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May 17, 2008 06:27 PM UTC

D.A. Newsome faces primary challenge.

  • by: cologeek

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

4th Judicial District Attorney Dan Newsome is facing a primary challenge by his opponent from 2004, Dan May:…

It seems that last week’s revelation of Newsome’s daytime bar escapades has energized a coalition of former employees to draft May to take another shot at him.  The last election between the two was not a friendly one and from the story you can infer that there is no love lost between the two.  Newsome was facing no opposition to his holding the office, so you can imagine the hangover he is having now!


10 thoughts on “D.A. Newsome faces primary challenge.

  1. If he can get the signatures in time.

    Newsome had 130 ounces of beer in five hours, some during business hours, and was driving a state owned vehicle. It sounds like standard operating procedure for the man too.

    Another loser in all this is Jeff Crank. Newsome is a big Crank supporter, and Crank even spoke out in Newsome’s defense after this all broke. The bad vibe could spread to Crank if he’s not careful.

  2. That Dan May has been able to capitalize on John Newsome’s stupidity so easliy?

    Call me paranoid, but I suspect that May has a lot of allies in his old office, I wonder if they were KOAA’s “source”

    1.    However, who is to blame for this? It’s not like Dan May made Newsome consume 130 ounces of alcohol in 5 hours.

        Would you suggest that it would be preferable that Newsome’s alcoholism and drunken use of state property never be brought to light?

        I’m glad this came to the public’s attention. And I’m glad that the voters have a chance to weigh in on this. I guess that you would rather they not.

      1. And tell me where I said that voters shouldn’t have the ability to weigh in.  Please, tell me.  I can’t wait to hear your explanation for twisting my words and taking them out of context.  

        But on to the issue at hand

        John Newsome has no one to blame but himself for what he’s done.  It was stupid.  He was wrong.  And I reject the notion that he should be defended simply because he is the member of the right party-if he were a Democrat, many Republicans who are now defending him would be calling for his head.  I don’t like that double standard.

        However, if I accept Newsome’s apology as sincere and heartfelt.  I hope he got the message that he can’t do this crap, and I am willing to give him a second chance.

        But here’s the thing-was Dan May’s motivation protecting the public or advancing his own political career/getting back at an old foe?  The gut check says it’s the latter, and that bothers me too.

        1. I don’t drink.

          I don’t tolerate people who are impaired on the clock.

          BUT, A few beers over 5 hours….

          The Da’s office is running better than in the past.

          KOAA’s sweeps story aside,

          Someone tell me why I should not vote for John Newsome.

          1. At the Lincoln Day Dinner last night, Dan May had a table with his petition.

            At about 6:30ish PM, he had exactly one signature.

            Personally, I think he’ll probably get his 1,000 signatures but it didn’t look like he was getting a lot of love from the crowd last night.

            Anyone know how many they got last night?  Did I just catch them at a bad time?

        2. May is taking a certain measure of personal satisfaction over this, there is absolutely no love lost between him and Newsome.  

          But the D.A. left himself left himself wide open for this, and as someone who supported Newsome in the last election, I feel disappointed in his actions.  If anyone should know better than to act as he did, it’s the person holding his office.  

          The last Democrat to hold this office, Barney Iuppa, was defeated by John Suthers because he was looked at as being soft on criminals.  Newsome is going to lose it because he could not act responsibly in public.  Iuppa will have the better legacy.

          1. I am very disappointed in Newsome.  

            However, I accept his apology.  Some people may not be able to and I understand that.  I won’t be one to cast stones at someone for being upset at him.  He’s got no one to blame but himself

    2. Newsome ran on being someone “new” who would “shake things up”.  Dan May is the son of former State Representative Barbara Philips, and was previous District Attorney Jeanne Smith’s choice to replace her.  

      When Newsome announced he was going to run for the office as well, Smith demoted him from running his own division inside the D.A.’s office and placed him under May.  To say that this smacked of “old boys school” politics at the time would be putting it mildly.  It probably cost May the primary.  There was, and most likely still is, a lot of office politics behind this as well as Republican in-fighting involved with this.

  3. This gives the voters a chance to pass judgement on if his actions are acceptable. This is the perfect way to resolve this.

    And kudos to the voters that this makes the race competitive. I’ll bet in 3 years when Crysal Gray is up for re-election, her fraud working 4 hours/day for Adams County and being paid for 8 will not be an issue.

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