in the stratosphere, they won’t drill.  It’s a vicious circle.

          2.  If the Dems are at fault, why is it the highest prices ever experienced for oil and gas have come under Republican administrations?

          3.  If all the coasts were opened up immediately, nothing will happen for a long time.  That’s because the exploration and drilling rigs are backordered in the Asian shipyards by five years.  We would get more done by building these ships here and putting them out in the already leased lands.  But logic and putting Americans to work in a moribund industry is not on the Republican radar.

          I know I’m talking to the fish here, just had to say it.  

    • Go Blue says:

      “I’m No Historian!”

      Even Mittens can’t think of anything John McCain has done in the last three decades!

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      we use 7 billion barrels a year.

      Unless you were home schooled and can’t do math that means we could be energy independant for 3 years by prusuing the drill everywhere genda

      That is a fact.

      In addition with 18k leases the hold up is in the equipment.  Giving away leases is not going to speed up the logistics chain.

      The GOP plan is crop circles, sounds plausible,  but on examination is just a guys perpatrating a hoax to prey on people searching for something.

      • ThillyWabbit says:

        There aren’t enough drills or crews on earth to extract it all in 3 years if you had them all working only in the US simultaneously 24 hours a day.

        Drilling in the US will never under any possible scenario replace foreign oil.

    • BlueCat says:

      He’s just saying that he is open to accepting a certain amount of off shore drilling as part of a deal to get a good energy  policy package.  Like all the experts, he knows it won’t bring down prices at the pump.  

      Right now oil is dropping (down to $119 today)largely because Americans are finally pinched enough to drive less but gas isn’t coming down by anywhere near a like amount.  McCain is just selling a fairy tale that gives people the feeling that something is being done. But hey, you have to give something to get something in the real world.

      You can’t get anywhere with the scorched earth, take no prisoners politics that the right has employed throughout the Bush presidency.  That’s what has brought us to the sorry state we’re in today.  You also can’t get anywhere bound by  an uncompromising far left in a country in which most are more comfortable closer to the middle.  

      Anybody who ever thought Obama was some wild eyed far lefty has been seriously misinformed.  Obama is not about going to the mat for ivory tower theories, far left OR far  right.  He’s about getting real things done in the real world even if that means your opponents get to have a few wins. We’re all Americans and in this together, for better or worse.  

      Win/win, though a perfect win/win isn’t usually possible in the real world, should be the goal, not accomplishing  nothing beyond making damn sure your opponents  always get screwed.  That wasn’t always  what American politics was all about and it doesn’t have to be that way, in spite of what the Limbaughs and Hannitys would have us believe.

  5. sjintheknow says:

    Let us face it if the Republicans had brought Oil Drilling up during the past 7 years the Democrats would have yelled like stuck pigs.  Dems would have Filibustered and made the Republicans look really bad.

    Remember, Gas was cheap during those 7 years and to bring up drilling to the Tree Huggers was not worth it.

    The Republicans have no balls so they kept their mouths shut.

    So guess what! Now the Dems get the credit for High Gas Prices because they are good bitchers and the Repbulicans have no balls.

    • Go Blue says:

      Sorry but not in the history of the United States has the filibustered been abused in such a way like that until this Congress as Republicans obstruct to everything.

      Stop trying to rewrite history with your “what ifs” and dellusions of jedi mind tricks.

      • sjintheknow says:

        Like Pelosi did not turn out the lights and go home before Voting on Drilling.  

        Dems obstruct everything they can they are very angry, nasty people who believe that everything must go their way.  When it does not they take the ball and go home then tell the Dem candidates lie to the home town people.

        Read the blogs the Conservatives are telling the truth in Newspapers all over the country.

        What will kill the Dems and Obama is the truth and it is spreading across the land.

        • RedGreen says:

          Something is spreading across the land, but it ain’t the truth.

          Tree Huggers Pelosi Voting on Drilling angry, nasty, very angry, nasty nasty nasty

          Boy, that felt good. It’s so much easier to discuss problems if you just let your mind go empty and shout the phrases you’ve been told.

          • sjintheknow says:

            Phrases I have been told?  Who do you think I am?  

            LOL, when your backs are against the wall and the truth is told it is wonderful to see and read your comments!

        • parsingreality says:

          Damn!  You owe me breakfast, moron.  

    • RedGreen says:

      You’re really not making any sense, but here goes.

      The Republicans have been agitating over ANWR since Bush took office. If Republicans had had their way the day Bush was inaugurated, we still wouldn’t be getting a drop of oil out of ANWR, and, in another few years when oil did start to flow, most of it would go overseas into the world market and affect the price of oil by 25 cents a barrel, if that. Because once that capacity comes on board, producers will cut back elsewhere. No one’s drilling at full capacity when oil is this expensive, and certainly not when it’s cheaper.

      It’s a lie to say Republicans haven’t been trying to scoop up additional leases for their oil industry patrons. They just got real loud about it once they could leverage consumer misery to stampede voters. You know what? It works for a few weeks after constant pounding, but it won’t stand up because Americans aren’t as stupid as Republicans believe they are.

