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June 24, 2008 12:49 AM UTC

Meet the GOP Delegates, Wonder How They Won

  • by: Colorado Pols

The Rocky Mountain News has been profiling both Republican and Democratic delegates to the national convention. Most of the profiles are fairly mundane, but today’s group is, uh, interesting.

Kristi Burton

Age: 20

Occupation: Law student, initiative sponsor of the Colorado Personhood Amendment…

How did you campaign? Why do you think you were picked? My friend, Summer Vanderbilt, who is a national alternate, made up fliers for the two of us. They said “2 0/20 Vision . . . send two visionary 20-year-olds to the national convention.” I’m also grateful that I was put on four candidate slates, including the Christian Family Alliance of Colorado slate. During my 15-second speech, I spoke about the Personhood Amendment. I believe the message of personhood resonates with a lot of Coloradans…

First presidential vote: 2008 will be my first vote, although my mom used to let me fill out her absentee ballot for her, and then I voted for President George W. Bush. [Pols emphasis]

The girl who devised the so-called “personhood amendment” has been voting, illegally, for years. Perhaps her next ballot measure could ensure voting rights for fertilized eggs. If you can be considered a person when you’re still just an egg, then you might as well be able to vote like a real American!

And then there’s this profile…


Crista Huff

Age: 48

Occupation: Retired vice president at Morgan Stanley

City: Castle Rock

Family: Husband, Jeff, daughters ages 7, 9 and 12

Leader you most admire: Tom Tancredo for having the guts and tenacity to forge ahead on hard issues, which, though unpopular among legislators, negatively impact each and every Coloradan.

Is this your first time as a national delegate? Yes

How did you campaign? Why do you think you were picked? My friends and I prayed. I printed up fliers citing experience and recommendations from friends, and I stuffed them into the delegates’ tote bags prior to the state convention. As for why I was picked, it could be part of God’s plan, or could be that my qualifications and political viewpoints as listed on the flier were convincing.[Pols emphasis]

Dream ticket: Tom Tancredo and Jesus Christ. Tom could do the hard, controversial work and Jesus could inspire the populace to work toward something bigger than themselves.[Pols emphasis]

First political experience: In high school, the school bond issue got voted down and the result was an austerity budget without sports, music, art, etc. The students all rallied and campaigned and were instrumental in getting a new bond issue passed.

First presidential vote: I voted for a third party candidate during college – can’t recall who it was.

There’s hubris, and then there’s believing that it is God’s great plan for you to become a delegate to the Republican National Convention. It’s hard to believe that God wants certain teams to win football games instead of other teams, and it’s really hard to believe that God wants you to go to Minneapolis to cast a vote for a race that has already been decided. Hopefully God is a little busier than that.

As for her dream ticket…if Jesus Christ were the presumptive Presidential nominee, what would he need Tom Tancredo for? To shore up the vote from Christians who hate illegal immigrants? We’d probably go with Mitt Romney, if nothing else so Romney could ask Jesus about the time he stopped by North America after the resurrection (which is a Mormon belief). And also because Jesus would probably need help raising money without any business experience.

Quick campaign finance question: If Jesus turned water into wine for a fundraiser, do you have to report in your expenses the cost of the water, or the cost of the wine?


41 thoughts on “Meet the GOP Delegates, Wonder How They Won

    1. Or maybe it’s athiests or nihlists – I need to watch the Big Lebowski again to be sure.

      “You got to pray just to make it today” – MC Hammer (who is broke now)

          1. …everyone is going to get that last one.

            Tel them it’s a joke, Fidel.. I don’t want anyone thinking Sir Robin got my login information.

  1. Filling out a ballot for Mom is not voting illegally.  Let’s get real.

    A 20 year old law student means she is either amazingly smart or not being totally honest.  

      1. “In addition, Oak Brook College emphasizes Biblical standards of moral character and encourages its students to seek the Lord Jesus Christ for wisdom and understanding in their studies. Through the personal discipline of studying and applying Scripture, students maintain the awareness that God is the ultimate moral authority to Whom we are accountable.”

        This is worse than Monica Goodling at the Department of Justice who went to Liberty for Law School.

        I’m now going to pray that these folks don’t represent Main Street USA.  

        1. at least Goodling has her BA from a “real” school…and I mean that in the loosest way possible…

          Oak Brook doesn’t even require applicants to have a BA or take the LSAT.  Apparently 60 units of college is enough to practice the law under the watchful eye of Almighty God…  😛

    1. The mom is breaking the law but the child is not. Maybe the Attorney Generals need to investigate illegal voting by the Republican base instead of illegal aliens poor & minorities voting Democratic.

      1. Is the Law School accredited by either the American Bar Association or the State Bar Association where it is located? That school does seem very strange.

        As for marking Mom’s ballot being illegal, please.  Daughter checked the boxes but Mom obviously signed the voter affidavit and mailed the ballot back.    

    2. I know Kristi and her family.  Kristi was homeschooled and is well advanced educationally for her age.  She is smart, and a genuinely nice person.

      That you don’t agree with her political initiative I can understand, but your attitude toward her as a person is far more curious.

        1. Naropa is accredited and has stature in certain fields. But it’s not the go-to school for the Bush Justice Department when it needs ideologues who aren’t too smart.

    1. Her ticket is Tom Tan credo and Jesus Christ, in that order.  She obviously feels America just isn’t ready foir a good Jewish boy like Jesus in the White House.   Besides, he said it was harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. You won’t catch Tommy spouting commie drivel like that!

      1. I think the prospect of the Emcee JCVP “inspiring” the President TT to work towards something bigger than himself would be a welcome breath of fresh air.  

        1. Crista Huff and her profile are real and not satirical. More like I can hardly bring myself to believe it but I’m sure it’s all too true.

  2. The retired Morgan Stanley VP wants Jesus Christ to be the VP nominee to Tom Tancredo?

    Well, as a Christian, I must say I am apalled that she would put Jesus Christ as a second fiddle to anyone—especially Tom Tancredo.

  3. super delegates deciding the Democratic nominee.

    Apparently God has also told them to support Blackwater and torture.  Liberals in tin-foil hats can’t compare to these delusions.  Are they going to say it’s God’s will when their almost-a-person initiative flames in November?  I doubt it. They’ll probably blame themselves for not praying harder.

    Verrry scawwwy people.  

  4. The constitution says you have to be a native born citizen, which is why Ahnold and Granholm, etc. can’t run. Jesus was born in Bethleham, which is NOT in this country. And you can’t be vp unless you’re qualified to be prez, so he’s off the ticket.

    Now, if Joseph Smith is available…Haners, what do you think? Smith for president or would he take VP?

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