Sage Grouse Sonnet, Because It’s All About Love

(We promote sonnets – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

Musings for St. Valentines Day

The grouse courts on its sagebrush steppe
At winters end in familiar lek.
To strut and puff as the hens inspect,
A dance, like a sonnet, in a metered step
To find love with the right one and make a nest.

But now upon this spring-like day
As we look ahead to this ancient dance
When hopeful, lonely greater sage grouse prance
We can also look ahead, but not clearly say
If we will long get to see this western display.

For it could be that all too soon
When lovers walk through a sagebrush sea
That the greater sage grouse is just memory.
That back here now we dithered and sued,
But couldn’t save the sage grouse from its doom.

But it is also true that it could be
That we decide we cannot stand
To kill the grouse off from the land
That we vow to save the sagebrush sea
That we protect the sage grouse, and its right to be.

Hugs those you love and urge your elected leaders to act to save the greater sage grouse.


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  1. PiceanceDog says:

    Cannot get the video to post in the diary.


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