      • sjintheknow says:

        Republicans never believed the American People are or ever were stupid.  They were mislead by the Democrats but they have gotten smarter.  

        Like I said above the Conservatives are on the blogs and telling the truth.  Why do you think that McCain has made a 10 point gain in 1 week.

        This will be no walk in the park but McCain will win because the American People do not Trust Obama or Pelosi.

        • Go Blue says:

          you’re being misled by the Republicans blogs. Here’s a website called Pollster which hosts all of the polls taken during this election. Now, try and find that 10 point gain in 1 week you’ve been obviously misled about.

          Also, please keep in mind that polls fluctuate and some are not as reliable as others.

          “Conservatives telling the truth” HA HA HA HA Thanks for the laughs.

  6. sjintheknow says:

    My husband said that when Obama started losing that Obama and his supporters would go nuts and make bad decisions.

    This poster is a really bad idea!

  7. RedGreen says:

    The Obama campaign will run this ad, which is particularly hard-hitting, on TV screens at gas pumps throughout Florida:

    The Tribune’s political blog has the story:

    The ad, which blames Republican John McCain in part for the energy crisis, will broadcast on a network of television screens conveniently located on top of gas pumps in that state.

    And in a further attempt to bring the message to consumers at the height of anxiety about high gas prices, the Obama campaign this week is launching a broader effort to put his energy plan into people’s hands while they’re still at the gas station.

    Supporters will be handing out copies of Obama’s “New Energy for America” plan this week to consumers in 24 states — in theory, while they’re in the process of paying the $4-a-gallon bill.

    • It’s the kind of thinking that puts these ads at gas pumps that has me excited about the Obama campaign.  Huge voter registration drives (I just got my training yesterday), meet-ups on every corner, and ads targeted beyond the normal media markets speak well of the understanding and focus that Obama brings to the table.

      • RedGreen says:

        Obama’s Saul Alinsky background is changing the campaign in ways mainstream media can’t even begin to grasp, and in ways so widespread that we may all be surprised. Beyond winning the election, the point is to establish a ground-up governing coalition — essential for radical health-care reform, among other initiatives the next president could advance. This really could be a game-changer on the order of the Reagan Revolution.

  8. Myoho says:

    The Oil Industry is not simply profiting from high oil prices, they are profiteering off the American people. Yes, it’s absolutely true. What did the Oil companies discuss in the secret Energy Meetings with Bush/Cheney, even before 9/11 and upward of 46 times before the start of the Iraq War? Could it be how to destabilize oil supply in the Middle East with wars in Iraq and Iran that would cause the Future Markets to speculate the price of oil to nearly $200 a barrel? Perhaps that’s why the energy meetings had maps with the Iraqi Oil Fields on them during the meetings of 2001 (http://www.judicialwatch.org/iraqi-oilfield-pr.shtml ). In Jan. 2003, the WSJ reported that representatives from Halliburton, Exxon Mobil Corp., Chevron-Texaco Corp. and Conoco-Phillips, and others, had met with Vice President Cheney’s staff to plan the post-war revival of Iraq’s oil industry. That’s nearly 3 months before the Iraq war started.

    BTW, what was the price of oil before the Iraq War? Perhaps the chart below, with annotations of BushCo/McCain events, will help you.


    Oh, that’s right. When BushCo/McCain came into power, oil was just above $30 / barrel. It’s now over $100 more per barrel!

    Note the steep climb in oil after Enron manipulated energy prices (which led to the take-over of the California governorship by Schwarzenegger), Cheney’s secret Energy meetings and the beginning of the Iraq War. In 2005, Exxon Mobile had the largest profit of ANY COMPANY IN THE HISTORY OF THE U.S. Looks like their investment in BushCo/McCain paid off. Just this year, Oil hit $185 / barrel and Exxon has already announced the largest quarterly profit of any company in the HISTORY OF THE U.S. You can bank on this being another record year for big-oil.

    So the next time any republican hack tries to tell you about free market and why Obama shouldn’t be taking away the Republican/McCain subsidies from Big-Oil and handing them out to the American people, you can assuredly tell them that Obama is not acting as government interfering in free market. If anything, he’s restoring the balance to a market that has been heavily manipulated by BuschCo/McCain and Big-Oil. If anything, he’s executing justice for the American People who have been gouged by the criminals in power.

    Is there any wonder why McCain wants to allow more drilling? Maybe it’s because Big Oil has paid him over $2,000,000.

    • RedGreen says:

      Unprecedented oil profits and prices. Seven years raiding the Treasury. Lots of bluster from the Republicans, led by two oil men in the White House, but not a single action to rein in the oil companies — quite the opposite. At what point do we face facts — this isn’t a problem, as far as they’re concerned, this is the solution.

    • Sir Robin says:

      Taking a big view of eight years of events makes it a compelling summary. Well done!

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