Michael Savage must have Autism

Given that he has said that kids with autism are nothing more than “brats”, and working within his definition, I think the diagnosis is apporpriate.

Here is a link to his latest controversy (are arbitron ratings like “sweeps week” for television–he seems to go off the really deep end once a year.  I’m wondering if it is ratings generated).


In any case, I’ve worked with children with Autism and I can assure you (and him) it has nothing to do with the kids being “brats”.  He should pick on adults instead of children in his quest for ratings.  

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  1. bmenezes says:

    Even worse, Savage said autism is a “racket.”

    Believe it or not, Savage reportedly is the nation’s third-most listened-to talk radio program, heard on more than 350 radio stations reaching at least 8.25 million listeners each week and trailing only The Rush Limbaugh Show and The Sean Hannity Show in potential listenership. And believe it or not, Savage routinely engages in on-air discourse equally as vile as his remarks about autism, as Media Matters for America has documented. These include his March 20, 2007, remarks blaming the Columbine High School massacre on sexual reassignment surgery.

    Aurora-based KNUS and Colorado Springs-based KVOR both carry Savage’s show and give it coverage over much of the Front Range. KFKA in Greeley and KNZZ in Grand Junction also carry Savage’s program, “The Savage Nation.”

    Already, one responsive company – The Super Talk Mississippi radio network, owned by Telesouth Communications — has canceled “The Savage Nation” because of the host’s comments. (http://www.clarionledger.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080722/NEWS/807220363/1001/news)

    If you also want to hold Savage accountable for his ignorant, cruel comments — as well as making it clear to the major Colorado stations carrying the program that this type of dialogue is irresponsible and unacceptable – contact the program directors at those radio stations, listed below.


    Dan Mandis

    Program Director




    Kelly Michaels

    Program Director



    Clint Skutchan

    Program Director

    970 356-1310



    Jim TerLouw, General Manager

    97) 254-2100


  2. cologeek says:

    that this vileness still has an audience.  There are things one can say that are outrageous and edgy, and then there are things beyond the pale.  Autism is not something new, it’s not a scam, and children with autism are certainly not “brats”.  This asshole needs to get a real job, testing for methane in the sewers with a lighter sounds about right.

  3. NEWSMAN says:

    Limbaugh provokes thought and has some genuine wit.  Hannity is a good guy, but I can’t take him more than once a week.

    Savage on the other hand is boring most of the time. He has got to be the biggest whiner on the radio today.  He is worse than the Democrat’s.

    So, while I am not going to waste my time writing or calling the local station demanding his head because “surprise” he said another dumb thing, neither would I mind if they cancelled Savage and put on someone more interesting, like Hugh Hewett, Glen Beck, or Laura Ingram.

    Oh wait, they are already on the local dial, I guess Savage is all they could get that someone would actually listen to. Air America couldn’t even pull that off, (or get Franken to pay his workers withholdings.)  

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