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September 26, 2014 11:56 AM UTC

May this news story never end: McInnis regrets apologizing for plagiarism

  • by: Jason Salzman

(From plagiarism to revisionist history, not a huge leap – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Scott McInnis.
Scott McInnis.

Fortunately for someone like me, who will never get enough of the 2010 election cycle, failed gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis will never stop talking about it.

A great article today in the Grand Junction Sentinel states that McInnis has a big regret about how he handled the plagiarism scandal that torpedoed his gubernatorial campaign: apologizing for it, since he says he did nothing wrong at all.

McInnis, now running for Mesa County Commissioner, told the Sentinel he "should have dug [his] heels in" and "brought up more about the Hasan family."

The Sentinel's Emily Shockley reports:

“I didn’t plagiarize, period,” [McInnis] said. But, at the behest of political advisers, he did make apologies for the situation ever happening. That situation involved a researcher ghost-writing the articles in question, which turned out to have several sections lifted from an old work by current Colorado Supreme Court Justice Gregory J. Hobbs Jr.

“I would have dug my heels in and I would have brought up more about the Hasan family,” McInnis said.

“I’ve used ghost writers my whole career. I would have said I didn’t make the mistake. I wasn’t dishonest then and I’m not dishonest now.”

If he'd done that, maybe we'd have heard more from McInnis' ghost writer, Rolly Fischer, who spoke so eloquently to Channel 7's John Ferrugia at the time, before he went into hiding.

If McInnis had thrown his researcher even deeper under the bus, and dug in deeper, it would have made an already great news story even better.


21 thoughts on “May this news story never end: McInnis regrets apologizing for plagiarism

  1. Somehow I think this is the one that's going to really stick:

    "McInnis compared the public spotlight shined on that topic to how a teacher would experience being wrongfully accused of sexual misconduct."

  2. Hee Hee Hee! Yes, please — more of this! REMIND CO VOTERS just before the midterms exactly why they keep rejecting whack-job GOTP candidates!

    (Rubs hands together in sinister, anticipatory glee!)

        1. Surprisingly, no. He does, however, have a part-time gig with Associated Governments of Northwest Colorado where he shills for oil, gas and (everybody's favorite) oil shale.

          On the other hand, and I kid you not, he will be a large improvement over the current commissioners. I realize that is damning with very, very faint praise.


        2. The list of adjunct professors is long at Mesa State College (it is a UINO), as is the list of "construction advisors"…but my favorite is how the board of directors of one of its foundations(A) hire the directors of another foundation (B) as employees, so in return, foundation B hires the directors of foundation A as employees…neat, huh?

  3. Can someone tell me why Mesa County has elections?  Couldn't they save some money to fund a takeover of the Colorado McInnis National Ego-ment and Scooter Canyons National Conservative Area if they just allowed the Chamber to make the appointments directly?  Efficiency people!   

      1. It will be on the county commissions' agenda as soon as he takes office…

        Mark Williams, the Democratic Party candidate, is a good man, but this is Mesa County. I will vote for him, but I am afraid there are just too many Rs. If Dems get motivated here, there is enough revulsion of McInnis to give Mark a chance, but not much of one.

      1. Mcinnis' fall from grace left him with no option except to start over…which he is doing. Besides…the 80 K+ salary is nothing to sneeze at.

         "I've taken credit, and been paid, for the work of others my whole career!

        this comment, is just too ironic…or something….

  4. Sadly, Scooter's wife-hiring, foundation-gouging, ghostwriter-abusing, apology-withdrawing ways create no problem for him in Mesa County, no problem a'tall.

    Around here, he fits right in. I feel very sure that the person who wrote the following for the Daily Sentinel is a McInnis supporter:

    "I read that CMU is spending millions to expand the library. Yet on the news, they reported that there are 9,500 students enrolled and only 2,500 parking spaces, so students are scrambling to find parking on a daily basis. I would think the money could be better spent fixing this problem — and keeping tuition affordable for most families — rather than remodeling the library."

    Kill me now.


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