Will Shafroth’s On TV!

(Polis 411,084,836, Shafroth 1 — on the board! – promoted by Colorado Pols)

This ad started airing this morning across CD2 – I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Danstevens80304 says:

    I love football players talking dirty to one another. Always gets my vote, what a bad intro to someone no one knows.  

    Oh wait he has money for what one spot between now and the 12th?


  2. DonnaRice58 says:

    Looks like a decent commercial.  I just wish he would have come out with it months ago.  As much as it’s not his fault the campaign waited way too long to get his name recognition up,it’s still hard for supporters to vote for someone they know can’t win.  

    Moving forward to the top two.

    • misosoup says:

      for a sporting goods store or gay porn.  Amateur.

      • Danstevens80304 says:

        Football players tackle… not roll around asking if it feels good.  Shafroth Jock 9

        • bvcu says:

          Time for the sockpuppets to come out in full force disparaging a decent ad. Gay porn? Really? It makes you guys look like morons when you say things like that.

          • Dabee47 says:

            it’s a decent ad.  Nothing amazing but certainly not nearly as bad as some seem to think.  

            • rennes says:

              Why is he on the sidelines?

              It looks like he just kinda hopes that members of Congress will stop beating each other up….  

            • BoulderDem says:

              but he needs a LOT more than OK. For one thing, he needs to tell us who the f#$# he is. No one knows. This is the kind of ad you do when you and your opponents are all known quantities and you’re just trying to position yourself as a populist anti-politician. Not when you’re a completely unknown. He needed a bio (actually, he needed it months ago).

              But I’ve never seen any gay porn so hard for me to judge …. lmao.

              • DonnaRice58 says:

                That disappoints me too.  Using the word “outsider” when describing his candidacy is a mistake.  Even using “populist anti-politician” would have been more effective.  Sure, people want change and someone who will work for them. What they don’t want is someone who will have no political influence even if they make it into office.

    • Aristotle says:

      What a handle.

  3. High Plains Drifter says:


  4. CO Dem says:

    still trying to figure out where in it he actually says anything about where he stands on….anything. Quite a waste for a first ad.

  5. twotone says:

    Well, this ad is certainly much better done than Jared’s boring ads. I’m curious to see how Joan’s ads look.

    • BoulderDem says:

      Seriously, fun ads never work. Jared’s recent ads are SOOOOO much better than his first batch.

      • ColoradoPolitical says:

        You are right fun ads don’t work.

        Just ask Mayor Don Mares.

        Paul Wellstone and Jesse Ventura won with fun ads.  But, in each of these instances the fun conveyed a message.  Will’s ad is just boring.  

    • Danstevens80304 says:

      My bet is she is going hard core evil on Jared and like everyone else in the race… ignore Will.  

      • misosoup says:

        She could go all positive and fluffy and leave Emily’s List to try to beat up Jared.  iWill be ignored by both of them.  The writing is on the wall.

        • twotone says:

          The only writing I see is from sockpuppets here on Pols. My guess is that if y’all weren’t afraid of Will, you wouldn’t be spending so much time disparaging him on the blogs.

          I understand your tactics of trying to make something real by repeating it over and over again.. in fact it is a classic Karl Rove tactic. But any reasonable person looking at this race believes it is wide open. So keep trying to influence perception by being nasty and negative on Colorado Pols. It reflects poorly on yourself, your candidate, and the process.

          People like you only bring down the political process and make people hate the whole thing. You are doing a disservice to your own ideals and your nation. Bravo.

          • BoulderDem says:

            Come on. If you have some polling data to support your contention that Will is viable, I’m all ears (come to think of it, outside of one made up Emily’s List poll, we haven’t seen any numbers at all … hasn’t anyone released an internal poll?).

            From where I sit, I see someone who has been campaigning for well over a year full-time, and has yet to make any sort of impression, either on an issue or as a candidate. Not even an an enviro issue, where frankly Jared probably has the better public image. He’s up against two pros with good staffs who are not beating each other up as predicted. And voting starts in a week.

            What a waste of a nice guy and a lot of money.

          • Middle of the Road says:

            Yes, I can see why you know so much about sockpuppets since it’s fairly apparent you are one.

        • Danstevens80304 says:

          Does Fitz-Gerald have anything fluffly and nice about her?  She is a pitbull!

  6. EleanorRigby says:

    How is this ad supposed to convince voters that Will should be Congressman? The football metaphor portrays this “political outsider” as someone who sits on the sidelines furiously squinting. No wonder his campaign has been on the sidelines. Does he not care enough to join in the game or has he been cut from the team? I don’t know many voters who want someone who actively portrays himself as not wanting to fight for the issues. Why does he want to go to Congress? To referee? If he wants to officiate, then the judiciary is the right branch for him.

    I Will … sit idly by on the sidelines.  

  7. DavidThi808 says:

    I think Will’s odds are not good – but I would not count him out. I think he could come in 2nd and that would be impresive.

    • Danstevens80304 says:

      You mean battle for third with Larry Johnson no?

      • misosoup says:

        I think Will coming in 3rd is the only given this race.  He will beat Larry Johnson.

        • twotone says:

          You two reading from the same Jared Polis talking points? Fun how he attacks his opponents non-stop. Win at all costs, eh? Good thing that negativity doesn’t play in the 2nd.

          By the way, for an un-biased look at Will’s ad:


          Congressional candidate Will Shafroth began running his campaign’s first television commercial today, a 30-second spot that lambastes the Washington establishment for its failure to solve national problems.

          In the ad called “Tackle,” the Democrat touts himself as an outsider who has never run for public office and is not tainted by insider politics. Interspersed throughout the ad are images of two football players — representing gridlock in Congress — tackling each other.

          • I guess I do not get the Ad.  So Footplayers, one is blue, (Dem) one is red (Rep)and they roll around with Will looking into the sun?  I think it is time to go back to playbook 101 and look at if you have no name ID you do not run an issue Ad.  

            Just like Polis did with the health care and Iraq ad’s last year… When people do not know who you are yet, you don’t run issue ads.

            You can tell Shafroth really has one shot at this right now and he is blowing his funds on a poor ad. Good luck Will, maybe you can tackle a new media firm or score a new staff.  

  8. BoulderDem says:

    Check out wikipedia’s page in Will, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W

    Apparently, he’s the “incumbent” who “assumed office” this November.

    Way to go, Will!

    • Barron X says:


      was Will involved with the Amendment creating GOCO ?

      I’d guess he was, since he was the first Director.  

      What did that do ?

      From the point of view of this ignoramus,

      it didn’t create any wealth;

      it just took lottery proceeds that were going into the General Fund

      and distributed them in a specific way.

      So, in a way, GOCO brought us LESS REPRESENTATIVE state government.  


      Again, ignorance talking, the proceeds of the lottery are essentially a regressive tax on the poor.

      Mathematically speaking, nobody wins the lottery.

      Those folks who pose on TV, collecting the winners’ checks, they’re just actors.  


      So, if I’ve got this right,

      Will’s big contribution to Colorado was

      suckering voters into supporting a Constitutional Amendment that

      created a boondoggle to

      benefit himself enormously, and

      advantage some environmental causes he favored a little.  

      He became the bureaucrat who doled out millions in quasi-tax dollars, with little accountability.  

      He leveraged that role to make a fortune for himself, it appears, without ever actually creating anything new,

      or without ever making anything better.  

      Now that’s who CD-02 needs representing them in Congress:

      the quintessential bureaucrat parasite who thinks he’s an entrepreneur.

      He would fit right in.


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