Bentley Rayburn’s Latest TV Spot

In this latest Rayburn TV spot, Bentley Rayburn states the need for stronger leadership in Washington…

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  1. Barron X says:


    At 3 seconds, he says he was an MG for 31 years.

    Anybody who spends 31 years as a Major General has got something wrong with him.  

    How could he not get promoted to LTG (3 stars) in all that time ?  

    Who’s he shaking hands with at 12 seconds ?

    The guy has a red, white and blue belt.  Must be a super patriot.

    But he appears to be wearing the uniform of a foreign military.

    Is Bentley cavorting with spies ?

    Who’s that between the Bentster and Perfect Peter at 18 seconds ?

    I should know this one.

    At the end, he says he just wants to do what’s right for the country.  

    Is this a subtle way of saying that he’s the one dropping out, instead of Doug Lamborn ?

    Or is he signaling that he’s throwing his support to Ron Paul ?

    This is all so complicated.  


  2. RedGreen says:

    sure talks fast. Is he running for Chief Auctioneer?

    That’s not a bad ad. Calls out Lamborn’s ineffectiveness for what it is.

    • NEWSMAN says:

      Lamborn didn’t end the Soviet Union, bring down the Berlin Wall, or stand up to Kruschev either.  

      Oh, wait, that happened before he was sworn in, just like Pinon Canyon.

      Never mind.

      And Pinon canyon started going south for the Army, and was blown politically on the former congressman’s watch, whats his name, Jeff’s former boss, oh yeah, Joel Hefley.

      Even Wayne Allard couldn’t save it.

      I guess when I look at Lamborns real record, why I’ll just have to VOTE for him again.

  3. K9 says:

    It totally slams Lamborn for voting for tax increases when he was in the Kansas State Senate.  Plus it talks about all the earmarks Lamborn got.  There is a choice and the choice is clear.  CRANK FOR CONGRESS!

  4. NEWSMAN says:

    See how he totally hijacked the pro Bentley Rayburn diary.  This “ah shucks” approach is wearing thin.  No one is that naive and gullible, even Crank supporters.  This is a purposeful distraction.

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