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May 02, 2008 10:30 PM UTC

Modern conservatives can't claim a single success, only failures

  • by: RedGreen

We’ve just lived through a seven year experiment with conservatives in charge across the board (including the last year and a half when it takes only 40 senators to threaten filibuster and block anything they want).

The results?

• The highest disapproval ratings of any president in modern history.

• An economy in tatters.

• An endless war whose justification keeps changing, despite more than two-thirds of Americans standing in opposition.

• Corruption and scandals that would have made early 20th Century bosses gasp in wonder (and blush).

• A legacy of torture that will stain this great nation for years to come.

It’s time to face it: rabidly anti-government conservatives set out to fail, and they accomplish this twisted goal.

Discussion by Greg Anrig, Jr., after the jump.

Greg Anrig, Jr., makes the case  at TPM Cafe that Democrats and rational Republicans should aggressively reject this failed ideology:

So when the question is raised about whether conservatives have good ideas, as it was to Sen. Obama on Fox News, it’s a huge opportunity to go on the offensive. The answer can acknowledge that in the past, prudent conservatives suggested some useful correctives in realms like crime, welfare, and taxes where government policy wasn’t working. But today, because Republicans have adopted the mindset that assumes government is always the problem rather than part of the solution, their ideas keep failing. Why should Democrats want to emulate that failed approach when the progressive orientation of building on successes and avoiding the repetition of failure has proven to be far more effective at delivering results?

Independents and disillusioned Republicans will recognize how far the right has moved from empirically driven, incremental conservative thinking when they hear some examples: Social Security privatization. Supply-side economics. Politicizing the top levels of agencies with anti-government ideologues. Undercutting public health, safety, and environmental protections. Contracting out government services to campaign contributors with minimal oversight. Publicly funded vouchers for private schools. John Yoo and Dick Cheney’s unitary executive philosophy. And, as Obama himself has effectively pointed out, the neoconservative mindset that produced the Iraq War.


21 thoughts on “Modern conservatives can’t claim a single success, only failures

  1. why hasn’t the Democrat party been in constant power since say………Washington’s time?

    ding ding ding…..Because they suck just as bad as any Republican ever could and you all know it. That is why we throw the bums out of BOTH parties every four years or so thinking the other guys might be better, at any given time.

    Your idiot party ain’t no better than our idiot party.

    Admit it dude.

    1. and there were no Party’s in washington’s time they didn’t start until the folks that wanted a stronger federal government as a the Federalists and the folks that wanted more states rights organized as the Democratic-Republicans (later just Democrats).  They were all liberals they just disagreed on where to vest power.

      But I wouldn’t expect someone who can’t get the modern Democratic Party’s name right to know any of that.

      1. the Democrat party on purpose. Just like your buddies that call the Republicans everything from Repugs, to Rethugs.

        Don’t throw stones if you can’t catch them.

      1. You can’t. You all know it is true.

        Blabbering about how the new conservative party is evil is just blather.

        Your party sucks as bad as any R ever could.

        Knowing that in four – eight years the R’s will be back in power, can you deny what I said?

        1. Someone posts a diary, and you comment based on what the diary says. If you introduce a new topic (an action called “moving the goalposts”) no one is obliged to reward your dishonest debate style by playing by your new rules.

          I will say this for your post… If “Your party sucks as bad as any R ever could” is the best a rabid hard right wingnut can say for the GOP, the Dems will be in power for a lot longer than “four – eight years.”

            1. I know you’re pretty slow witted, so I’ll repeat what I said: You moved the goalposts. Answering your question would only reward you. That means that failing to answer your question isn’t an admission that you have a point; nothing could be farther from the truth. (Just so you know, you don’t – the Dems are morally, ethically, and politically superior to the GOP in every respect – Deny that, sucker.)

              1. HA ha ha.

                You bet. Clinton and JFK proved how moral they both are/were.

                You are so full of shit. Clinton alone has done more to REDUCE the moral standards in this country than any R holding public office. He was the PRESIDENT. He should be held to standards way higher than any tele-evangelist or any other senator that you will drag into this arguement.

                And if Clinton was so fucking great, why wasn’t a Dem voted in after he left? I mean, if we listen to your words of wisdom and with your vast resources of knowledge, you should be able to tell me why the Dems haven’t been in control since the Revolutionary war. One would think listening to you that the Republican party should have been dismantled long time ago. There is no need for them. We have the almighty Dems to run things.


                Four years fucker and they will be kicked to the curb. Guaranteed.

                Just because your handle is Aristotle, doesn’t mean you are a wealth of knowledge.

                You still can’t admit your party is riddled with losers can you?

                Too bad. How deep is the sand your head is in?

                1. And if Clinton was so fucking great, why wasn’t a Dem voted in after he left?

                  A Dem was voted in after he left. Gore beat Bush nationwide in the popular vote and would have won Florida if the Supreme Court hadn’t voted along party lines to stop the recount.

                  You’ve had your turn and you’ve failed across the board.  

                  1. I am pretty sure Gore lost..umm…….yep, he did lose. Fair and square too.

                    I don’t remember seeing his name on any presidential coins…..yep I guess he did lose….I don’t seem to remember him on anything at all except for maybe South Park chasing his ManBearPigs…..yeah he lost.

                    Get over it. Gore lost. The dems lost. Clinton was followed by a two term Republican.

                    Get over it.

                2. I’m proudly independent.

                  And nothing – NOTHING – you said makes my statement false. For every Clinton (who did nothing to harm the country – deny that) there’s 25 GOP bozos sucking up bribes, selling their influence, and claiming to stand for morals while getting head from male prostitutes or looking the other way when faced with forced abortions (deny that). All this damages our country. Clinton is a saint compared to any ‘pub in office (deny that), hence my current strong support.

                  I’m not a wise person (and you got the reason for my handle wrong, natch), but there is no topic on which I’m  not better informed and more insightful than you, and that includes judging character, morals, and good policy. That’s why I always clean up the floor with your pathetic, all-emotion-no-fact posts. Really, it’s not even challenging.

                  1. Ha. Wishy washy is what that is called.

                    Just plain wishy washy.

                    Independant is just someone who can’t commit to something he/she believes in. Simple.

                    You think you are oh so smart. Make me laugh.

                    There are many things in the real world, working with your hands, that I could wipe the floor with you anyday, anytime. Building a house from the ground up. Electrical, plumbing, concrete, roofing, flooring, siding, decks, you name it. Building a car motor.

                    You would be like a little kid wondering what the doohicky is.

                    So just because you think you are worldy wise, back off. You don’t know as much as you think.

                    And you missed my point about Clinton.

                    He was the president. The highest office in the land. I knew you would gloss over that. He should be held to the highest standards of all.

                    1. Because you have not said anything at all that I haven’t read elsewhere.

                      Sorry, but debate is about fair play and the ability to express your own thoghts in a logically consistent manner. You fail on both counts. Even when you make up your own rules you can’t win.

                      You can have the last word since you’ll need it to save face.

  2. To be “moderate,” you have to be a radical leftist.  It’s what Democrats mean when they talk about “working together,” and this is one more proof.

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