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May 13, 2008 05:08 AM UTC

How Does Colorado Feel About Huckabee?

  • by: GOPpundit

(Told you so – promoted by Colorado Pols)

According to a recent news article Huckabee is one of the top choices for VP.

Mike Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and defeated contender for the GOP presidential nomination, is currently at the top of John McCain’s short list for a running mate. At least that’s the word from a top McCain fundraiser and longtime Republican moneyman who has spoken to McCain’s inner circle.

So what do y’all think? Personally I think that while Romney is more appealing to “the base” in Colorado, Huckabee will have low negatives and his persona will be difficult to beat. I think he will also look good – very good – against most any Dem VP in a debate.

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37 thoughts on “How Does Colorado Feel About Huckabee?

    1. David… interested in a gentleman’s bet? I have a crisp $100 bill over a cold beer (or other beverage of choice) that says the McCain ticket will win over the Obama ticket.

      Friday November 14th will be the day to pay. If I win you travel to the watering hole of my choice. Should you prevail I will travel to a location of your choice. (The only caveat is that my identity shall remain anonymous!)

      Do we have a bet?

        1. Barack Obama John McCain Apr 16 46% 43%   Rasmussen

          Barack Obama John McCain Mar 17 46% 46%   Rasmussen

          Barack Obama John McCain Feb 28  50% 41%   SurveyUSA

          I also saw this:

          I think that the dems will coalesce around Obama after the convention, and I see Colorado (along with NM) as the Mountain West state that Obama is likliest to take, but there’s still a lot of game left to be played.

  1. He’ll be a great campaigner for the ticket this summer and fall, but he’s too goofy and lacks commander-in-chief experience, which will matter because of McCain’s age. He’s being floated as a sop to the religious conservatives who are lukewarm about McCain.

  2. Let me lay it down.

    Huck is a great campaigner.  He speaks american and in rough economic times he can dampen the McCain “sorry toots your on your own” economic plan.  He will also help in the states that touch appalachia, missouri and the south.  However the shots he took against the LDS church will hurt the ticket in the west.  Why? Given McCain’s age the vice president (or even vp candidate) is likely to be the next GOP president/nominee.  There are plenty of Mormons who are pissed at Huck. and don’t get me started on what the AEI types think of Huck.

    Mitt on the other hand is the guy who fires you.  Won’t help on economic issues, because even though he understands them his resume makes it clear he’s on the other side of them from the average voter.  This combined with the alienness of the LDS church to folks in the south and appalachia will hurt the ticket in those regions.

    I suspect McCain will take a 0: someone who won’t help or hurt much, but may take a single state like Pawlenty.

    1. A lot of LDS people distrust Huckabee (myself included), and selecting him could be a drag.  It might affect that segment of the voting population that is reliably Republican, and could put states like Colorado, Nevada, Montana, and Oregon out of reach.

      However, Romney could be a drag in the south and cause problems in the south in places like Georgia, North Carolina, Arkansas and Louisana.

      So it would be safer for McCain to pick someone that isn’t going to divide the Republican coalition

      1. That person doesn’t exist, unless you exhume Ronald Reagan.

        With old-line evangelicals, such as Dobson, planning to sit on their hands, and younger evangelicals peeling off for Obama, and former Republican Revolution stalwarts rejecting neo-Con policy on civil liberties and endless war, the two strongest elements of the “Republican coalition” are already fractured. Some nobody from Minnesota, or wherever, isn’t going to mend that.

  3. as if Lloyd blasting Danny Q had any bearing whatsoever over that race?  VP debates are pointless and VP candidates get far more play than they deserve for the amount of influence they actually have over the race.

    1. Because of John McCain’s age his VP pick is incredibly important.

      Look at these numbers,

      Thirty-nine percent of Americans say they’d be uncomfortable with a president first taking office at age 72, far more than say they’d be uncomfortable with a woman (16 percent) or African-American (12 percent) as president.

      More here, http://www.thecarpetbaggerrepo

      * The latest NBC/WSJ poll (pdf) asked respondents if they think Americans are prepared to elect an otherwise qualified candidate, who happens to be have certain characteristics. 72% of Americans, for example, said the country is prepared to elect an African-American president, and 71% said we’re also ready for a woman president. But when asked about a candidate over the age of 70, the number dropped to 61%.

      * Also last month, a WaPo/ABC poll found that more than one in four voters (27%) said McCain’s age would make them “less enthusiastic” to support him.

