Bentley Rayburn- Best Choice, as explained by Mayor Lionel Rivera

Mayor Rivera, in today’s Colorado Springs Gazette explains why Bentley Rayburn is most qualified to lead.  Rayburn, the only candidate in the race who is not a lawyer, lobbyist or professional politician possesses the experience, vision and leadership to go to Washington and get things done for the 5th District.  Rayburn is ready to lead on day one.…

He is fiscally well prepared, having managed a budget the same size as Colorado’s ($17 billion). While commanding a base in Saudi Arabia, Rayburn managed what was essentially a small city. Having secured a 70-mile boundary around a military base in a hostile region, Rayburn knows how to use limited resources to enforce border security. Rayburn has experience working in the Pentagon and with legislators on Capitol Hill, and understands how to work to get things done for our district. He is prepared for the job on day one.

  The importance of having a representative with military experience cannot be understated. Approximately 38 percent of our local economy is tied to the military and defense industry. With five military bases and multiple missions, including NORAD/Northern Command and Air Force Space Command, the demand for aerospace, defense, space, national intelligence and cyberspace technology is huge. Many of these high-tech companies are led by former military officers. I know from experience that personal relationships play a significant role in getting things done at every level of government.

Rather than send another lobbyist or professional politician to Congress, we have the opportunity to elect a true conservative leader-statesman, not just a conservative place-holder. Rayburn is a visionary leader who will rise through Congressional ranks, just as he did the ranks of the military, giving Colorado’s 5th District national prominence and influence.

If we elect Rayburn, we will have a leader who will protect the conservative principles so important to our district. Rayburn stands out because of his lifetime of military experience. He will be a strong advocate for our business leaders and grow our economy by working to bring more high-tech, high-income jobs to our region. He will work to make sure that our veterans’ needs are looked after and provide a much needed vision in Washington. Join me in voting for Bentley Rayburn. You’ll be glad you did.

Lionel Rivera, Mayor, Colorado Springs

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