More Chambers Opposing Amendment 47

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The Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance, a group of business chambers from Northern CO, voted to oppose Prop 47, the Right to Work for Less initiative.

Not sure what it means, or what impact it will have, but it follows on the heels of the Denver Chamber of Commerce opposing Prop 47 as well.  With much of the business community backing away from this unnecessary, misguided, and intrusive amendment, the prospects for its passage look dimmer every day.  

Could it be that businesses in CO realize a higher paid workforce that can represent itself collectively and have its voice heard is a happier, and thus more productive workforce?  What a concept!

On the flip side, someone shelled out some small change to a group running TV ads in favor of Prop 47.  The group, the Center for Union Facts, is a 501 c4, hence they can, and are, hiding their sources.  The right wing really is keeping tight security over who is funding these small C4s that pop up to promote the amendment.  Very strange.  

Still, no major cash, however clandestine, to the proponents of Amendment 47.  Not that we can see at least, but they are not spending much, that is for sure.

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  1. Cold Mountain says:

    There is apparently no one on this site that

    a) has an hourly non-union job that they work the requisite 1600 to 2000 hours a year – and wants a better deal, or

    b) owns a (share of a) company that employs said hourly types (see a), or

    c) remembers what a or b might have been like in an earlier stage of life.

    Oh, WalMart stock clerk/associate dude where are you? Wells Farago teller, tell me what you think about the “right” to work.

    Pols is beneath the notice of the SEIU and CACI.  

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