Pinon Canyon- It’s Only Halftime

Lamborn’s House site posted their more recent release that cited that, yes, the MILCON amendment was never offered, but the already House passed NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) has language that allows the Army to buy from willing sellers…

A provision Congressman Lamborn included in HR 5658, the House-passed Duncan Hunter National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2009, would allow willing sellers to work with the military on private land sales, if they so choose.

“This provision differs from the one-year restriction on PCMS expansion included in today’s Military Construction /Veterans Affairs appropriations bill. We will need to work together to reconcile the different perspectives in the bills.  I remain committed to working with my colleagues in the delegation to find a reasonable solution to this issue.…

The language of the bill states:


(a) Protection of Private Property- The Secretary of Defense and the Secretaries of the military departments shall make every reasonable effort to acquire real property expeditiously by negotiation. Real property offered shall meet the requirements of Secretary-approved real property acquisition plans.

(b) Willing Sellers- The Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of a military department shall not be precluded from acquiring real property from willing sellers so long as the real property offered meet the requirements of Secretary-approved real property acquisition plans.…

So much for questioning Lamborn for not taking any effective action. This guy took some preemptive action and anticipated.  

MILCON, passing the House this morning, with language for the one-year moratorium on Pinon Canyon, and the NDAA with Lamborn’s “willing sellers” language, are awaiting action on the Senate side.  Lets see if some a reasonable solution can be crafted as these two bills with conflicting language move along.  

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  1. K9 says:

    COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Jeff Crank, Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado’s Fifth Congressional District, today said Lamborn’s lack of action on the issue of the PiГ±on Canyon expansion is irresponsible to the constituents of the Fifth congressional district.

    Lamborn was scheduled to introduce an amendment that would have allowed the Army to start buying land around the PiГ±on Canyon maneuver site from willing sellers but he ultimately decided to pull the amendment from the floor.

    “Doug has been entirely ineffective in delivering progress and consensus on the issue of Pinon Canyon,” said Crank. “We need a new leader who will help execute a successful plan that resolves the lingering disputes between land-owners and the military.”

    “It appears that Lamborn has no support within the Colorado delegation on this issue. He has failed to earn the advocacy of even one other member of the delegation in favor of Pinon Canyon,” said Alan Philp, Jeff Crank’s campaign manager.

    “We can do better.  Lamborn’s amendment seems to be all for show,” said Philp. He never intended to follow through on it and has failed to act on this matter now and in the past.”

    • jericho says:

      So now I’m beginning to think you’re not a sockpuppet, but an anti-Crank person, because your posts are so off kilter and bizarre that you must be trying to make Crank look bad by your association with him.

      All I do know is you’ve decided to make the seven least compelling pro-Crank comments in the the 2 hours that you’ve become a member of this site.

      • K9 says:

        Least compelling?  Are you kidding?  Jeff Crank has done more for Colorado then Lamborn or Rayburn put together.  When he worked for Joel Hefley, he led the charge on Pinon Canyon.

        • rwrgop says:

          Is that you?  Did you get drunk and make a sockpuppet?

        • jericho says:

          When you say something like “Crank has done more for Colorado than Lamborn and Rayburn put together” you come across as someone with no understanding of anything.

          Lamborn authored the largest tax cut in Colorado state history, and has worked to bring an ICE office, Veteran’s cemetary and new Ft. Carson brigade to Colorado Springs in his first session.

          Rayburn served to protect Colorado for 31 years.

          Crank hasn’t done a single thing for Colorado, unless you count his lobbying.

          • K9 says:

            1. Lamebrain voted for a tax increase when he was in the Kansas legislator.

            2. Rayburner doesn’t pay taxes and is from another state.

            3. Crank isnt a lobbyist.  He is a business consultant and former Hefley aid, high level I might add.  He helped get the helicoptor that saved Jessica Lynch.  He is a family man and is the only one who went through the assembly process, getting unanimus votes.  Lamborn and Rayburn shouldnt even be allowed to be on the ballot.  On August 12, I will be voting for Jeff Crank for congress.

            • rwrgop says:

              This boy needs a prescription!  Please hurry.

            • jericho says:

              1) Lamborn was never in the Kansas legislator (sic)

              2) Rayburn pays his taxes. He is not currently subject to property tax because he rents his home.

              3) Crank was a lobbyist for 6 years, and couldn’t even muster an unanimus (sic) vote at the assembly.

              You’re beginning to worry me here.

