Welcome back to another installment of UP News. The guys in this interview are indeed, card carrying liberals, and not only that, they are the ones coordinating events for the Big Tent event for Bloggers in Denver for the Convention.

John Erhardt and Aaron Silverstein are my kind of activists. Both are Editors for Square State, which is one of the main blogs in Colorado. Additionally, Aaron is with Democrats Work and will be organizing the Delegates for Actions in Denver the week of the convention.  John is the state coordinator of Living Liberally/Drinking Liberally

and is putting the fun in the Big Tent Event by getting some top notch food, bands and events.  I will be there with my brother in law, Tomas Custer, who runs Hispanic Tips and who was interviewed here on NPR.

If you want to get the scoop on what will be happening in the blog community, or what is happening with the Big Tent, or with Democrats Work and/or Drinking Liberally, watch this:

To hear about the beginning of Square State – and about pacified’s work with Soapblox, or about stupid death threats by right wing nutjobs, or the role of the blogger as an active patriot in our democracy, then check this out:

Stay tuned for an interview with Bobby Clark who is coming on the show in a couple of weeks and will give us all the details on the Big Tent.

Finally, if you want to be a CARD CARRYING LIBERAL!

then visit the living liberally website here.

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  1. ohwilleke says:

    and I carry lots of cards.  My wallet is stuffed with cards — video rental card, museum card, barber loyalty card, supermarket cards, bar membership cards, business cards, other people’s business cards, dental appointment reminder card, credit cards, wireless cards, building key cards, pet store loyalty card, ATM card, health insurance card, library card, ID, CostCo card, hardware store loyalty card, AAA card.  There’s no room for a “liberal card” though.

    Throw in some RTD tickets, a restaurant coupon and a letter to the tooth fairy, and who has room in your wallet for money these days?  

  2. I left my “LIBERAL” card at home today.

    I do have the Bill of Rights in my wallet.  Does that make me a “card-carrying Liberal”?

    And I’ve got a couple of professional association membership cards there.  Arts Association, USENIX/SAGE…  I suppose by those standards someone could judge me to be an effete artsy-fartsy anarchist Commie.

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