Markey Outraises Musgrave…Again

Democrat Betsy Markey has outraised incumbent Republican Marilyn Musgrave for the fourth consecutive month. As The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports:

Markey raised almost $88,000 in the first three weeks of July, compared to just over $58,000 for the three-term Republican incumbent.

“Betsy’s strong fundraising is a direct result of her growing support among the voters here,” Markey campaign manager Anne Caprara said. “Our momentum continues to build as more and more citizens of the 4th Congressional District signal their desire for a new voice in Washington.”

Musgrave campaign manager Jason Thielman declined comment on the latest finance reports [Pols emphasis]

…Musgrave still enjoys a sizable advantage when it comes to money in the bank, $1.16 million as of July 23 to Markey’s $613,000. But Markey has now out-raised Musgrave for the past four months and is better positioned financially than any previous Musgrave challenger.[Pols emphasis]

Angie Paccione, the 2006 Democratic nominee, had about $420,000 in the bank at this point in that campaign, compared to Musgrave’s $1.08 million.

Overall, Musgrave has raised about $1.7 million so far in this election, about 23 percent behind her 2006 pace. Markey has raised $1.05 million, 39 percent ahead of where Paccione was at this point in 2006.

Almost all the money Musgrave raised in the first three weeks of July was offset by an equal amount of spending in that time, including $7,650 in refunds to donors who exceeded the maximum contributions allowed under federal law.

Markey, on the other hand, spent about $55,000 during the reporting period, meaning she was able to build her bank account by more than $30,000 heading into the last three months of the election.

How do you know your campaign is in trouble financially? When your campaign manager declines to comment on the latest fundraising numbers. Seriously? You couldn’t even think up a way to spin the numbers? You couldn’t just say, “Hey, we still have raised more money overall”? When you decline to comment, you’re basically saying, “This really sucks.”

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  1. One Queer Dude says:

       Or maybe not since they squandered all their $$$ on those three special elections earlier this year.

  2. BlueBoulder says:

    Musgrave campaign manager Jason Thielman declined comment on the latest finance reports

    Maybe Jason is just now discovering that hanging around with a crew of gay-baiters isn’t much fun after all.  

  3. Half Glass Full says:

    Just call her “Fort Collins Liberal Markey” and get quoted by the Rocky Mountain News about how you’re going to shove things up her a**.

    That’s the Wadhams Winning Way!

  4. DavidThi808 says:

    I keep getting more and more hopeful about this race. Betsy is ahead in most polls (granted within the MoE), keeps pulling in more money, and appears to be running a great campaign.

    Anyone else remember when she started and Pols (and a lot of us) made fun of how little she raised at first? Boy did you we get that wrong.

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