              • K9 says:

                Lamborn is in favor of higher taxes.  Jeff Crank opposes taxes and will eliminate the IRS.  Lamborn is for earmarks, Jeff Crank signed a pledge for no earmarks.  Lamborn voted to keep people like Michael Vick from going behind bars.  Jeff Crank believes in animal rights and thinks it is wrong to do dog fighting (and rooster fighting) Doug Lamborn has done nothing to stop this horrible cruelty.  Doug Lamborn spent the most on his mail than any other  U.S.A representative.  Jeff Crank opposes using mail for such things as tooting his own horn.  Jeff Crank is not a lobbyist, except for a few things that are very important to Colorado such as the helicoptor that saved Jessica Lynch.  He worked for Joel Hefley, the chamber of commerce, had his own radio show, and does business.  He is who we should be voting for.  I for one will be voting for him.  It is time to send Doug Lamborn back to Kansas.

    • NEWSMAN says:

      Lamborn didn’t end the Soviet Union, bring down the Berlin Wall, or stand up to Kruschev either.  

      Oh, wait, that happened before he was sworn in, just like Pinon Canyon.

      Never mind.

      And Pinon canyon started going south for the Army, and was blown politically on the former congressman’s watch, whats his name, Jeff’s former boss, oh yeah, Joel Hefley.

      Even Wayne Allard couldn’t save it.

      I guess when I look at Lamborns real record, why I’ll just have to VOTE for him again.

  2. NEWSMAN says:

    K9Lamborn is in favor of higher taxes.

    Not even on poor uninformed brainwashed souls like you.

    Doug Lamborn authored the largest tax cut in Colorado history while a state legislator. Doug has won the voters approval and election 3 times in the Colorado House, once in the State Senate, and Once to the US House.(Jeff Crank has never been elected to anything)

    (CBS)The influential anti-tax Club for Growth endorsed Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) again for reelection, less than two years after the group helped propel the controversial freshman lawmaker to win the seat.  

    “Doug Lamborn had one of the most pro-growth records last year in Congress. He has proven himself to be an unwavering defender of taxpayers and the kind of representative Colorado Republicans can be proud of,” Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said in a statement.

    The Washington Post has Lamborn’s complete voting record, if you want to do the legwork to see where he stands. http://projects.washingtonpost

    Jeff Crank opposes taxesK9

    When he is running for office and has no voting record to check, he can SAY anything.  So lets see what Jeff has said on taxes…Jeff Crank publically supported tax hikes. From the Club for Growth letter to members 2006.

    ….” Jeff Crank’s History of Advocating Tax Hikes

    Earlier this year, the Club for Growth PAC endorsed taxpayer superstar Doug Lamborn to replace retiring Congressman Joel Hefley in Colorado’s 5th congressional district. The GOP primary in this safe Republican seat is next Tuesday, August 8.

    One of Lamborn’s opponents, former lobbyist Jeff Crank, has been whining about our criticism of his support for higher taxes. He says we’ve been unfair. You decide.

    Crank was once the vice president of government affairs for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. In that capacity, he helped the Chamber advocate for higher taxes on a number of occasions (e.g. Amendment 32 and “Go with 1A”). In one news report (no link, CS Gazette, 06/20/2002), he also tried to gather support to oppose ballot measures that would cut taxes and spending.

    Crank claims that while the Chamber supported higher taxes, he was personally opposed to them. Uh-huh. That doesn’t pass the smell test for us. Why would the Chamber keep someone on the payroll who continually disagreed with them? More importantly, why would Crank, if he’s professing to be a principled, pro-growth person, stay on the payroll of a group that advocates higher taxes?

    However, even if you give Crank a pass for carrying water for the tax-hiking Chamber, he still has a tax increase on his own hands. In 2002, he was the campaign manager for a failed referendum that sought a hike in property taxes in El Paso County.

    Doug Lamborn, on the other hand, is a vocal opponent to ALL tax hikes. Remember Referendum C&D, the two proposals which were designed to weaken Colorado’s Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights law? Even though the Republican governor supported C&D, Lamborn stood up to his own party and opposed them. Commenting about Referendum C, Lamborn wrote (no link, CS Gazette, 10/27/2005):

    “What is most offensive about C is that it calls itself the ‘Economic Recovery Act’. This is taking the exact wording used by Ronald Reagan for tax cut legislation and applying it to a massive tax increase. I thought we had all learned that lower taxes, not higher, are the road to a stronger economy.”

    Also, Lamborn is continually ranked as one of Colorado taxpayers’ most ardent defenders by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers. Just last year, he received the second highest state senate rating by the organization. Before that, during the three years of 2002-2004, he was ranked first.

    What Congress needs now, more than ever, is someone who will stand for the pro-growth principles of lower taxes and limited government, even if that means going against your own party. You can help advance that cause by donating to Doug Lamborn’s campaign now…..”

    and will eliminate the IRS. K9

    And just how is one legislator out of 435 going to do that?  What about Senate passage?  What about getting President Obama or McCain to sign it?  What political tripe!

