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June 20, 2008 12:42 AM UTC

Bush Admn. Appeases TERRORISTS!

  • by: Aristotle

Well, if we take what GOP hacks call Obama’s mideast strategy, then this is appeasement at its worst:

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a surprise visit to Lebanon on Monday, the first by a senior American official since an agreement last month that handed decisive new powers to Hezbollah, the militant Shiite group that the United States considers a terrorist organization.

Ms. Rice met with government leaders from both the government majority and the Hezbollah-led opposition, signaling her support for a compromise that appears to have stabilized the country – at least for the short term – even as it delivered another setback to American allies in the region.

Watch for Rice to come back with a paper and saying “Peace in our time.” And watch for right wing pundits to completely ignore this. IOKIYAR.


11 thoughts on “Bush Admn. Appeases TERRORISTS!

    1. It’s more a matter of the right hand not knowing what the far-right hand is doing.

      Alternately denouncing and embracing the same positions, depending whether they’re held by Democrats or Republicans  … that’s statesmanship.

  1. Supporting the results of Hezbollah’s aggression will only let them believe that they can go ahead with their plans to again attack Israel.  This is the beginning of the end of any sort of democracy in Lebanon.  There really is no excuse for it.

  2. While conceding Hezbollah has ties to Iran and is listed as a terrorist organization, one thing stands out.  Hezbollah is very capable at setting up social services necessary so citizens are able to receive health care, housing assistance, and security.  They are much better at this than the other factions in the regioin.

    During the latest war/skirmish between Lebanon and Israel, Hezbollah had people on the ground rebuilding homes and health clinics before the dust had settled.  

    One can not win the minds and hearts of people who are scared, sick and hungry unless they address those needs first.  Loyalty will go to those who provide those needs.

    Long post short, Hezbollah is here to stay and the US does need a nuanced approach in dealing with them.  If security can be maintained, people can find jobs, and if Hezbollah’s rhetoric can be tamped down, they will control their slices of the Middle East for years to come.

    Let’s hope that they will be able to moderate their politics over time and become a stable force helping Lebanese and Gazans in the future.

    1. While Hezbollah has innocent blood on their hands, it’s not like everyone else can claim a clean conscience. They’re a major player, and pretending they’re nothing more than thugs is simple minded; you have to deal with the major players in diplomacy.

      For those who don’t understand, just talking isn’t appeasement; that’s what you call it when you cave to the other side’s every demand in the vain hope of ending their ambitions. Talking is Realpolitik, not appeasement.

      1. How dare you suggest that the strongest country in the world use their diplomacy to address real world problems instead of focusing on the abstract.

        How dare you! How are we going to spread Democracy throughout the world now?!

        1. 😉 What was I thinking? I should just listen to Ronald Reagan. “The bombing begins in five minutes!” That’s working well in Iraq…

  3. “To yield or concede to the belligerent demands of (a nation, group, person, etc.) in a concilliatory effort, sometimes at the expense of justice or other principles.”

    Source:, definition 3

    Sounds about right. This isn’t just sitting down and discussing things. This is essentially handing Lebanon to Hezbollah, giving a lot of groups (al Qaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc.) a possible staging area for actions against Israel.

    This notion could move Israel to take a more open defensive stance in preparation for an attack by enemies, or to launch a preemptive strike against such a threat. There’s precedent for that.  

    1. an agreement must be made that does what you describe.

      But my main point isn’t that this is good (or bad) Middle East diplomacy, it’s that the Bush Admn is doing what Obama said he would do, and what Obama got labeled an appeaser for saying he would do. And yet it’s no longer appeasement…

      1. If Obama does it, it’s appeasement. If Bush does it, it’s pragmatic peacemaking. It’s a double standard, unless the Bush Administration wants to say “well, the President wasn’t negotiating himself, but Obama would.” That way Bush isn’t the appeaser, but the State Dept. is.

        The current situation is essentially handing Lebanon to a known terrorist group.

        That may very well be necessary, given Lebanon’s historically fragile government.

        I’d like to read more into this to get a better analysis of what this all means for the region.

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