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Ok, Colorado Politics – lets hit one of the state senate primaries. Up here in the People’s Republic the Republicans don’t even have a sacrificial lamb. So the primary truly is it.

We have 2 good candidates running for SD-18. I will be fine with either one representing us in the legislature. But when we get the ballot we have to choose. And the ballots get mailed soon.

First off, here is how I see them:

Cindy Carlisle – Cindy is a firecracker. Tremendous energy and that will make her one of the most active Senators under the dome. And she is ready to go in and solve our energy and health-care issues in the state. Not tweak things a little – but fix the damn things. Will she come up short? Probably. But she will find out exactly how much is doable by trying for everything. And with her energy level, she might just pull it off.

Rollie Heath – Rollie takes things one step at a time. And his background is from an executive perspective, both in the jobs he has held and the race he ran (for governor). This makes him take the high-level view of issues as opposed to diving into the details. He leans towards finding consensus in solutions. He will accomplish more of his goals, but he will not push the envelope as much.

But there are two other issues that I think bear strongly on this race. The first is experience. Candidates do not spring from the womb as exceptional politicians. Regardless of native talent, it takes practice and practice, and even more practice to get better. Cindy & Rollie are both good, but neither is great. In my interviews with most of our elected officials, I have found that as you move up the food chain, they get better. That makes sense as they have run for more offices, have spent more time in office – they have a lot more experience at this.

This office is Rollie’s swan song. He clearly has no intention of running for anything after the Senate. Now there is value in that as he will put 100% into his job in the Senate. But his improvement stays there.

Cindy is on a roll. If she does well in the Senate, I have no doubt she’ll be running for something else when her terms in the Senate end. It could be the U.S. Congress. It could be Secretary of State or Treasurer or ???. If we elect Cindy, we build up our bench. I think with a couple of terms in the Senate she could be a very good politician. We may not care about that tomorrow – but we will care a lot in 8 – 12 years.

Second, Cindy’s clear commitment to liberalism. Mark Udall’s noxious vote on FISA brought home how important it is on some questions to do what’s right rather than what’s expedient. Cindy will fight the good fight even if she’s going to lose. Rollie will be compromising to craft legislation that can pass. Sometimes compromise is called for. But sometimes it’s not. And with Cindy we will see the principled stand, maybe too often, but better too often than almost never.

I am voting for Cindy Carlisle.


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  1. Dabee47 says:

    They’re both good candidates and your analysis is spot on.  I’ve had the chance to work w/ Cindy (and the rest of the Regents) a lot over the past few years and I’m constantly impressed by her dedication to a job she does for free.  She’s far more engaged than some of the others…I won’t pick on anyone…and represents the 2nd extremely well.

    Of course, in the few short months I’ve known Rollie and Josie, I have to say I’m equally impressed.  As you say Dave, this is his swan song.  You can be pretty sure he’ll vote his conscience and not play the same sort of games we’ve seen Cindy play with the Churchill fiasco (which I totally agreed with her on) and the Benson “I was against him before him before I was against him” thing…

    The question I’m asking myself is, “which one will be most like Ron Tupa?”  I think it’s Rollie.

    One other thing, your Udall to Heath comparison is a little off.  Udall, and the rest of Congress, has to compromise with a republican president.  I know you think they don’t “have” to compromise, but in the real world, they do.  Any compromising Heath will be doing won’t be to appease repubs.  It will be with other dems crafting bills to send to a Dem governor.  That’s a big difference.  The majority is basically on the same, moderate, page and Cindy’s “clear commitment to liberalism” may not make much of a difference IMO.

    Regardless, they are two good candidates and it’s too bad we only get to choose one…

  2. sxp151 says:

    How fucking stupid do you have to be to endorse Bruce Benson and then change your mind about it after you find things out about him? Shouldn’t you have known something about him before writing the endorsement? I thought I could support Carlisle, but the more I think about it, the more she strikes me as an incredible moron.

    Heath is a former Republican and businessman with no political experience or even demonstrable political interest before 2002.

    Their platforms are both touchy-feely Boulder stuff, which I totally agree with but I know don’t matter for this election. (Really, you’re supporting national universal health care? I’m sure you’ll accomplish a lot toward that in the Colorado State Senate.)

    So it comes down to experience. Heath has none, and Carlisle’s experience works against her. I’m not happy with either one, and if I do vote on that line at all, it’ll be because I flipped a coin.

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