“McCain=Bush” Librarian Pleads Not Guilty

As the Denver Post reports:

Carol Kreck, who was cited for trespassing while holding a sign outside Sen. John McCain’s town hall meeting on July 7, pleaded not guilty today in Denver County Court.

The librarian and former Denver Post reporter was removed from the galleria at the Denver Performing Arts Complex while holding a sign handed to her by a protest group that said “McCain = Bush.”

The area that Kreck was standing in is not a public space and that is why she was cited for trespassing.

A videotape of the incident shows a security guard telling Kreck to leave and saying that the U.S. Secret Service had asked him to remove her.

Later, a spokeswoman for the complex said that the security guard was mistaken, the Secret Service had nothing to do with it; McCain’s campaign staff had asked that people holding signs be removed from the galleria.

McCain’s campaign spokesman, Tom Kise, has said that is not true…

“No one will admit it, and everybody’s pointing fingers at each other,” Kreck said. “That’s a good reason to go to trial.”

A trial date was set for Oct. 1 in Denver County courtroom 117M, but Kreck’s attorney, Peter Hedeen, is handling a death-penalty case during that time and the date is likely to be reset.

Maybe even closer to Election Day, then? Definitely better for McCain if it’s rescheduled for sometime…well, anytime after the first Tuesday in November.

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  1. redstateblues says:

    Throwing people out of a campaign event that was open to the public. Maybe he should have asked that people sign loyalty oaths. Wonder if the national media will pick this up when it goes to trial.

  2. Jambalaya says:

    …but why did she plead not guilty?  In her public statements, she seems to admit what she did, and apparently what she did violated the law.  Is she going to challenge the law as unconstitutional or as just plain rude or something?

    • RedGreen says:

      Hasn’t she heard, due process is up for grabs? How dare she question the propriety of police action? Bet she doesn’t say she supports the troops every chance she gets, either. And I didn’t see her flag lapel pin. Sheesh.

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        But there is nothing more insidious and no greater threat to our national security than a 60 year old librarian exercising her constitutional rights.  This is serious – we are at war and her actions provide aid and comfort to terrorists. There is a special place in hell for those who want to be heard and participate in our political process. I hope the prosecutor dosen’t rest until this upstart is cooling off at Gitmo.

        Thats about enough snark for the whole week for me.

      • Jambalaya says:

        …that would be fine, but I didn’t notice that she said so, my bad.  Point me to the link where she said so, then I can become as sharply tuned as you on this topic.  Much obliged!

        PS:  my flag label pin was confiscated by the TSA at DIA…..conspiracy?  you bet!

        • Jeff Bridges says:

          As I’ve learned from Captain Kirk and James Spader, Justice (yes, with a capital J) always triumphs in the courtroom.  Especially with one of those long-winded closing remarks.

        • RedGreen says:

          It’s up to the state to prove her guilt, and up to a jury of her peers to decide they want to convict her.

          And there’s absolutely a free-speech, freedom-of-assembly challenge. The government doesn’t get to clamp down on that because it makes the McCain campaign uncomfortable.

          • Jambalaya says:

            …but I sympathize with your vigor!  Viva la gente and whatnot!

            • RedGreen says:

              they were two separate points. But she has every right, and in fact has a duty, to take this to court. Admitting the facts doesn’t admit a crime was committed.

              • Jambalaya says:

                …admitting the facts goes a hell of long way toward admitting the crime, unless you can prove that the law you violated (admittedly) is invalid.  And proving that ain’t no walk in the park…..indeed such allegations fail a huge portion of the time.

  3. divad says:

    …if she had, say $80,000 burning a hole in her pocket, this whole thing would blow right over–like a gentle breeze through the Cherry Hills Village housing projects.  

  4. sjintheknow says:

    This Liberal Old Bitty Reporter is trying to get mileage out of this story.  

    This woman would not be allowed near an Obama event if she were carrying a sign against Obama.  Obama has INVITATION ONLY events.  


  5. sjintheknow says:

    Godwin’s Law = Who Cares

  6. sjintheknow says:

    Oooo, you hurt my feelings again…NOT!

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