Pat Schroeder On The Air For Polis

That’s one way to do it: answer a Colorado stateswoman with the archetype Colorado stateswoman. “Thanks, Pat!” Release follows.

Polis unveils new TV ad featuring former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder


CONTACT: Robert Becker (303) 381-0121

Statement from Robert Becker, campaign manager, Polis for Congress:

“In the midst of Joan Fitz-Gerald’s ongoing, desperate personal attacks against both Jared Polis and Will Shafroth, we are proud to release our latest TV ad featuring legendary former Colorado Congresswoman Pat Schroeder.”

Pat Schroeder: I’m Pat Schroeder, and I used to represent Colorado in Congress. I’ve known Jared Polis for fifteen years and he has a heart as big as our state. He took the money he made in business and used it to help people – opening a school for homeless children, giving grants to great teachers. What makes Jared stand out is his ability to get things done and to make a real difference.  If anyone can shake things up in Washington, it’s Jared Polis.

Jared Polis: I’m Jared Polis and I approve this message. Thanks, Pat.

Click link to view ad:…


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  1. shoofly says:

    Not good. Particularly the “thanks Pat!”

  2. One Queer Dude says:

       This should help Jared.  Any word on whether Mike Rosen has weighed in with his opinion on this?  He’s so fond of Pat!  

  3. RedGreen says:

    Joan Fitz-Gerald’s ongoing, desperate personal attacks against both Jared Polis and Will Shafroth

    Really? She’s attacking Shafroth?

    That’s a flat-out lie and Becker knows it.

    He’s dragging the Polis campaign into the same territory as the McCain campaign, and it’s very very disappointing. Polis had a deserved, good reputation before this campaign but Becker is trashing it.

    • Attentive5 says:

      Featured on the main page of JFG website:

      Will Shafroth Oil

      “The goal we all share is to develop a pipeline.”

      – Will Shafroth, Washington Post, 04/09/93

      Taken over $17,000 from energy interests

      Worked for Republican Governor of California Pete Wilson

      Brokered a deal for the oil companies over the opposition the environmental community

      In his campaign thus far, Will Shafroth accepted at least $17,450 in donations from individuals involved in the energy industry. When he was the Assistant Secretary of Natural Resources under California Republican Governor Pete Wilson, Shafroth brokered a deal for oil producers to ship oil along the California coast and to build a pipeline.

      Received at least $17,450 from Oil & Gas / Energy Interests

    • Lame-o Jame-o says:

      making stuff up again…

      Joan thrashes Will on her own website, here..

      • RedGreen says:

        Pointing out Shafroth worked for a — gasp! — Republican governor of California counts as thrashing?

        I’m beginning to wonder if Polis can stand up to the heat in Congress at all. “Hurry! Issue a press release immediately! Someone looked at me cross-wise!”

        It’s Polis’s reputation you guys are damaging. Hope it’s worth it.

  4. dwyer says:

    come on, patti……you didn’t live in Colorado even when you represented it…..passing through for a handful of years………..and then 22 years in DC…

    Underneath those teeth, patti always had a very patronizing attitude towards Coloradans…..she had great constituency services…I liked her legislation…particularly Family Medical Leave….but “our state?”……she phoned it in.

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      but her constituent services were top notch and she did a pretty good kob fighting through the BRACs at a time when denver didn’t make sense as a defense priority.

      FMLA on of the best laws in a generation–now if companies were just prosecuted for trying to prevent you from using it.

    • bob ewegen says:

      I ran into Pat Schoeder many times during the 22 years she served in Congress, and not just in my official capacity. I have a home in capitol hill and often bumped into her just on the streets.  Obviously, the job involves a lot of time in Washington, but she was almost obsessive in terms of stying in touch with the district. I ran into her at friends birthday parties, at community events and once when I was repairing my deck she happened to walk by and we chatted over the fence. I don’t think I ever saw a politician work harder to stay in touch with her folks.    

      • dwyer says:

        I am not a local celeb or on the staff of the Post, so maybe I missed her appearances……where did she live in the District?

        Didn’t she share an address with Gary Hart????? I can’t remember…but you tell us….

        And when she chose not to run again, she came home to Colorado???

        The use of “our” state is patronizing… IMHO….to which I am entitled…

        She has no roots in “our” state      No big deal. She should have said “colorado” and not “our state.


        • Jambalaya says:

          ..yes, I can tell how it’s no big deal to you.  Your entire rant is based on her using “our state” v. “Colorado.”  And she can’t use “our state” to mean “Colorado” because, although she represented Colorado in Congress for many many years,  you didn’t see her personally enough and she doesn’t live here now.  Yes, that’s reasonable.  

