Is James Dobson on the wane?

from Time Magazine we have an article titled Is Dobson’s Obama Hit Backfiring?

It lists out the blowback Dobson has had from his comment. It looks like all he did was Help Obama. What an end, if we’ve reached the point where any statement by him only helps those he opposes.

Quotes below the fold.

Earlier this week, Dobson used his popular Christian radio program to denounce a 2006 speech the Illinois Senator gave about the place of religion in public life.

So there was the fast response. This alone is new as before Democrats used to just take his attacks in silence:

But less than 24 hours after Dobson’s radio broadcast, was up and running on the Web.

Even more interesting is who did this:

The website was the handiwork of a coalition of Christian leaders headed by Kirbyjon Caldwell, the Texas pastor and Bush family friend who led the benediction at George W. Bush’s first Inauguration.

But there’s more:

The Matthew 25 Network is a political action committee formed in early June by Mara Vanderslice, a Democratic strategist who oversaw religious outreach on the 2004 Kerry campaign and remembers well the perils of remaining silent in the face of attacks on that candidate’s Catholic faith. Within hours of Dobson’s program, the PAC had raised $4,000 for radio ads that will run next week in the Colorado Springs market, Dobson’s home turf.

Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals was part of a gathering of Christian leaders Obama convened earlier this month, and he says, “There was no way I could leave that room not knowing this was a fellow brother in Christ.”

When Saddleback pastor Rick Warren welcomes Obama to his church with open arms or Mike Huckabee declares that Obama’s religion and his former pastor should be irrelevant issues in the campaign, they undercut the criticisms made by their elders in the Christian Right.

And what is this doing to his excellency, the one true voice James Dobson?

“This is raising my blood pressure,” admitted the normally calm, Mr. Rogers-sounding Dobson at the end of his radio show on Tuesday.

We may get to watch a nice implosion down there in the Springs because I do not think James Dobson will go quietly into the good night…

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  1. BlueCat says:

    of his remaining high level of influence, already somewhat eroded from his glory days.  He won’t disappear as a force but some of his devotees may start questioning why he occupies such a central position as an evangelical leader when he has no credentials whatsoever as either a pastor or a theologian.

  2. The realist says:

    I remember saying (to myself, to the TV, whatever):  “Dr Dobson, your 15 minutes of fame are over.”

    Interesting to see that Time Magazine and others are in effect saying this, too.

  3. dwyer says:

    the audio is already being used on talk radio as a way of letting people call in and attack Obama without alluding to his race…let’s this audience rant about Rev. Wright again…..stirring up the base against Obama is what the repubs have to do…Dobson, by default or design, is giving them a way to do it….

    I call it anti-american right wing radio because its main strategy is always to find a way to divide(and conquer) americans….and these are the people who gave us eight years of bush….I don’t ever dismiss them…

    On talk radio, the topic is not about Dobson, it is about Obama….

  4. parsingreality says:

    Is this another Ted Haggard moment?


  5. chrisarteaga says:

    Governor Ritter should have the department of Revenue do a full audit on both Focus on the Family and Focus on the Family Action to see if they are using their non profit status to lobby… AND THEN SHUT THEM DOWN!

    • parsingreality says:

      Why audit if you are going to shut them down regardless???

      Ritter couldn’t “shut them down” anyway.  All that would and can happen is for them to lose their 501(c)3 IRS status, which then triggers a loss of similar status for the state of CO.  

      Other than possible misusing of funds for political purposes – which is why they have a separate political action arm – they are doing nothing illegal.  Reprehensible, possibley, but not illegal.  

      Without non-profit status, their contributions would probably plummet and they might go out of business.  OTOH, they could pitch political candidates all day and all night w/o further repercussion.  

      It’s a bit more complex than you imagined.  

  6. Tripod says:

    Credibility is a declining commodity for either side of the political spectrum. Neither Dobson, nor Time possess much reliability. Conservatives don’t believe the basic facts put forward in liberal positions and liberals don’t believe the basic facts put forward in the positions of conservatives. Posting sites as this one assert one side against the other ad-infinitum. There’s no common ground. “Facts” are automatically rejected, referred to as “bullshit” promulgated by “assholes.” Progress is always in reverse.

    Politics is the psychological poison of our time. An increasing volume of political hyperbole in any population ultimately results in war or mob action in the least. Everyone has the same concept of justice, which is to be pursued to the exclusion of every other virtue. Trouble is, there’s no balance in this justice. As credibility has declined, justice has disintegrated to domination.  

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