Roll Call tells Lamborn to send a thank you card to Bentley Rayburn

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Should freshman Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.) survive his Aug. 12 primary, he might want to send a thank-you card to retired Air Force officer Bentley Rayburn, one of his two GOP opponents…

I don’t have a subscription to Roll Call but if anyone does, post more information as to what Roll Call has to say.

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  1. rwrgop says:

    to the time you posted the Roll Call article stating that Jeff Crank received the endorsement of the NAHB.  They later had to print a retraction because of Jeff Crank’s false press release.  I wonder what Crank had to tell them in order to print this?

  2. NEWSMAN says:

    NO CREDIBILITY.  Stop wasting your time.

  3. RedGreen says:

    Here are some excerpts from the Roll Call article. Treads a lot of territory overly familiar to Colorado readers, but has some fresh spin:

    According to some Colorado-based Republican strategists, former Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce executive Jeff Crank would be a shoo-in to beat Lamborn if he weren’t competing with Rayburn for the anti-incumbent vote. Crank and Rayburn both ran in the 2006 open-seat contest, when Crank finished a close second to Lamborn in the GOP primary.

    “If this was head-to-head Crank versus Lamborn, Crank would be up 8 to 10 points. Bentley is taking about 8 to 15 points of the anti-Lamborn vote,” said one Republican operative based in the Centennial State. “I think Lamborn wins with less than 50 percent because the anti-Lamborn vote was split.”

    Crank campaign strategist Patrick Davis said Tuesday that his candidate is in striking distance. An internal poll conducted in late June for Crank’s campaign showed Lamborn with 36 percent, Crank with 30 percent, Rayburn with 16 percent and 18 percent undecided. Davis argued that Rayburn’s support ceiling is 20 percent.

    But some Republican strategists familiar with this year’s race contend that the outcome of last cycle’s 5th district GOP primary shouldn’t be misinterpreted to mean that Crank has a better chance of defeating Lamborn this time around. […]

    Republican pollster Chris Wilson, who has done some polling for Rayburn, said Crank is fatally flawed – particularly because of attacks leveled against him last cycle by the Club for Growth. The conservative free-market advocacy group advertised heavily in the 2006 race on behalf of Lamborn, whom it endorsed.

    “The club’s attacks on Crank were effective,” Wilson said. “Rayburn, because of his background with the Air Force, he [is] a very strong candidate.”

    Lamborn, then a state Senator, won a highly contentious six-way GOP primary in 2006 with a mere 27 percent of the vote.

    Crank, who worked for Lamborn’s immediate predecessor in the 5th district, popular ex-Rep. Joel Hefley (R), finished with 25 percent of the vote. Crank actually won among those who voted on Election Day, with Lamborn finishing on top because of his success with absentee voters. […]

    In a telephone interview on Tuesday, Lamborn said his campaign is in great shape. As to why Crank and Rayburn are challenging him again after losing in 2006, the Congressman said it was because of “emotions.”

    “It’s more emotional than rational,” he said. […]

    Rayburn’s spokesman, Mike Hesse, said a House district with five military bases should have a Congressman with military experience. Hesse conceded that toppling Lamborn would be easier without Crank in the race, but claimed that victory was possible nonetheless.

    However, Hesse acknowledged that he had no polling data to support his optimism. He said Rayburn would attempt to win the race by relying on grass-roots campaigning with a heavy emphasis on door-knocking and phone-banks.

    Hesse said Rayburn plans to campaign around the clock during the last 48 hours of the race. He touted endorsements from former Rep. Scott McInnis (R-Colo.) and a popular ex-state Senator.

    “We feel it’s very close between all three of us right now,” Hesse said.

  4. jericho says:

    Lamborn would have to send a thank you note, however, it’s looking like Lamborn’s going to get over 50% of the vote and wouldn’t have had any problems beating either candidate head to head.

