‘Can you fax this right away, Mommy?’

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Inquiring Polsters want to know: Exactly what did Doug Bruce say that led to a sexual harassment complaint this week?

With all due respect to the staffer or lobbyist who filed the complaint (she’s been traumatized enough), can we figure out what Bruce Almighty said? Or should have said?

Might be a clue in Lynn Bartels’s Rocky story:

Bruce, who was appointed to the legislature to fill a vacancy, previously served as an El Paso County commissioner. His behavior there was inappropriate, Republican commissioner Sallie Clark said, although she declined to go into detail.

“We’re all kind of trying to move on here in El Paso County,” she said Wednesday.

Clark said she was not aware of any official complaints but had her own run-ins with Bruce.

She said Bruce referred to her as “Mother” or “Mommy” when she chaired a committee, and he once told her take a “PMS pill” when she told him his disparaging comments about a group of young visitors were inappropriate.

Post your best guesses below. Of course, if you have actual knowledge of the harassment, be sure to post all the details too.

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  1. cctiger says:

    were probably the group of first-grader recorder players that Bruce hated on. Still my favorite Bruce story.

  2. DavidThi808 says:

    There are all these posts by people saying that this is unexpected. Or that it’s probably Bruce being a jerk.


    The guy is an all-around scum-bag. I’ve been surprised that we haven’t seen anything like this up till now. My guess is when it comes out it will be straightforward blatant sexual harassment.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      Unless it’s of the kind Garcia allegedly made (along with his visual aid), this might be a mountain out of a molehill. Can you imagine Bruce goes through a day without making  crude comments to female staffers? Let’s wait and see before dancing on his political grave …

      Uh, is it really necessary for me to point out that if Bruce makes a single crude comment to a female, he should immediately fired?

      Are people really this clueless about sexual harassment, in this day and age?

    • Steve Balboni says:

      Bruce’s entire shtick is built on being “politically incorrect.” Anyone who is shocked that he would say something offensive to a female staffer hasn’t been paying attention.

      Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t but it wouldn’t be out of character. Quite the opposite actually.  

    • RedGreen says:

      Other lawmakers confirmed that a complaint had been filed and that Bruce had been told to have no contact with the woman.

      Rep. Amy Stephens, R-Monument, said Bruce’s antics throughout the session have turned off many of his GOP colleagues.

      You’re dealing with an extremely bright 7-year-old boy in a 54-year-old’s body,” she said.

      From today’s Bartels story.

  3. GOPpundit says:

    “No need to go to the Ukraine for a bride… there are lots of fine specimens in thin silk blouses right here. I wonder if I could get someone to turn up the AC in here… ”

    If these allegations are true, all jokes aside, Bruce should be immediately removed. And if its true they should also restrain him from appearing on the floor of the house for 12 months… To eliminate any grandstanding and to make his Primary impossible.

  4. Haners says:

    I have the gut feeling that we need to get more information.  Was the staffer a Dem or a Rep?  Were the comments direct to her or said in a general manner?  

    Because if this isn’t legitimate….

    • Awen says:

      If it was staff attached to the legislative council, legal services or staff who work on the floor for the clerk they are supposed to be non-partisan. On the other hand, if it’s a staff person for a legislator or the majority or minority party that’s something else.

      • Haners says:

        But let me help GO Blue out here and just call you a hypocritical Bruce apologist, even though I don’t know anything about you.

        You Bruce apologist!!

        How’d I do Go Blue?

    • Go Blue says:

      I should have posted my last comment here. It’s people like you who let this shit happen. There you go, blaming the victim. How would you like it if your Dougie made an inappropriate comment towards your daughter.

      Who gives a shit what party the staffer is with. If Bruce gawked, grabbed or just gabbed some moronic line at her it’s inappropriate and wrong. This man sits in a place of perceived power and he’s using to make passes at young girls, yet all you seem to care about the party affiliation of the victim.

      You’re as disgusting as Bruce.

      • Haners says:

        I’m an apologist for waiting for the facts to come out.

        Sorry that I’m not as quick to judge as you.  Maybe you can teach me how to do that.

      • RedGreen says:

        and he’s using to make passes at young girls

        We have no idea what Bruce said. It could have been “take a Midol,” it could have been an inappropriate Mommy reference, it could have been been a brusque “get out of the way, honey.”

        Whatever it was, it made the female staffer uncomfortable enough to complain to Mike May and follow up with the rest of the House leadership. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

      • parsingreality says:

        Sure, cut his nads off if these accusations are true.  Until we have the facts, chill out. Haners is right, and one of the most patient and moderate voices on this forum. He deserves respect for that, not your vitriole.  You would have been very comfortable with the witch burners in Salem.  

      • Fidel's dirt nap says:

        in order to defend Haners as I think he is extremely open minded and I think a good person, but I see a few of you have beat me to it.  

        I am sure he is just wondering what the full story is just like the rest of us.