    Lamborn is for earmarksK9,

    Another CRANKy lie. Here is the RE-Pork card of all 435 House members rated by the club for growth on there opposition to PORK.

    Notice there are only 16 out of 435 that receive a perfect 100% anti-pork rating, and holy mythbusters batman, one is Congressman Doug Lamborn who does not support secret earmarks, but publishes the few he asks for “on the record” so they are subject to an up or down vote on the record. He is opposed to secret pork barrel earmarks requested by paid lobbyists like Jeff Crank was for years. That’s why he and only 15 other’s (all Republicans) score 100%.  

    Jeff Crank signed a pledge for no earmarksK9.

    Before you are elected, you can sign anything and it carries the same weight as if you or I signed it.  It’s a political promise from a politician backed by NO TRACK RECORD or VOTING RECORD.

    Lamborn voted to keep people like Michael Vick from going behind bars.K9


    Another CRANKy lie.  Micheal Vick IS behind bars because he violated his states law against dogfighting.  Lamborn opposed a Federal law on the subject partially because every state already has a law against dogfighting or animal cruelty, and some people think we don’t need to make every animal regulation a federal case. Those people that favor states rights are called conservatives.

    Doug Lamborn spent the most on his mail than any other  U.S.A representative.K9

    NOT EVEN CLOSE. It’s another CRANKy lie. Lamborn spent more than Joel Hefley, because Hefley didn’t communicate with the folks back home.  All reps get a budget, they can spend it on office furniture, more staffers in Washington, limos, cars etc.  Doug Lamborn chooses to spend a part of his budget telling us what he is doing, and what is going on in DC that effects us. It must be approved by a non partisan congressional committee to meet the required non-political tests.  They aren’t campaign fliers.

    Jeff Crank opposes using mail for such things as tooting his own horn. K9

    That’s big of him.  Since he doesn’t have the right to use it anyway as a lobbyist.

    Jeff Crank is not a lobbyist, except for a few things that are very important to Colorado such as the helicoptor that saved Jessica Lynch.K9

    Are you really this gullible???

    Jeff Crank was a registered lobbyist.  It’s a matter of public record.

    He worked for Joel Hefley, the chamber of commerceK9,

    You mean the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce who has endorsed his opponent Doug Lamborn. People who have worked with him know slick Jeff best.

    had his own radio show,K9

    He is a former member of the local media which is why he gets such softball treatment from them.

    and does business.  He is who we should be voting for.  I for one will be voting for him.  It is time to send Doug Lamborn back to KansasK9.

    Except Doug hasn’t lived in Kansas since just after college over 25 years ago.

    But your previously repeated CRANKy lie about Lamborn raising taxes while he was in the Kansas legislature deserves some light.

    Doug Lamborn was never in the Kansas legislature.  He ran as a sacrificial lamb in a heavily Democrat district at the request of the Kansas Republican party about 25 years ago. He once told a reporter that if the severance tax was to be raised (which the liberal controlled legislature did subsequently) then there should be tax cuts in other areas. He was a candidate talking about a bill that was sure to pass, a bill he opposed on principle.

    Doug Lamborn will win the Republican primary and be re-elected in November, because people who know the truth about Doug Lamborn VOTE for Doug Lamborn.


    • K9 says:

      This comes directly from Jeff Crank’s website, Newsman.  These are the facts!  I could include a lot more of these facts and ones on Bentley Rayburn too.  Like how he got all his college for free on the tax payers money and didnt pay taxes for 31 years.  And how he rents a home.  And how he wont back down from his agreement with Jeff Crank.

      It’s Principle Vs. Politics. Read it for Yourself

      Jeff Crank opposes tax increases and will abolish the IRS, while Doug Lamborn tries to deny his past support for tax increases.

      Jeff Crank opposes earmarks and signed a pledge against them, while Doug Lamborn supports and utilizes earmarks.

      Jeff Crank is willing to debate the issues and be accessible to voters, while Doug Lamborn is running from debates.

      The choice is clear. Jeff Crank is Principle. Doug Lamborn is Politics.

      • CD-FIVE says:

        Dear K9/CD-5 Line,

        Your data on the General is inacurate, my friend.  Taking your talking points from Jeff Crank, Alan Philp, et al. will ensure that nothing you say is true.  Rather than reply to all of your Crank talking points, I will shoot straight and inform you that anything you reiterate from Crank is not true.  He is desperate and will say anything.  He has lied to you and now you are lying to the blogoshpere.  You have been used.

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