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March 21, 2014 10:45 PM UTC

Weekend Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"Trust dies but mistrust blossoms."



77 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread

  1. I'll be a Caucasian at a Caucus today!!

    While looking for a clip of the Jolly Caucus Race from Alice in Wonderland, I came across this gem:



  2. Voter ID laws

    The Dem line on voter ID laws is that they are a form of discrimination and that there really is no problem that needs to be addressed.  It is all a ruse by bigoted white people to keep the black and brown people down.  Seventy some percent of Americans support voter ID laws.  So what would an incompetent political party do to undermine their position?

    In Ohio, the Democrats are pushing changes to voting laws.  Al Sharpton is the outside dignitary brought in to lend his creibility and who do they honor and call to the stage for a welcome home?  You win a prize if you guessed someone who was convicted of voter fraud and released early.

    It is hard to take seriously any claim by the Dems that overtuning voter ID laws is anything other than partisan politics when their real motivation is so transparent.  Here is a link to the story.

    1. I'm waiting with bated breath (perhaps I've already missed the event) for the Republicans to honor your NYC friend who obtained three Obama Bush Phones fraudulently. 

      1. MB, when I looked into it after our last discussion, I found that the phone program actually started under Clinton. On a smalll scale, I have no problem with it.  As it is, on steroids, with much fraud, I do.

        1. The idea was actually hatched under Reagan.  My point to your post is that you promoted a National Review article in an earlier thread that celebrated a woman committing three felonies.  It's a part of the Universal Service Fund, a program that does wonderful things for high-cost areas in rural Colorado. The Obama FCC is cracking down on the private sector (mostly TracPhone, owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim)  that has been using a loophole (created by his lobbyists) to deploy these phones in a fraudulent manner.  In fact, it took a female Democrat, Senator Claire McCaskill (thank you, Todd Akin) to take on Carlos.

          So, enough with the "Obama phone" wink

          1. It won't be "enough" as long as the cowardly racist can keep alluding to the group of people he claims were "pushing" the Obamaphone, and not having the guts to actually specify what group he's accusing.  That's the part that gives him a little thrill.

            1. Cur, my experience having been approached near welfare offices on my travels is that the race or ethinicity of the people that approached me were the same race and ethnicity of the people the welfare office served.  I expect that would vary by location.

              Have you ever been approached by multiple people who called out to you for "free Obama phones"?

              I have.

              1. To answer your question (seeing as how you're still too chickenshit to answer mine), no. I have never been approached by anyone about free "Obama phones". 

                And, again, everyone can see you're still a coward. 

              2. AC – the next time you're wandering by the welfare office and are approached by "those same people with the same race and ethnicity of the people the welfare office served", please exercise your civic duty and call the police. You're witnessing a crime.

                I'll give you the benefit of the doubt until you can reply, but I assume you're talking about white folk, right?  


                1. MB,  I had a hearing before a state agency in Brooklyn, New York for my work about 6 months ago.  To get there from Manhattan, you take the A,C or E from midtown and get off at Schermerhorn Street.  As you get out of the subway, to cross the street to get to the State Office Building, you walk past a welfare agency.

                  I was barked at by probably three seperate people "free Obamaphones".  I don't recall specifically their make up, but given the area it was likely one or more blacks or hispanics, but nothing really stood out. 

                  Having people bark out to you "free Obamaphones" is not a crime.  And given the nature of the area, the police would not much care if it was, as they tend to be busy with more serious matters daily.  I suspect by the circumstances that nobody really cared very much about the niceities of eligibility based on what I have subsequently read.

                  The fact that the people in that area are largely Black and hispanic does not mean that most people on welfare are black and hispanic.  Most people in this country are not Black or hispanic so it would follow that they would not be.  But if you have ever been to Brooklyn, New York you would apreciate that there are very distinct ethnic and racial neighbourhoods, and that was the makeup of the neighbourhood where I had the experience.

                  1. I've been to Brooklyn several times..and Harlem. I know the city pretty well.  You realize those people barking at you are working for the (privately owned) telco, and not the Obama administration, right?

                    1. Actually Michael they are probably working for a contractor that has a contract with the telco.

  3. BREAKING: Abel Tapia announces for CD3 at the Pueblo County Democratic Assembly. He says, "It's winnable".  Tapia has an exploratory committee. He spoke with Dems in Mesa County last night, Pueblo County today.

