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May 13, 2008 02:20 AM UTC

Did Face the State call Romanoff gay?

  • by: Danny the Red (hair)

So I’m reading my copy of the Statesman and there is a full page ad designed to look like copy (note to statesman-“advertorial” (new word) should be in bigger letters).

I’m reading through it and its starts of with “Oh how we love Cory Gardner” and a little vomit pops into my mouth. I continue reading the oil rub down of one of the sleaziest mouth pieces of the GOP and I figure its got to be satire.

I quickly scanned the page and realized it was a paid hit piece designed to look like copy.

But there was something strange at the top.

the heading which I had skimmed over–Face The State High 2008–you know like a yearbook.

there were hand written missives like a year book.

“stay illiterate peasant. XOXO Douglas” (meaning obvious)

“I’ll never forget prom night,  Dorothy B.” (could someone explain this)

and finally

“I haven’t told my parents yet! Andrew R.”

Unless I miss my mark, Face the State is implying Romanoff is gay.  I don’t know, but In the Democratic party it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Sounds like a playground taunt against one of the smartest most effective politicians in the state.

Hypotheitical conversation

Andrew: “how can we work together to fix the fiscal mess?”

GOP echo chamber: “ummm. You’re a fag”

If he is gay, and I know some guys who are hoping, how does it feel to lose your majority to a Nancy boy?


11 thoughts on “Did Face the State call Romanoff gay?

  1. Face’s Legislative Superlatives 2008 entry for Romanoff is titled Most likely to get caught in bed with Lynn Bartels (the media loves him) and includes the line:

    From letting cute little kids gavel the House into session to his road-show touring rural schools, Romanoff is everything to everyone. (And he’s single, ladies.)

    Unless Face’s right hand doesn’t know what its left hand is doing under the table.

    1. My reasons

      1. can not have an actual policy debate: so focused on his bumper sticker lines doesn’t care about actual policy.

      2. the guy is an opportunist.  he doesn’t actually have ideology.  became a conservative because that’s where the jobs were after law school.

      3. the guy just gives me a creepy vibe. I know that is non specific, but it makes me feel like there is something hidden.  Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.  Maybe what he is hiding wouldn’t bother me, maybe it would.  I’ve just learned to trust my instincts on these kind of things.

      1.   i usually enjoy what you have to say on here, but your reasoning here is silly.  you “feel” like he is hiding something? i feel like the world is flat and that i shouldnt pay taxes any more.  

        1. the other two are real. the first is obvious

          I know someone who used to be good friends with him. the opportunism is real.

        2. Oh, how we love Cory Gardner. Imagine a cooler version of Annette Benning in “American Beauty”. Think, “I will sell this house today!” The guy just doesn’t stop – and the fact that he’s stuck in a House with Democrat majority rule seems to only inspire this former Allard staffer to work that much harder. He has been a constant crusader for limited government, lower taxes, and small business. Republicans are lucky to have him around.

          You know, I’m with Danny on this one. There’s nothing like “a cooler version of Annette Benning in ‘American Beauty'” to make me want to drive six-inch nails in my skull.

          I’m glad the Republicans can stand the guy. He’s the human fingernail on the legislative chalkboard, far as I’m concerned.

      2. It took me a while to find this, but I remember Gardner writing an Op-Ed about how our state budget works, where about half of it was lies.

        I’m sure Republicans Al White and Steve Johnson were fuming after this shameless lie about their months upon months of work on the budget.

        Ultimately, the Appropriations Committee spent about 20 minutes to discuss the bill before it was voted out of committee. It was approved by a vote of 12-1. If you do the math, 20 minutes to discuss the budget breaks down to about $900 million a minute.

        I don’t have a problem with his brash style of politics, nor his smug and condescending attitude, as much as I do with his seemingly easy ability to lie to voters for pure political sport.  

  2. Did you really just write that Danny… I as a gay man find it insulting you would call someone gay a Nancy Boy and claim that the repubs would be calling him a fag.

    Please keep your Hypothetical Gay bashing to yourself.

    1. I appologize.

      Did you actually see the ad?  I was pissed when I saw it.

      I know Andrew and I don’t care if he’s gay or not.  But to me Face the State does and to them it is a pegorative.

      claim that the repubs would be calling him a fag

      Apparantly you re unfamilar with the Colorado GOP which has been largely based on demonizing gays for the last 20 years–you must be from southern california.  Talk to Tim Gill if you think I’m wrong.

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