Ron Tupa endorses Jared Polis

from the Boulder Daily Camera

Outgoing state Sen. Ron Tupa, D-Boulder, endorsed Jared Polis in the race for the 2nd Congressional District this afternoon, praising the Internet entrepreneur and school founder as an independent voice with proven political courage.

Ron carries a lot of weight in Boulder as he is very respected. He managed to get a lot done while not honking anyone off.

It’s also significant as JFG sat in the Senate with him.

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  1. Robert Becker says:

    This is what Senator Tupa emailed today:

    Democrats in Colorado’s 2nd congressional district have an important decision to make in the next few days. With Congressman Udall vacating his seat to run for the U.S. Senate, who do we want to represent us in Congress?

    I have known Jared Polis for over a decade.  He is not only a friend, he is a truly progressive Democrat and a genuine reformer.  Jared Polis exemplifies the kind of commitment to public service that we so desperately need in Congress today.

    Let me say at the outset that I know well the other candidates in this contest. I served in the State Senate with Joan Fitz-Gerald during her entire tenure, and worked together with Will Shafroth on legislative issues.  I respect both of them and thank them for their candidacies and willingness to serve.

    However, Jared Polis deserves our special attention in this contest, and he also deserves our vote.  He embodies most fully the kind of representation we deserve – and have come to expect in the 2nd congressional district.  He is an independent voice for our families and our communities and is also someone with proven political courage who will think boldly – exactly the kind of person we should be sending to Washington today.

    I enthusiastically endorse his candidacy for Congress.

    Reformer.  Jared Polis will work to bring needed reform to Congress.

    I was one of the few legislators in Colorado who supported Amendment 41 to limit the influence of lobbyists in our state capitol.  Jared led the passage of that historic measure, putting one of the nation’s toughest anti-lobbyist laws on the books.  It took courage to stand up to the capitol establishment, but it was the right thing to do.  That’s the kind of courage we need in Washington.

    Independent. Jared Polis will stand up to the special interests who have too much say in the halls of power in Washington.

    Like me, Jared Polis also thinks there is too much special interest money in politics.  He is the only candidate in this contest who refuses special interest PAC money. Because I never accepted special interest PAC money in my career, I was beholden to no one except the constituents I represented. Because Jared also refuses this special interest money, he will similarly seek to put our interests above the special interests.  He will be a strong voice in Congress for public financing of campaigns and ‘Clean Money Clean Elections’ legislation.  With Jared’s kind of determination on this issue, Congress may finally get there.

    Progressive.  I worked closely with Jared to improve classrooms in our state when he served as Chairman on the State Board of Education and no one has worked harder, or brought more creativity, imagination, and progressive values to the tough problems we face in Colorado on education issues.   As a former classroom teacher myself, I appreciated his support of Amendment 23, a critical constitutional amendment that guaranteed adequate funding for our schools.

    And when some in our state and in our own Party sought to unfairly target immigrants living among us, Jared Polis demonstrated rare courage to stand up and say no.

    I know that Jared Polis will listen to our concerns in the 2nd District.  He will serve in the best tradition of Mark Udall and David Skaggs.  He won’t merely pay lip service to our problems and hopes, but will roll up his sleeves and work to represent us effectively in Washington from day one.

    I have already cast my vote for Jared Polis through early voting by mail and I encourage you to do the same, either by mail or at your local polling place on August 12.


    Senator Ron Tupa (D-Boulder)

    Vice-Chairman, Senate Education Committee

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