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June 17, 2008 09:22 AM UTC

"Promises made by the narcissist are easily disowned by him." Dr. Sam Vaknin

  • by: CD-5 Line

“The narcissist does not keep agreements.”  Dr. Sam Vaknin, from The Discontinuous Narcissist

A deal that would have winnowed the Republican field from three to two in the 5th Congressional District has fallen apart, with Bentley Rayburn calling it “a disaster” and pulling out of the agreement Monday after a poll gave Jeff Crank a 17-point advantage.

Gazette, June 16, 2008…

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice but expecting different results.  On that basis, it looks like Bentley Rayburn is insane.  He’s going to petition on the ballot again in 2008. His narcissistic personality is playing right into Doug Lamborn’s hands with Chuck Gosnell’s close friend,

The Special Forces Officer does what the Air Force General should and won’t run in Col. 5th CD…


9 thoughts on ““Promises made by the narcissist are easily disowned by him.” Dr. Sam Vaknin

  1. I went to a BBQ a while back at a neighbors house, and somehow I got on the Generals mailing list.

    The congressional race in the 5th CD has not been my top race to watch up to now, but is becoming more interesting by the day.

    General Rayburn may not be my first choice for the office, but he is standing tall in the light of recent revelations about the schnanigans of the Crank campaign.

    I expected from the buzz on Doug Lamborn that he would be the one to run a “dirty campaign”, but he has been squeaky clean and acting like an incumbent congressman.

    Turns out it is the Crank folks that look like they have sold their sole to Satan and are obsessed with this win at any cost strategy. Mr. Crank is starting to make Doug Bruce look “diplomatic” by comparison.

    Colorado Springs- The Rayburn Campaign expressed its very deep disappointment at the news release sent out by the Crank Campaign questioning General Rayburn’s integrity.

    “During the last primary both the Lamborn and Crank campaigns were accused of running very negative attacks on each other; very similar to the cheap shots delivered by the crank campaign today.  Unfortunately, those negative attacks have resulted in deep divisions here within the Republican Party; divisions that still remain today,” said Rayburn campaign manager Mike Hesse.  Hesse further stated, “These are the type of tactics that we have seen in the Hillary and Obama campaigns, and are certainly not something we would have expected from a fellow Republican.”

    The Rayburn campaign will continue to focus on a positive message.  Today’s press release by Crank is just another example of why we need someone interested in providing solutions and leader shop rather than issuing baseless attacks.

    “With our country facing the critical challenges and issues of today, it is sad that the Crank campaign has stooped to a level that we all hoped to avoid.  One of the reasons that I suggested a debate was that I hoped that the campaign would focus on the critical issues facing our nation at home and abroad.”  Rayburn continued, “People are tired of this type of negative campaigning, and the purpose of my effort has been, and will continue to be to provide solutions to help this country move forward.  People are concerned about their future, and we need to focus our efforts on helping them solve these challenges.  With regard to my integrity, I believe that the soldiers with whom I have had the pleasure of serving, and my friends and associates in our community know that I am a man of my word, and nothing Jeff Crank or his folks can say will ever change that


    1. What with him trying the same thing for a second time, and also trailing in his own polls.

      If Crank thinks that a poll that was taken the day after got a huge media bump from the assembly (that he kind of sort of won by default) isn’t going to have major flaws, then maybe he is insane.

  2. .

    a guy from Pueblo,

    a former SF officer,

    sacrifices his run for Congress in CD-05 for the good of the GOP.


    wouldn’t he be in CD-03 ?

    former SF NCO

    Co B 5/19 SF, COARNG

    1215 Acero Ave


    1. You only have to be a resident when elected.  Something to do with the Constitution that allows that to happen, as unpleasant as it is.

      The nicer gesture would have been for Rayburn to run in his home state, Missouri in 2006, instead of being the spoiler in 2006 that gave us Doug Lamborn, and, by all appearances will do so again, I fear.    

      1. .

        as much as she / he personally dislikes the Bentster,

        CD-5 Line admits that his run in 2006 was perfectly legit.

        CD-5 Line then goes on to poke fun at him / herself,

        dredging up the “carpetbagger” epithet to remind us that the attacks on Rayburn 2 years ago were inappropriate.



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