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June 19, 2008 06:15 PM UTC

Jeff Crank caught with EGG on his face.

  • by: NEWSMAN

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

On his web site, Jeff Crank touts his “endorsement” from the National Home builders this way.

Monday, June 16, 2008 – jeffcrank

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – Jeff Crank, Republican candidate for Congress in Colorado’s 5th Congressional District, today announced he has received the support of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

“I am honored to have the endorsement of this exceptional organization,” said Crank, …”The NAHB is the trade organization for one of the leading contributors of our local and national economy,” said Crank.

Only problem is, It Didn’t Happen !

The Home builders have repudiated Jeff Cranks statements and made clear


Colorado: Sometimes a Donation Isn’t an Endorsement

By David M. Drucker

Roll Call Staff

June 19, 2008

Contrary to a news release issued earlier this week by 5th district Republican candidate Jeff Crank, the National Association of Home Builders has not endorsed him in the Aug. 12 GOP primary over incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn (R).…


31 thoughts on “Jeff Crank caught with EGG on his face.

    1. Lamborn has failed to connect with K Street, and his fundraising numbers are further proof of it.”

      One more contrast between citizen legislator Doug Lamborn, and former lobbyist and former Hefley “deal maker”, Jeff Crank.

      1. Not only that, but there’s some intersting news coming from the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce soon. I’ll keep you all informed as it develops, but it is also not good news for Jeff Crank.

  1. of the extreme corruption of the political money scene.  They donated to his campaign… but they don’t endorse him?  Then the only remaining possibility is that they are engaged in legalized bribery, because they think he might win.

    This isn’t great for Jeff Crank, but that’s not the biggest story here.  Here we’ve got a special interest group admitting to bribery, and they seem to think it’s okay.

    1. BUT, that happens all the time.  All big corporations, trade organizations, and Unions, have pacs and give contributions, sometimes to those of both parties in the same election, anyone that they think would be helpful to have in that position (office) they are campaigning for.

      That’s why I think it is so funny that the rabid CRANKy patisans* that post here  criticize Doug Lamborn’s relatively low contributions from big pacs, and local business groups, being that he is a member of the powerful Armed Forces committee.

      So I just concede to them that their guy Jeff, the former lobbyist, is slicker and better at back room deals than Lamborn.  

      Why argue with them.

      They may be right.  Crank might rack up 2 or 3 times the cash that Lamborn raises if he was the incumbent and could leverage that position.

      If that’s what you want, Vote for Jeff Crank.

      * Not all Crank supporters are rabid partisans, but some are.

      1. Here’s the rest of the story, for Polsters who aren’t Roll Call subscribers:

        Crank campaign spokeswoman Amber Glus said Wednesday that the NAHB’s political action committee, BUILD-PAC, had simply donated $5,000 to Crank, but had not endorsed him.

        Paul Lopez, a spokesman for the NAHB said in an e-mail that his organization has not endorsed Crank and that the Republican’s first press release claiming as much was incorrect. However, Lopez confirmed that BUILD-PAC has not contributed to Lamborn.

        Glus chalked up the confusion to a misunderstanding.

          1. Despite what Crank’s people whould have you think.  The agreed upon contract was not followed, and therefore the agreement was terminated.  Crank calls this a lack of integrity, while others call it a basic principle of Contract Law.

            1. that crank and rayburn will continue to split the anti-Lamborn vote.  That means Lamborn wins, 40 pct, 35 for crank, 25 for Bently.  In a two-way, the challenger beats Lamborn, 55-45. No wonder Newsman is such a staunch supporter of Rayburn!

                1. I listened to what he had to say about the poll, and he was believable.  Hi is a man of integrity.  I have always said so even long before this issue came up.

                  If Bentley runs for another office, I may be a Bentley supporter.

                  It’s about respecting your opponent, not hating your enemy.  I don’t (hope I don’t) have ANY enemies in the CD-5 race.  

                  And that includes Hal Bidlack.  

                  1. I don’t quite understand the level of venom against Lamborn. I really don’t have a dog in this fight, but I got along with Doug when he was in the Senate. Yes, he’s veryconservative, unlike all the other EP Republicans 😉 but I found him a pleasant guy with a pixie-like sense of humor and we often swapped a joke or two. Is it just the usual clash of ambitions, or can you explain why this race seems so bitter?  

                    1. Unlike the Crank campaign we are not the anti-Lamborn campaign.  We are the Pro-Rayburn campaign.  We have a quality candidate that the people can be proud to vote FOR… Not just a choice AGAINST Lamborn or Crank.

                    2. But there is obviously no love lost between crank and lamborn and, from what I can see, crank and your team.

                    3. Bentley has said time and again publicly that he would not be the man who re-elects Doug Lamborn.  At this point with Bentley trailing at less than 10% of the vote he can’t win and is irrelevant.  

                    4. Polling Crank’s family and campaign staff isnt exactly a scientific poll, Snow.  But considering the sampling, I wonder who out of that group is voting for Rayburn.

                    5. Is it just the usual clash of ambitions, or can you explain why this race seems so bitter?  

                      Bob it goes back to the day Joel Hefley sat down with his protege and Heir apparent Jeff Crank, and said, “I am not gonna run next term, and I am expecting you to take the reigns now Jeff”

                      They still can’t believe intelligent Republicans like me choose mild mannered Doug Lamborn with his 12 years in the Colorado House and Senate over the Hefley’s Heir, Jeff Crank.