          • dwyer says:

            Leave me alone you guys…..I had a gut reaction to an political ad…I have been in the state fifty years…that is how it came across to me…

            I feel I have a responsibility to react honestly and post those reactions as an aid to the Democratic effort…

            BE used Schroeder’s personal appearances in his backyard as proof that she lived in Colorado..

            I merely asked for her Colorado address while she was serving in congress…

            BE and I both lived in CD1 which she represented….neither of us, I think, live in CD2…where the fight is…

  5. ColoradoPolitical says:

    Doug Lamborn

    Jared Polis

    Dianna DeGette


    Marilyn Musgrave

    Are the clear favorites to be Members of Congress in January 2009.  The Colorado delegation lunches should be fun.  

  6. Jambalaya says:

    ….everything else is spin.  This is an amazing score for Polis.  My god this is huge…where is my spritz?……..

  7. sjintheknow says:

    I love to see you Liberals taking bites out of each other.  

    Problem is, Polis or Fitz-Gerald who is worse for Colorado.  You know the Republican will not win this seat.

    I would rather have Polis at least he may not be able to be bought by special interest groups… but who knows as you Liberals say the Rich are Bad People!  

    I bet Polis will not be willing to give all his money to the poor.  Joan will have no problem taxing the people to give it to the poor and illegals in Universal Health Care, Welfare, and other Liberal Give-A-Way Programs.

    Ok, than answers it I’m for Polis! LOL,LOL,LOL

    • poopiscomingout says:

      needs a hug.

    • Jambalaya says:

      …taking the entire bottle at once doesn’t make the world a nicer place.  Trust me, I know.

      • Skyler says:

        I’m sure you and I firmly believe in the same things.

        However, that said, the “darlin” and “sweetie” gimmick really, truly makes your posts sound condescending.

        • Jambalaya says:

          ..after all, I was talking to “sjintheknow,” you know?  How else does one speak to an intellectual dwarf like him/her?

          And I’m sorry if being polite is out of place here, but my mama raised me right.

          • bob ewegen says:

            but calling someone “an intellectual dwarf”

            ain’t  “being polite.”

            In this case, however, it is accurate, even if it does get you in trouble with the vertically challenged community.  

    • One Queer Dude says:

         That’s your own fault.  There was a moderate Republican by the name of Bob Greenlee (former mayor of Boulder) who came within a percentage point or two of beating Mark Udall in CD 2 in ’98.  

        The district was drawn a little differently then, if you guys ran the right (or should I say centrist) Republican, it would be competitive.

      • bob ewegen says:

        Even today, 2nd is winnable for the RIGHT Republican. I wrote this May 31:

        That brings us to the 2nd, which, unlike the other two, is far from a one-party district. Democrats have just 34 percent of the

        registered voters. That’s just 6 points above the Republican tally and 4 points below the 38 percent of unaffiliated swing voters. The last time the 2nd CD had a race without an incumbent, Eldorado Springs conservative Mark Udall edged moderate Boulder Republican Bob Greenlee by just two points.

             (Dear 911 operator, please send an ambulance to Republican chairman Dick Wadhams’ home. He undoubtedly went into cardiac arrest the instant he saw a reference to Udall that didn’t label him a

        “Boulder liberal.”)


        A strong R campaign behind a moderate like Greenlee after a bitterly divisive primary like this one is turning into could win the 2nd. But as they say about the Palestinians, this year the Colorado Republican Party “never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.”

        • RedGreen says:

          It’s theoretically possible, as Greenlee demonstrated, but the district went 58 percent for Kerry in 2004. Doesn’t sound like a swing district to me. That’s the same margin the 4th gave Bush that year, but 2nd District reps have never engendered the vehement opposition Musgrave earns.

          The other factor, only good for another election, is that the 2nd now includes vast tracts that were recently represented by Scott McInnis and Bob Schaffer, as well as subdivision after subdivision indistinguishable from formerly Beauprez territory across the street.

          But if the Republicans “never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity” in the 7th, when Perlmutter could have been vulnerable after a single term, what are the chances they’d spend any money on the 2nd?

          • bob ewegen says:

            is that right now the Rs just aren’t developing the kind of strong moderate candidates that could win in districts like 2. That has more to do with the GOP’s shift to the right generally than the specifics of 2nd CD. Winning campaigns begin with candidate recruitment and development. And after 40 years of dominating the stage, the Colorado GOP is, at least temporarily, in disarray.  