      * A CBS/NYT poll from February asked Americans what the best age is for a president. A majority (55%) preferred someone in their 50s, while a president in his or her 40s was second (with 26%). How many preferred someone in their 70s? Less than one percent.

      * Way back in February 2007, a WaPo/ABC poll asked Americans: “I’m going to read a few attributes that might be found in a candidate for president. Please tell me if each would make you more likely to vote for that candidate for president, or less likely to vote for that candidate, or if it wouldn’t matter.” No specific candidate names were mentioned. When it came to attributes like race, gender, religion, and marital status, poll respondents generally didn’t care at all. When the poll mentioned a 72-year-old candidate, 58% said they would be “less likely” to vote for such a candidate – more than the totals for a woman, African American, and/or Mormon combined.

      * Around the same time, a USAT/Gallup showed that 42% of voters said they wouldn’t support an otherwise qualified 72-year-old candidate.

  4. Colorado is a swing state and our “middle” are moderate, independent and “western-minded” individuals who like John Wayne movies, drink their coffee black, and are overwhelmingly practical and pragmatic when it comes to the economy, security, and personal integrity.

    This means they will drift more towards McCain, a centrist drifting right with highly developed western sensibilities. Obama, love him or hate him, is not a centrist or a moderate. He is a Liberal. A classic Liberal in that he believes “government,” not individuals and private enterprise, hold the key to overcoming the challenges of our 21st century Constitutional Republic.

    In Colorado then, a McCain/Huckabee ticket will provide Centrist/Moderate/Libertarian types an acceptable ticket and Huckabee will be an acceptable choice to the religious and more conservative right wing of the party.

    El Paso County with it’s non-profits and Christian organizations will turn out and vote for a former Baptist preacher. They believe him when he toes the line on the pro-life issue. His appeal to their religious sensibilities will over-ride many of their concerns about his historical economic choices in the state of Arkansas.

    El Paso County traditionally plays a significant role in providing the margin that makes it possible for Republican candidates to win state-wide. If Schaffer wins in Colorado, he wins big in EPC. If McCain wins in Colorado, he must also win big in EPC. For McCain to win big here… a personality like Huckabee is an extremely smart way to go.

    1.    McCain, a libertarian?  (lol)  The man wants to regular free speech (the words of conversatives, not mine), limit greenhouse gases, supported a patient’s bill of rights, and opposed Bush’s ’01 tax breaks for the rich.

        Huck, a libertarian?  (an even bigger laugh) He’s anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, at one point, he advocated rounding up and quarentining HIV+ people, and he’s supported higher taxes as governor.

        Other than unrestricted access to handguns for all, how do either of these characters qualify as a libertarian?

      1. What I said was that a large group of voters in the middle, including Libertarian-minded folks, will vote for a McCain ticket over Obama.

        (Unless they waste their vote and cast their lot in with the other 5% of people who vote an alternative candidate.)

  5. You have to consider that in a VP contender, particularly with an older candidate such as McCain. And the Rocky editorial during the primaries said that Huckabee wasn’t qualified to be President. ‘Nuff said.  

  6. …in every pot!  

    Huckabigot actually believes in some of the New Testament stuff that the neocons all too often tend to forget about.  I can’t imagine the GOP powers that be putting someone like that on the ticket.  Heck, they might actually have to pay more than lip service to the fundies if they did.  

    But, I sure would love to see that dog-killing son of his on the campaign trail.  Along with Jethrene.

  7. If she would take it, I have thought for months that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas would be the best fit for the ticket, and help in the Southwest in particular.

    It still seems like she wants to be Governor of TX in 2010, though.

    1. McCain of Arizona needs much help in the Southwest. Texas isn’t in play, but New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada are, and Bailey Hutchison doesn’t help in any of those states.

      1. McCain probably wins Texas, but against Obama it won’t be a sure thing. And both will have to campaign there, Obama to put it in play, McCain on defense. And that defense is states that should be a lock is what will doom McCain’s campaign.

      2. I do think she would help assuage the fears of conservative women who do not see McCain as one of their own, particularly if Sebelius, or even Napolitano or McCaskill, is on the ticket as VP.

        1. she’s an attractive candidate and would balance McCain well in ways other than geographically and culturally. But that’s going to trump all with so many swing regions this year.

        2. she stood up to the coal interests in Kansas and didn’t blink in the Kansas version of a “Texas Showdown”.  She’s smart, articulate and one tough cookie.  She’d get my vote.

      1.    Look at the last two presidents who came from Texas:  Johnson with Vietnam and the Shrub with Iraq.

          I think it will be some time before we go with another Texan.

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