    • bob ewegen says:

      that doesn’t necessarily mean he would have beaten either opponent head to head.  When the opposition splits, then the suckups and lobbyists and other opportunists rally behind the obvious winner.  A two-way is a different dynamic from a three-way. But as seeshore sez, the reality is that we have a three way so speculation as to what-if it were just two-way is idle.  

      • RedGreen says:

        It’s hard to imagine Shafroth having much of a chance one-on-one against either Polis of Fitz-Gerald, but with those two taking each other on, Shafroth becomes a viable alternative. Dynamic is entirely different. Just ask Musgrave whether she wishes Eidsness were running again this year.

      • Discernment in CD5 says:

        Crank assumes that all Rayburn supporters would vote for him instead of Lamborn in a two way race. This is flawed logic. Many Rayburn supporters I have talked to detest Crank with a passion. They see him as the true sleazy campaigner who is spreading lies about Rayburn and Lamborn while deceptively self projecting himself as the model of virtue. They prefer Rayburn over Lamborn as a matter of preference, but their dislike of Crank is stronger.  So much so that many would vote for Lamborn over Crank in a two way race.

    • GOPpundit says:

      I don’t know what you’re smoking Jericho but you should return it back to Boulder where you purchased it! lol… in all seriousness you can’t possibly believe that Lamborn is going to DOUBLE his vote from last election cycle.

      I’ll make a prediction:

      Crank 41%

      Lamborn 40%

      Rayburn 19%

  5. seeshore says:

    I love the speculation about what the campaign may have been like had Rayburn not run, how is that relevant or useful?  Its not, its fiction. Congressman Lamborn wins again Aug 12th.

    • NEWSMAN says:

      I have been checking this thread, laughing, and waiting to respond.

      I made a prediction months ago, I will repeat and refine it.

      LAMBORN   52%

      RAYBURN   24%

      CRANK     23%

      RON PAUL   1%  

      • jericho says:

        usually I agree with what you have to say, but this time you’re off by DOUBLE.

        Ron Paul will easily get 2% of the vote. Chalk it up.

      • Discernment in CD5 says:

        Interesting that you have Crank in 3rd place. Do you really see Rayburn pulling ahead of him? If so, why?

        • NEWSMAN says:

          We are all insiders here, and some of the new CRANKy Republicans have galloping TB. (True believers syndrome).

          But out in the real world, the ads from Crank are turning off just as many as they are attacting.  Not a good sign for a guy who was down by 20 points in his own poll to begin with.

          Oh, I forgot,

          “CRANK has been working so hard and is on TV and sending out lots of mail.”

          • K9 says:

            he has proof of everything he says.  It isnt negative if it is true.

            • NEWSMAN says:

              For one, his name is Jeff Crank.

              But over 50% of the things his campaign and supporters say about Congressman Doug Lamborn is exaggerated, taken out of context, outright lies, or gross distortions.


              “Unlike Doug Lamborn, I believe that dog fighting should be a crime,” said Crank.  “Why did Doug Lamborn vote to protect criminals like Michael Vick who abuse animals?”

               Its a lie, and a gross distortion.

              Doug Lamborn does not and never has favored dog fighting. That’s a lie.  He did vote against a Federal Bill on dogfighting.  But since every state has a state statute against dogfighting, an overreaching federal statute was not something he favored. But Lamborn does support the states regulating and prohibiting dogfighting, and prosecuting animal abusers.

              So if I vote against a Federal hate crimes bill because I believe it is a 10th amendment issue, and states should legislate and already have laws against murder, rape, assault, and torture, are you going to say that I am protecting the KKK, even though murder is a crime in all 50 states, and in many states, it is punishable by death.  What would the Federal hate crime legislation do, kill them twice?  SEE reasonable people can have a different view on making local issues a federal crime, and not favor animal abusers because they didn’t vote for a particular solution.

              • Discernment in CD5 says:

                Crank’s email says, “Doug Lamborn supported several tax increases while in the Kansas Legislature.”  That’s a lie!  Doug Lamborn was never in the Kansas Legislature.