    • Danny the Red (hair) says:

      Its my position regardless of the party of the person involved.

      Bruce is such a vile human its easy to skip the process, but process exists so that scumbags like bruce are not prejudged: just because he is a scumbag in general, doesn’t mean he did what he is accused of in the specific.

      Truth is though, he should be censured for bullying staffers and treating people with disrespect regardless of their sex.

      Respect and decorum is not a commitment to never take off your jacket.

    • chris82 says:

      And let us all remember this thread (especially my conservative friends) the next time an accusation comes out against a Dem.

  5. BlueCat says:

    Where are you?  Don’t you want to talk about this one?    

    • NEWSMAN says:

      And No,

      I think haners has it exactly right.

      I find it humorous that Blue is jumping haners for “defending Bruce”.

      haners is not a Doug Bruce fan AFAIK, just a fair guy.

      I have said several times that Doug Bruce is not a good politician, and does not know how to play this game.  He is not a phony, its just that he speaks the same way in public as he does alone with his friends.

      Doug’s foray into the legislature has been interesting to say the least.  I heard a Bruce supporter say that it was 150 years too late.  I had to laugh.  It’s true, 150 years ago he would have been a hero.  He is absolutely un bribe-able, and unrepentantly unpredictable.

      • Haners says:

        I am not a fan of Doug Bruce at all.  I voted for him in 2004 on my absentee ballot, I was on my mission serving in Texas at the time.  But he has since changed my mind.

        But I also recognize the possibility that this could be a bogus charge, and as such I reserve judgment until more facts are available

  6. H-Dog says:

    I’ve known Bruce for over 20 years, and have frequently crossed swords with him.  Rep. Amy Stephens has described him as “a very bright 7 year-old in the body of a 54 year-old man.”  That’s accurate.  Bruce is, where women are concerned, clumsy, inappropriate, and awkward.  And remember, sexual harassment is subjective-what would be mild flirtation from a more attractive legislator might be considered deeply offensive coming from the Dougster.

    But Bruce’s public self-destruction may eventually help Republicans.  Now,the Repubs can publicly disown him, and eventually even look sensibly at Bruce’s demon child, Tabor. And then they can moved to the center, and once more dominate Colorado politics.

    • Middle of the Road says:

      and eventually even look sensibly at Bruce’s demon child, Tabor. And then they can moved to the center, and once more dominate Colorado politics.

      About as likely as bats flying out of my ass…

  7. bob ewegen says:

    years ago, before he was on the El Paso County Commission. It apparently involved a school district employing accusing him of harassment.  Any of you have more detail about that accusation?

  8. RedGreen says:

    From the Gazette this afternoon:

    DENVER – Rep. Douglas Bruce handled the latest controversy of his brief legislative career the same way he’s dealt with the others – he denied doing anything wrong.

    The El Paso County Republican, who’s been accused of sexual harassment by a female legislative staffer, said Thursday he doesn’t know the woman who made the complaint, which he said is part of a continuing effort to discredit him and his conservative views.

    “I don’t even know who the person is,” Bruce said of the Capitol worker whose complaint was delivered to him late Wednesday afternoon.

    “This is getting to be absurd,” he said. “And it didn’t happen. I’m hoping that people will see this as going over the top … and help them understand these accusations are political.”


    Asked if someone unknown to him could have taken offense at something he said or did, Bruce replied: “Who knows if I said hello to her in the hallway as I passed? I don’t know her. I don’t know her name. Her name doesn’t mean anything to me.”


    … Bruce has portrayed the rebukes as an attempt to stop him from rocking the boat at the Capitol.

    “I’m tired of being set up,” he reiterated Thursday. “I think their house of cards is going to collapse when this final attack is exposed . . . for being so totally without merit,” he said.

  9. JO says:

    The legalistic “let’s be sure we have scientific evidence that the woman making the allegations has acute hearing sufficient to understand every word, pause, and deep breath Mr. Bruce took” is BS of the first order. This is politics, not a criminal courtroom.

    IF Bruce is a 7-year-old in a 54-year-old’s body (7? not 5? or 3?), then he needs to be attending 2nd grade until his mommy comes and washes out his mouth, or whatever.

    I’m with GoBlue on this guy. Imagine this: HE IS INFLUENCING LAWS THAT AFFECT YOU! Shall we wait until we have forensic evidence before obeying these laws?

    Meantime, how about a Big Billboard at the entrance to his district: “Welcome to the Sticks, Home of Doug Bruce. We Love Foul Mouths”.

    • parsingreality says:

      …”innocent until proven guilty” mean anything to you and GoBlue?

      I dislike Doug Bruce as much as anyone.  However, there is a process to determine guilt and we need to give him that time. While victims of real lynchings died, you are doing the same thing as those lynchers.

      Look, he’s such a moron he probably said “Nice ass” or something and thought it was a real compliment. (Which it is in different circumstances than the capitol.)

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