Republicans call for EPC Party Chair to resign

The bellweather Republican Club of Falcon has called for the resignation of the El Paso County Republican party chairman, Greg Garcia for violating party rules.

A message to all El Paso County Republicans: Garcia must go.

July 26th 2008

The Republican Club of Falcon is shocked and dismayed that our Republican County Chairman, Greg Garcia has cast aside his pledged commitment to remain neutral during primary election contests.  Moreover, he has violated our party by-laws.

Garcia’s proposed Gazette editorial ignores the false statements repeatedly told by Jeff Crank about Congressman Doug Lamborn and Bentley Rayburn and criticizes Lamborn and Rayburn for pointing out Cranks false statements.  He also criticizes Dan May who is engaged in a primary contest with John Newsome for District Attorney.

It is unprecedented for a county party chairman to take sides during primary elections.  Republicans should consider that Garcia is not acting objectively as he would have us believe.  During the 2006 campaign, Garcia was a leader in the Jeff Crank campaign for Congress.  His Executive Director, Nathan Fisk, who distributed the editorial, publicly supported Crank during the 2006 primary and refused to support the Republican nominee, Doug Lamborn, after the primary.

Garcia’s behavior is dividing our county party and negatively impacting our ability to unify and help Bob Schaffer and John McCain win in November.

Therefore, the Republican Club of Falcon calls for the resignation of Greg Garcia for violating Bylaw 2.03 which absolutely forbids an officer of the county party from supporting or opposing any candidate in a contested primary.

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