      • Barron X says:


        He didn’t get on at the Assembly.

        He didn’t petition on.

        He has not even registered with the Secretary of State to be a Write-in, so votes for him will not be counted.

        Of course,

        this refers to the GOP Primary.

        The General Election may be different.


        • NEWSMAN says:

          If a possible interesting development can turn into HUGE SHAKE UP IN CD-5, then Ron Paul can get votes in this primary.  Both are fantasies.

        • NEWSMAN says:

          Why else could Jeff Crank not be elected by acclimation when he was the only one running.  It had to be Ron Paul’s challenge.

          • Barron X says:


            belonging to a fringe party as I do,

            I was not invited to the GOP District Assembly.  

            I did not get to see what happened there; I just read about it at this website.  

            Reports on this site may have been incomplete.  

            Compare that to the Dems.  They not only invited me to their Assembly, they asked me to volunteer to help run the State convention.

            Talk about a BIG TENT!  

            I belong to the genuinely conservative party in town,  

            but as long as I’m not a Republican,

            the Democrats will “accept” and “tolerate” me and my radical ideas.  

            The converse certainly isn’t true.  

            My genuinely conservative party has a Party Platform,

            and if you don’t agree with any one of the planks,

            you cannot be a candidate representing the Party.  

            We have some other basic principles.  The first sentence on the Party website:

            We, the members of the American Constitution Party, gratefully acknowledge the blessings of the Lord God as the Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe and of our nation.

            Not exactly a “Big Tent.”  

            However, even if you disagree with some of the Party’s positions or policies, you can still join the Party and pay dues.

            You can still vote for our candidates in the General Election, if you’re fed up with the current state of the GOP.

            Skyler ?  Come back, all is forgiven.



      • K9 says:

        Crank 52%

        Rayburn and Lamborn tied for last place.

        You will see.  Rayburn doesnt live here and Lamborn voted for tax increases.  We will see how that flies with the voters.  You will see.

      • Jorgensen says:

        Seems there is a link:


        Who didn’t catch wind of the anti-Ron Paul sentiment at the Republican caucuses in early February?

        The fear and loathing escalated at the GOP congressional district assemblies and state convention in late May when Republicans received delegate candidate lists exposing secret supporters of Ron Paul for President.

        Some of Congressman Doug Lamborn’s staunchest supporters were among those ferreting out the Ron Paul boosters to keep them from becoming delegates to the Republican National Convention.

        They might have found a reason to like the Republican Texas Congressman had they known his generosity toward Rep. Lamborn of the 5th Congressional District.

        On March 13, Paul contributed $2,000 to Lamborn’s re-election campaign. According to FEC reports, Lamborn is among a small and select group of candidates that received money from Paul.

        Lamborn, who is running against Jeff Crank and Bentley Rayburn, petitioned onto the Republican primary ballot. Rayburn also chose the petition route.

        The incumbent Congressman chose to bypass the assembly because, he said, there wasn’t enough time to personally call several hundred delegates to ask for their vote. In fact, the nearly 4-month stretch between caucus and assembly was the longest leeway in anyone’s memory.

        Crank won the nomination at the assembly but not without Lamborn’s delegates shouting their protests. As it turned out, Lamborn’s supporters were more disruptive at the GOP CD 5 Assembly than the pro-Paul candidates for RNC delegate slots!

  6. Win Ah says:

    Bentley Rayburn will WIN this primary, the election – and EVERYONE will benefit!  

       He is a statesman and a gentleman.  

  7. NEWSMAN says:

    It can be painful though, when you bump into reality.

  8. K9 says:

    mark my words.  Jeff Crank is working so hard.  He even had an event for dogs, he is working so hard.  Anyone who wants to can join us next Thursday, August 7 at 5:30 for a 96 hour rally (see Jeff for details) can come.  We can do this!  We will be seding Jeff Crank as our next USA represntative to Washington DC.

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