                      And solid conservative groups like the Club for Growth analyzed Doug Lamborns proven record, and endorsed and funded him over never been elected, says most of the right things but no voting record, Jeff Crank.

                      That’s it right there.

                    6. I don’t support Crank or Rayburn either, but I have to say it looks to me like Lamborn has been a nightmare for our district.  I’d love to see him replaced.  Yeah, I’ve heard he was a pleasant guy in the state legislature, and that’s great.  But his behavior for several years now has been inexcusable.

                      Just one example: when a politician reacts to criticism by leaving threatening messages on his critic’s voice mail, he needs to be immediately removed from office.  But that’s among the many insane things Doug Lamborn has done.  He’s also been a stalwart defender of pit bull fighting.  He’s also the worst offender in the entire U.S. Congress at campaigning using taxpayer resources.

                      I don’t find these things acceptable.  I don’t know that I like Crank or Rayburn much either.  Hopefully I’ll find out.  But as long as our current choice is this poor, I’m happy with picking any random guy off the street to be our new congressman.  If we get someone awful, well, it can’t be much worse, and we can try again in 2010.

              1. Polling from both the Rayburn and Crank campaigns clearly reveal that in a head to head contest, i.e., Rayburn VS Lamborn and Crank VS Lamborn, Doug Lamborn beats them both by 10 –  15 points.  

                  1. If in a 2 way race, you beat either of your challengers by 15 points,(in their own poll), just what more does he need to pay attention to?  

                    A Crank supporter in a chicken suit?

  2. I seem to remember Crank having some problems with the endorsement page on his website.  Maybe he can also blame this screw-up on Rayburn and Lamborn.  It is funny to me that the same day he sent out a press release attacking Rayburn’s integrity, he sends out another release fabricating an endorsement.  Seems a little desperate to me.

  3. condemning the national HBA for violating the contract to endorse him.

    Just waiting for Alan Philp to come out and slam their integrity for failing to do what Crank wants.

    Way to shoot from the hip, Crank.

  4. For Immediate Release:  I invented the internet and my opponents have no integrity.  I also have a stack of pledges I want them to sign.  Vote for me!

  5. I wonder if Bentley Rayburn’s supporters are starting to see this race, and the 2006 race, in a different light after the events of the last few weeks?

    One man was accused of running a “sleezy” campaign, by the boss and political mentor of Jeff Crank.  

    But the facts are, in this campaign, and in 2006, both Doug Lamborn and the Lamborn campaign were never shown to have authorized any of the “questionable” statements or advertisements he was accused of.  

    No doubt, 527’s did in 2006 and will do in 2008 what 527’s do in elections.  

    But ask the Rayburn supporters who’s campaign supporters take the cheap shots.

    You don’t see the Lamborn supporters making a big deal out of a distinguished career military man having his home of record in another state, while he was on active duty. This Lamborn supporter reminded everyone that happens all the time, and is no reflection of where one raised their kids or will retire to when their military service is over.

    It was not Lamborn supporters that made a big deal about signing pledges as a requirement to speak or campaign at a Republican event.  It was not Lamborn supporters that tried to stab the general in the back for being naive enough to make a deal with an “aggressive opponent”, and expect fair treatment.

    No, the longer this campaign goes on, the more people will see who says what, and who does the opposite.

    As a Lamborn supporter, I do not fear a close examination.  I don’t think the Rayburn folks do either.

    Crank camp, weeelll, like I have always said. Jeffs supporters do their candidate no service with their zealous rhetoric and “win at any cost” approach.

  6. First, it started downhill for him when his attacks on Rayburn’s integrity backfired.  The public is viewing this as dirty campaigning.

    He went further downhill when he then put out a news release saying he had the endorsement of the National Home builders only to later read a news release from the Home builders saying they had NOT endorsed Crank.  How does Crank expect voters to believe that he can deliver bold Leadership when he can’t even make sure he has an endorsement before he announces it?

    To underscore this point, Lamborn this week demonstrated the very leadership Crank says is lacking by successfully passing his Leadville Mine Drainage Tunnel bill out of the U.S. House. This was a significant accomplishment for Lamborn as he is now only the 2nd Republican that has been able to successfully pass a substantive bill in the 110th Congress, while serving as a FRESHMAN in the MINORITY.

    All of this is topped off by his former employer, the influential Colorado Chamber of Commerce, deciding to endorse Congressman Doug Lamborn for re-election.

    Is it karma or coincidence?  

      1.  Is watching a desperate Crank supporter try to spin the fact that Lamborn was the SECOND Republican Freshman to get a substantive bill passed.

        Lamborn has been a suprisingly effective Congressman in his first term, with the Leadville Bill, and the ICE offce in Colorado Springs, and the Veteran’s Cemetary in El Paso County, the appointment to the Armed Services Commitee, the perfect Club for Growth Rating, and the notation from CQmagazine of being the staunchest supported of Republican measures against the Democrats.

        It is a sad bit to watch, but only if you’re one of Crank’s cadre.

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