            • RedGreen says:

              but Colorado’s been a pretty healthy two-party state for most of the last 40 years, Bob. There were 24 uninterrupted years of Democratic governors, plus another four underway now, and a fairly even split in the Congressional delegation, and even one Democrat, one Republican in the Senate for most of that time (except four years with Haskell and Hart, and the stretch after Campbell switched parties). It’s true the Republicans dominated the Legislature, but that’s not the whole ball of wax. it was really just 1998-2004 that fit your description.  

              • bob ewegen says:

                Because with 100 seats personality matters less. Colorado, though it votes for term limits, loves incumbents. Lamm began his 12 year reign with Watergate at his back. Romer ran a strong campaign with a weak opponent to get his own 12-year term.  The GOP hegemony started to break with the first in 40 years Democratic capture of the Senate in 2000, and all heck broke loose in 2004 when Ds captured both chambers of lege for first time since 1960. Ritter finally won the first D hat trick since Steve McNichols in 1958.  For 40 years, Democratic wins were the exception, Republican domination the rule. Who knows, maybe the Republicans just couldn’t stand prosperity, but given that they still have a registration edge of 130k or so, it seems more like internal GOP warfare and domination by the religious right and anti-gummint crazies like Doug Bruce just finally turned the critical independent vote against the Rs.

          • One Queer Dude says:

            So…..CD 4 went for Bush in ’04 by a comparable margin but that didn’t stop Angie Paccione, financial/credit warts and all, from coming within 3% of toppling Musty in ’06.

              Republicans are just lazy.  They’d rather focus on running expensive primaries in non-competitive districts like CD 5 and 6 where there’s a good chance that the GOP nominee can hold the seat come Nov.

            • RedGreen says:

              The point was, Musgrave has riled up the opposition. Wirth, Skaggs and Udall didn’t (and that included stretches when the district was even more of a swing district than it is now).

        • indipol says:

          no R could win CD-2 this year.  No way, no how.  In other years, sure.  Eldorado Moderate Udall himself has said this.  In the right time, yes.  But this year is not that time.  The R’s will lose previously “safe” seats all over the country this year, as they’ve shown throughout the smattering of special elections so far.

  8. Arvadonian says:

    game, set and match for Polis.

    This is a MAJOR coup for Polis and pretty much sews up the race for him.

    • indipol says:

      wow, do you seriously believe this?  

      • Arvadonian says:

        Pat Schroeder is to Colorado Democratic Primary voters what Ronald Reagan is to Republican primary voters.

        Her endorsement is very, very powerful.  This is the first time that I am aware of her lending her voice and doing an ad in a Colorado primary since leaving office.

        This is a MAJOR coup.

        • bob ewegen says:

          but not even close to decisive.  Voters in so high profile a race aren’t much swayed by endorsements.

        • Jambalaya says:

          …imagine that.  

        • indipol says:

          when I read a comparison between Pat and Ronnie.  If I had any money I’d pay for the exit polling question:

          a- do you know who Pat Schroeder is?

          (my guess = Y=25%/N=75%)

          You’re assuming that a high proportion of the 45K primary voters are going to be wired enough to: a- know who Pat is; b- know enough about her to care whom she endorsed.  

          Sorry, I just don’t see it.

          • Jambalaya says:

            These primary voters never heard of her? And they’re Dems?!  Damn, and here I was thinking that the 2nd CD voters weren’t dumb as rocks.  Some significant re-wiring is apparently in order.  Anybody know a good electrician?

            • RedGreen says:

              What do you think is the proportion of new voters — new to the state and grown old enough to vote — in the 2nd since 1994? Not to mention the rest, who don’t retain all things political for 15 years.

              Let’s put it another way. If Dan Schaefer did an ad for one of the 6th District Republicans, do you think it would have that big of an impact? Or are those voters “dumb as rocks” too?

              • Jambalaya says:

                ..yes, Dan and Pat are on equal par in a Democratic primary in the Denver metro area.  I must concede the power of that equation, especially when one considers how poorly educated the voters of the 2nd CD typically are.  Oh, wait………

                • RedGreen says:

                  and Schaefer was as well regarded by metro area Republicans as Schroeder was by Democrats.

                  You missed why a Schaefer ad would have such an impact, though. Or were too polite to mention it.

                  • Jambalaya says:

                    …yet somehow I missed commenting on the scorching power of a potential Dan Schaefer ad.  But also I was too polite as well!  Furthermore, as to whether the Republican primary voters in Colorado are as dumb as rocks, I can neither confirm nor deny that fact, but I have my suspicions given whom they’ve elected.  You may think them genius, and if you do you’re entiled to that opinion.

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