Doug Bruce cleared of sexual harassment – Waller still won’t speak on any issue.

With Mark Waller his (R) primary opponent now in full retreat not only on ever debating Doug, but recently on even publicly stating a position on anything until he is elected. I wonder if this latest news that the false charges against Bruce are just that will cause Waller to withdraw?

July 21, 2008 –


State Rep. Douglas Bruce was cleared of a sexual harassment complaint from a woman working at the state capitol earlier this year.

“I have been totally, completely exonerated of this ridiculous, politically-motivated charge filed by a vicious lobbyist for a liberal cause,” Bruce wrote in a news release Sunday.

Bruce received a letter on Friday from Speaker of the House Andrew Romanoff dismissing the complaint, which came in the closing days of the legislative session. The letter was not made available, because the woman’s personal information was in the letter, Bruce said.

Bruce, in his news release, said the written complaint claimed he had looked at her from a distance of 20 feet and was smiling.

Bruce said smiling is hardly sexual harassment.

Bruce and the woman were both interviewed by an attorney in the investigation.

“I cooperated with this silly investigation and proved conclusively and beyond all doubt that it had no basis in fact,” he said in the statement. “I don’t know the woman involved, have never talked to her, and would not recognize her if I saw her in a police line-up.”

Bruce accused Romanoff ‘s handling of the issue, saying it was unnecessarily drawn out and publicized.

Bruce is running against Mark Waller in the Aug. 12 primary for the Republican nomination in House District 15.…

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  1. NEWSMAN says:

    I offer this advise to those who may object to my posing the “will he withdraw” question.

    Don’t be so thin skinned.

    I know what the answer to the question is: the fact that all the charges may be false against the current Republican Representative has little to do with why untested political novice Mark Waller is running.

    Your candidate is a total political novice that could have a lot worse than that said about him.  

    He is ducking and dodging all the debates, and according to last Sundays gazette story, won’t say where he stands on any issue until after the election.  

    What a wimp. Does he really expect to get elected with “but I am not Doug Bruce” as his only position???

    The answer seams to be YES.

    (And all the Dem’s here on Pols agree that that is a good position to take.)

    Not Doug Bruce works for them.

    • DavidThi808 says:

      …if a total unknown running as “not Doug Bruce” beats him? It definitely is a good test of Doug Bruce vs other.

      On the all charges false, congrats to Doug for that – all of us who piled on (and that included me a bit) owe him an I’m sorry on this issue.

  2. One Queer Dude says:

       Now that Doug Bruce has been exonerated and his name cleared of this vile accusation by a woman offended by his pleasant smile, One Queer Dude is prepared to make an endorsement in the H.D. 15 Republican primary.

      The choice is obvious.  Doug Bruce is the conservative who can command the most media attention.  Does anyone actually think anyone will notice Mark Waller if he should be elected?  

      More importantly, Doug Bruce represents the face which O.Q.D. wants every Coloradan to associate with the Republican Party.  

      I urge the H.D. 15 Log Cabin Republicans (all three of you) to vote for Doug Bruce over the other guy on Aug. 12th.  

      Indeed, here’s hoping that if he’s re-elected in November, the GOP House Caucus elects Minority Leader in January!

    • Jambalaya says:

      …how does one contribute wealth to this obscure Doug Bruce fellow?  Does he take cash or must it be precious metal or shiny jewels?  (Bearing in mind that I don’t want to distract his attention from anything important.)

  3. ClubTwitty says:

    that almost poetry

    vicious lobbyist for a liberal cause

  4. Aristotle says:

    I don’t know the woman involved, have never talked to her, and would not recognize her if I saw her in a police line-up.

    On my news diary I said that Bruce managed not to make an ass of himself over this, but after re-reading that statement and I have to reconsider. He wouldn’t recognize her in a police line-up? That’s a load and it only adds to his image as a buffoon.

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