    Major challenges: GOTV. Money. DCCC will help match funds. Need 10 K new voters.

    Tapia: Per Rick Palacio, State Dem chair, CD6 is #1 priority. CD3 is #2.

    "This is gonna be our year. We'll have the representation we deserve."

    I'm psyched.



      1. Well, we can still be proud of the people of Colorado making their state's GOTP an embarrassment, once again, to the national party in a GOTP year. And we'll still have a Dem in the WH . And 2016 will not be a Republican election year. After that one, demographics will have killed the current GOTP and they'll either have to return to being the party they were many decades ago or die. Cheers.

      2. Nationally, David may be right. But, it is one district at a time. Because of demographics changing Romanoff has a really good shot. In CD3 Tipton has appeared to have lost any glisten he may have had. Tapia has a shot. From Pueblo, a much more productive resume than Pace had. And, going to Mesa yesterday was pretty damn smart.

    1. There was a lot of excitement at the Mesa county Dem assembly this morning. Five excellent candidates nominated.
      Sadly, no one has stepped forward to run against Steve King for sheriff. Oy…

      1. Waste of time. I'm deeply disappointed in his move to the Dark Side, but I still think Steve is a decent guy at heart. I know enough about him to be okay with his being Sheriff. I'll even vote for him, like I did for his current position. We've had worse. As long as he doesn't put Rick Wagner back on the payroll…. 

          1. Lawyer, Columnist, Airport Board Member, Radio Host, Sheriff's Dept Political Appointee…. Rick's worn a number of hats. Sadly, he hasn't found one yet that doesn't make him look silly. 

            1. That's because little Ricky is no damned good at any of the above. The only thing he's made any money doing is general contracting, but the bust pretty well took care of that.

              In his little mind, of course, it's all Obama/Ritter's fault for over-regulation. That the price of natural gas dropped like a rock is beyond him.

              But he's much more entertaining this way.


        1. True enough, gertie. At the same time, the Dem Chair's remarks were relayed third-person to me, and my understanding is that he was referring to prioritizing Federal Congressional races – leaving Senate and Governorship races in their own categories. 

    1. Nice catch, BC. I wonder if such pointed, humiliating rejection might prove traumatic enough to cause him to soil his pants again, as he did intentionally when attempting successfully to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War…

      A true all-American patriot, The Nuge is. Just like his followers and worshipers.

        1. Yes. It's worse than losing gigs. It's being paid to not show up.  Please. You suppose Soros will send them a nice check to make up for their loss?wink

          1. I wonder if his band are all rednecks, like him. Too bad they had to lose money because of his shenanigans…on the other hand, they hang out with the asshole, so…



        1. Gone with the Wind was a great movie.  To Kill a Mockingbird was a great movie.  Even Blazing Saddles was a great movie.  Footloose is icky pop.

          But you're probably the right age to have loved it in your youth, so I won't say too much more.

          1. Gone with the Wind was crap.   All them happy darkies so upset cuz them damn yankees are messin with massa and Ms Scarlet.  What century were born in, Ralphie?

            1. Come on, where's your sense of romance? The grand march of history? That's for GwtW.

              And for Footloose, I adore musicals, where people just randomly start singing and dancing perfectly. It doesn't have to make sense. It doesn't have to be high art.

              I like all the old Rogers and Hammerstein Musicals, and the politics of those babies is pretty darn conservative, with a few glimmers of progressive thought in there – like "You've got to be carefully taught", from South Pacific.


            2. You don't have to agree with the point of view or subject matter of a movie to recognize that it is a well made, well acted, well filmed piece that accomplishes its goals. Gone With the Wind is certainly crap when it comes to historic accuracy but it's universally recognized as a great piece of cinema. Most American movies dealing with any historic subjects, particularly Americana, of the 30s, 40s, 50s and well into the 60s when people started making more challenging movies were wildly inaccurate and romanticized. Hollywood's version of cowboys, Indians, outlaws etc. was sheer crap. From watching old Hollywood movies you'd think that the soldiers who fought WWII were hardened tough guys (but with hearts of gold who would never dream of committing the usual war atrocities) in their 30s and 40s instead of a bunch of kids. GWTW is no worse than average on that score. Although I must admit, even as a young girl I always thought Scarlett was a first class, mean girl bitch and that Rhett had finally wised up when he told her he didn't give a damn. Good for you Rhett.

