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May 15, 2008 12:14 AM UTC

Edwards Endorses Obama

  • by: Danny the Red (hair)

( – promoted by Colorado Pols)

update in a few

CNN has confirmed that former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama at a Michigan campaign event about an hour from now.…


36 thoughts on “Edwards Endorses Obama

    1. Edwards has 19 for the moment, but…

      If they seat Michigan and Florida, then Edwards has a total of 32 and Obama has a clear line on all of the uncommitteds.

      That is where the delegate math matters on this one. It kicks out Clinton’s most desperate strategy.

  1. The Gravel team was really counting on that endorsement, too.

    Seriously though, this is the time for Clinton to bow out. When Richardson left her camp, it was time, now that she doesn’t have JE, it’s clear that everyone sees the light except her.

  2. Assuming Edwards wants a strong role in the next administration, was this (somewhat belated, but we’ll take it) endorsement by means of

    a) VP

    b) Justice

    c) a cabinet post to be named later.

      1. Imagine going after the law-breakers! Not sure I could really survive that, but I’m more than willing to give it a shot.

        See how easy this is? Webb for VP, Edwards for Justice. Hell, the whole damn cabinet is practically lined up.

    1. to bargain endorsements for promise of an appointment.

      But he’s my pick for attorney general. Use some of that zillionaire trial-lawyer charm on polluters, war profiteers, insurance companies, drug companies, Alberto Gonzales, Harriet Miers, Karl Rove, John Yoo and the rest.

      1. to go straight on the Supreme Court, especially on what would be, for a while at least, a minority.

        Obama’s best first pick for the Court would be someone guaranteed to drive Roberts crazy. How about one of his old professors at law school? Alan Dershowitz.

        1.    Obama should plan on appointing relatively young (no one over 60, and preferrably, no one over 55), progressive appointees who will be around for the next 30 years!

            Dershowitz would never be confirmed.  His role in the O.J. Simpson would be exhibit “A” during the Judiciary Committee hearings.  

        2. I want to say he was 40, but don’t remember for sure, but he had a long and influential tenure on the court.  A real liberal.  Wouldn’t that be nice.

        3. I never thought I’d be writing you to say that a columnist for Penthouse magazine, Alan Dershowitz, ought to be a Supreme Court justice…but it’s a true story!

    2. Let him clean out all the vipers and sleeper cells that the Bush Admin have loaded the DOJ with.  It is going to be a huge job to return non-partisan function to the Justice Dept.

    1. Certainly I am encouraged by seeing Edwards (potentially) being any part of a future administration.  

      As to being more Obama support, well, I guess I’ll just have to sleep on it.  

      You know, I’m not alone in not jumping on the band wagon.  There was a letter in the paper just yesterday expressing the same reservation as I have.  Premised on “Who IS this guy?”

      1. Well I learned one thing today from my good President, and that is that Obama is a terrorist appeaser, so that has changed my opinion of him entirely.

        I also learned yesterday from Bob Schaffer that Mt. Mckinley is actually in Colorado.

        Who’d a thunk, huh ?

        1. Wasn’t the parenthetical above (wink, wink)lurking in the Knesset?

          Seems odd that the President McCain and every other Pub is running from is weighing in on a Democratic candidate in the Knesset?

          Must have been a slow news day, no Palestinian suicide bombers, no Hamas to comment on.  

  3. I think he’s a real jerk for waiting until now.  How hard would it have been to endorse Obama a week ago and tried to help just a tiny bit in West Virginia?

    1. He couldn’t do it right before North Carolina, because he might not have helped there so it would backfire. Or immediately after North Carolina because that would seem bowing to homestate pressure. So he either should have done it a month ago or … now.

      The question is whether Elizabeth Edwards endorses Hillary or sits it out.

    2. of help in West Virginia wouldn’t have changed a thing. This way, whatever momentum HRC had going for her was quickly negated by the bug Edwards endorsement story stepping all over HRC’s day in the sun after her victory.  

      While an Edwards endorsement would have had minimal effect on recent and remaining primaries, his rock star appearance at the huge rally in Michigan is a page turner, driving the last nail in the HRC campaign coffin for good. Primary concerns are pretty much over now, though this could help a little in Kentucky.  But this is really all about the presidential campaign now.

      While Edwards has been out of the picture for VP and most believe what he wants is the powerful high profile post of AG, recent angst about those white blue collar workers may change the decision making process.  He’s bringing the steel workers over already and can do much more for the white blue collar vote than HRC could.  All the talking heads are gushing over how great he and Obama look together.  Here in Colorado a lot of Obama supporters were Edwards supporters first.

      This re-injected all kinds of excitement into the Obama campaign after the huge, though not really significant, WV loss. The timing was great for both Obama and for Edwards, who  is now in a much stronger position to ask for whichever position he wants in an Obama administration.  

      Between this and NARAL(NARAL for goodness sake!) endorsing Obama, Dems can stop wringing their hands over HRC taking this all the way to the convention.  It’s over.

    1. As a big Edwards supporter, He did it at the right time. This was his way of ending this race. Obama will pick up the support of his delegates, his funders and his super’s

      Add in NARAL’s Support… Clinton is truly done.

      I still support Edwards as VP.

      1. My ideal ticket was Edwards/Obama, but the reverse is definitely something I would volunteer for. Although, the SCJ spot or AG would also be great.  

      2. Hillary was trying to make the most of her win in West Virginia and then Edwards jumped the 24 hour news cycle with this.  It shifts the spotlight back to Obama.  Brilliant timing.

  4. I think Edwards more naturally inclines towards Clinton on policy, but prefers Obama’s desire to shake up the party.  I feel he waited so long because he really wanted Clinton and once he realized she could not win, had to wait until his endorsement of Obama mattered.

    I love the idea as Edwards as AG.  He has to hold another public policy post if he wants to get back in the political game.  Basically waiting two years to run for President did not help his chances.

    What a way to get back in it.  Perfect timing.  Kills the Clinton crushes Obama in WV narrative.  Also helps Obama with rural working class whites.

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