Why does Congrove want Paschall off the hook? Hello?

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UPDATE — ANOTHER MISTRIAL. My God, can Storey convict ANYONE?! It was on tape!

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said he hasn’t decided whether former county Treasurer Mark Paschall will be tried a third time for an alleged kickback scheme.

A jury deadlocked Thursday on whether Paschall solicited the kickback from a top aide shortly before he left office in 2006. A mistrial was declared after the jury deliberated 5 1/2 hours.

The vote for acquittal was 7-5 – with one person wavering on each side. It was the second time a jury could not decide on the charge. In February, a jury found Paschall not guilty of attempted theft and voted 8-4 for acquittal on the charge of compensation for past official behavior.

Jurors said they had concerns about the lack of corroborating evidence and testimony.

I think I have a concern about incompetent, maybe feigning incompetence to cover up something else, district attorneys.

The Denver Post says the (re)trial of former Jefferson County treasurer Mark Paschall will wrap up today, and reported on testimony from Paschall’s former assistant:

Closing statements will be made this morning in the retrial of former Jefferson County treasurer Mark Paschall on a charge related to an alleged kickback.

Former top aide Kathy Redmond testified Wednesday that on three occasions Paschall, who has been charged with compensation for past official behavior, suggested that they split $18,000 of a $25,000 pre-tax payment he arranged for her shortly before he left office in 2006.

Redmond said she told him: “No, I don’t want it,” and then told Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Congrove about the offer. Congrove then called the district attorney’s office.

In cross-examination, Paschall’s attorney, David Lane, questioned Redmond about why she didn’t call the police or the DA’s office herself, instead telling the man she knew was at odds with Paschall.

“I called the one man who I knew could stop the check,” Redmond said.

And if you remember what the Post reported earlier in the week:

Paschall twice solicited Redmond to split the “ridiculous-sized bonus” with him, Phillips said.

Redmond testified in the first trial that she reported the alleged offer to Jefferson County Commissioner Jim Congrove, who notified District Attorney Scott Storey.

Last month, Congrove asked Storey to drop the charge. Storey refused.

Here’s what I can’t understand for the life of me: we’re talking about a really audacious abuse of power, soliciting a kickback in the amount of thousands of dollars on Paschall’s way out of office. If true it’s incredibly bad, both for Paschall and for Jefferson County’s reputation in general.

But as Congrove told the Columbine Courier two weeks ago,

“I have talked to him about not prosecuting that,” Congrove said in a phone interview July 15. “It serves no purpose. It does nothing for the community.”

How does making an example of extremely corrupt behavior “serve no purpose?” How does it do “nothing for the community?” Either no amount of corruption can faze a thoroughly corrupt man like Congrove, or the treachery going on among Jeffco’s elected leaders (past and present) is much worse than has been reported so far.

It seems to me this is a hugely under-reported situation, even though it’s as ugly-or uglier-as any corruption seen in Colorado in many years. The whole state should be outraged, and Democrats should be all over this as an example of Republicans at their finest!

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  1. sjintheknow says:

    The last time you posted that Congrove asked Story to stop this trial there were only 10 comments.

    JEFFERSON COUNTY LIKES CORRUPTION, they are not outraged that a sitting Commissioner asks to let Paschall go without a trial!

    This whole Paschall thing would have been swept under the rug when it happened if the press had not gotten hold of it.

    Jefferson County gets what it deserves if it does not vote all incumbents out of office.  

    Time to clean house Jeffco or live with corruption!

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