              1. Hollywood's version of cowboys, Indians, outlaws etc. was sheer crap.

                I remember thinking, when I was quite young, how peculiar it was that the Indians never figured out that riding around and around the wagon train until they were all shot was pretty stupid…then, of course, I later found out they never did that.

                The movies are great for re-writing history.

                1. Well, yeah. Most movies, are propaganda – they show the world according to a point of view. The big studios most often show  the ruling class (1%) point of view. That used to be our only movie choice.

                  Usually, that point of view served a political purpose – to validate stereotypes, and justify brutalization or suppression of certain populations. 

                  Now our eyes are open – we're at least aware of harmful stereotypes.  Often now,  movie plots incorporate character's struggles against oppression, as part of the drama. So the only differences I see are in awareness and use of revolution and struggle for rights as drama. "Biko",  "Mandela" or "Silkwood" are all worthwhile.

                  But I still like my silly musicals and sci-fi dramas for fun. 

                  1. I love fun. I don't so much enjoy movies or books that are trying too hard to learn me somethin' if they aren't also good movie and good books.

                    1. To each his/her own, as Duke said. Me, I'm a big fan of teacher movies (wonder why?)….which run the gamut from sappy to great. EX: Stand and Deliver: Great.  Mr. Holland's Opus: Sappy, but great. Dangerous Minds: Good. One Eight Seven: Crap.

                    2. A movie about teachers isn't necessarily a movie that's trying too hard to teach a lesson.  I'm talking abut the heavy handed movies and books that are more interested in raising my consciousness than in being good books or movies. 

                    3. Somebody needs to teach me to type and check for errors. That would be "about". I'm not talking while abutting anything but the usual chair.

          2. Gone With the Wind was boring, way too long, and covered up a boring storyline with pretensions of greatness. It sucked.

            I'll agree To Kill a Mockingbird was a great move. And Blazing Saddles was a good (not great movie). But Footloose, like The Breakfast Club, was a great movie about teenage angst.

  4. Turns out Mike Bloomberg is Udall's Sugar Daddy.

    The Udall camp was forced to respond to the effective Udallcare Ad buy by Americans for Prosperity.  The money for the Udall camp, fresh off of "victories" defending recalls of anti-gun state Senators and Amendment 66, was donated by none other than Colorado's favorite New Yorker, Mike Bloomberg.  

    Colorado Peak Politics has the story.

    1. And folks, don't forget to vote Tuesday!

      Wait, what? The election isn't until November, more than seven months away?

      Lots can happen between now and then – predictions now don't carry much weight with me.


  5. MamaJ-Did Tapia get enthusiastic approval from Pueblo Ds yesterday? I respect his resume, education and experience. But, since he already has a job will he run like his hair is on fire? Is he behind Comprehensive Immigration Reform? Will he slam Tiptoe for voting to shut down govt?

    Will his boss let him be aggressive?







    Abel Tapia – (photo is from his updated FB page) . His announcement of intent to run for CD3 was met with great enthusiasm from Pueblo Dems at the assembly yesterday. I've never met him personally, but he seems like a good guy. He's retired from working for the Colorado Lottery, so free time for campaigning isn't an issue.

    I'm sure that he's behind comprehensive immigration reform. Tapia did vote for SB170, Colorado's in-state tuition bill for noncitizen students. His voting record as a state Senator is here.  His ratings by different interest groups are here. To me, he looks like a center-left, somewhat progressive, legislator, pro-business, pro-labor. League of Conservation Voters likes him. The Pueblo version of RMGO, Anglund's organization, Colorado Gun Owners of America, rates him at 54%, so the gun issues probably won't handicap him too much.

    I hope that he will slam Tipton for the government shutdown. He did say that the DCCC will match funds for campaign contributions, and seems to have a handle on the numbers needed to win. He's an engineer, owns an engineering firm in Pueblo.

    I won't share everything he said, so the Republican strategists on here will have to do their own oppo research. They're going to jump on his Colorado Lottery background pretty quickly, and try to hype it up, although there doesn't seem to be much to it – the Lottery didn't give out as much as it took in between 2009 and 2012.  Between 2012 and 2014, Tapia turned the organization around, so that its payouts are more in line with other state's lottery payouts.

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