Obama beyond mockery?

There seems to be a disturbing trend out there of many on the left being unable to handle any sort of humor directed at the presumptive Democratic Party candidate.  Listening to Mike Boyles show yesterday morning, I heard a guest talk about how comedians were afraid to make any jokes at Obamas’ expense because they’d be blamed if he lost.  The New Yorker cover is another example, the hysteria that erupted over it was almost satirical in and of itself.  

A rather good article on the phenomenon is here: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg…

Barack Obama is unique in the world of politics in that he seems to have been given immunity against being made fun of.  If he can’t handle humorous barbs thrown at him, how is he going to handle real criticism if he reaches the White House?

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  1. DavidThi808 says:

    They make fun of him – there just isn’t as much material in his case as there is in McCain’s.

  2. Go Blue says:

    asking what we’re going to rename the “White” House, putting an Obama sticker on a curious george monkey, making shirts that say Obama is my slave, and claiming he’s Jimmy Carter with a “tan” is not funny.  

    • Aristotle says:

      “jokes” that are implicitly racist, or suggest that he’s a Muslim terrorist, are out of bounds.

      The linked editorial makes some good points. I’d say, however, that Obama and his supporters have a right to be more sensitive about things like the New Yorker cover given the efforts to confuse people about Obama.

      A few weeks ago my 9 year old nephew was in town from his home in the South. When he asked his dad about the election and his dad said he’d vote for Obama, the boy responded that Obama was a Muslim terrorist.

      Now, he’s just 9, but someone older and who should know better gave him that idea.

      Humorist will be fine as long as they find better stuff about Obama to lampoon.

  3. Jambalaya says:

    ….and its sharpness is not at all lessened by the fact that this observation has been made ad nauseum all over the media and internet for weeks.  Good catch!

  4. rocco says:

    It’s not funny when it goes racial. Most of the “humor” I’ve seen deriding him is exactly that,   usually it’s  conservative frustration….he is articulate (what a refreshing change), thinks before he speaks, pragmatic, and a word we simply stopped using 8 years ago when referring to the President…..reasonable. He is a strong man that doesn’t back down, but is wise enough to know that he doesn’t know everything. He, unlike Bush turned out, seems capable of “growing into the job”. People don’t tend to ridicule traits we admire.  Bush is made fun of so often because his leadership, personality, and decision making traits are traits few admire, and easily mocked. As they say, the most cutting truth is humor.  

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