The Choice is Clear

As the election continues to draw near a lot of people have been asking me why I support Jeff Crank for Congress. They say that Doug Lamborn has voted right and that he has done alright. I agree that he has done alright but Colorado’s 5th Congressional district deserves better than alright. We are one of the most conservative congressional districts in America and we deserve Great not alright.

We deserve someone who will go to congress and fight for the conservative ideas that I and so many in the district was raised on, not just vote right on some issues. We deserve a congressman that will challenge the left every step of the way, someone that will stand up and tell Nancy Pelosi NO!

We deserve a congressman that understands that how you run your office is a reflection of you. Just because your budget allows it does not mean that it is right. You can’t say you are a conservative and than spend the tax payers dollars so wildley because you think it is owed to you. Franked mail is not alright and Jeff Crank knows that.

We deserve a congressman that is willing to debate any challenger any place. We don’t deserve the run-around that Doug Lamborn has been giving us on why he won’t debate his opponents. There are differences Doug and you are afriad that the public will see these differences and you will lose this election.

Finally many have said that running against an incumbent in your own party is not good for the republican party, especially in a presidential election year. I say this is rediculous! The founding fathers made sure that government could be changed so that if the public is not happy they can try and change it. As far as I am concerned I am part of the public and I am not happy with congressman Lamborn. I encourage all republicans in the 5th to vote Jeff Crank for congress.

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