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March 13, 2014 06:16 AM UTC

Thursday Open Thread

  • by: Colorado Pols

"Politeness, n: The most acceptable hypocrisy."

–Ambrose Bierce


16 thoughts on “Thursday Open Thread

  1. Mark "Chicken Little" Udall

    In light of the failure in Florida of the Dem strategy of keep it but improve it, Politico tried to ask Mark Udall about his position on Obamacare.  Here is the quote from Politico:

    Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), who will likely face GOP Rep. Cory Gardner in November, said he would prefer to answer a reporter’s question by phone to offer a “coherent” response. But his aides did not later make him available for an interview.

    Read more:

    What is the matter Mark?  A frog in your throat?

    I bet you get asked about that a few more times.

    Running for office and running from reporters, not a good combo.

  2. Happy Thursday Polsters.  I am thankful for a bounty of things today:

    1) It is going to be 60 degrees and spring is around the corner.

    2) In spite of all the ludicrous obstruction Obamacare became a reality.

    3) Cory Gardner's votes and lies are going to catch up with him in this Senate race, and it is going to be delightful to watch him implode, much like Bob Schaffer.

    4) I am happy Obama was re-elected, although I am not sure Obama is.

    5) It is going to be nice to see Mark Udall re-elected, regardless of all the nonsensical blathering and wishful thinking.

    6) Republicans and tea partiers will continue to produce misinformation about Obamacare, papers like the DPO will pick it up and run with it; they will be corrected and completely crappy journalism will be exposed again.  We have blogs and Jason Salzman to thank for that.

    7) Between two ferns was hilarious, and a boon to Obamacare interest to boot.

    Have a great day everybody !

  3. 8) The ethical lapses of the Honey Badger have their day in court, end like most other times he is brought to account–with HB on losing end.

    9) Hickenlooper continues lucky streak as guber-gooper primary race looks more and more like Tanc v. Shorty.  

    10) Spring is just around the corner–and the snow-pack is fat for once.  

  4. For number 6 to be operational Dems need to grow a pair and run ads exposing the lies. Even if the victims are sympathetic.  They have to attack the rightie tactic of using sick people to knowingly or unknowingly spread phony scare stories about ACA head on and aggressively put the corrected, backed up truth out there in their own ads and at pressers and events.  

    Not enough people will ever hear anything but the rightie lies if Dem pols try to stay away from being seen as unsympathetic to all those "victims" and leave it to the blogs to expose the fictions. Only a tiny percent will ever see anything on progressive blogs. 

    The truth about ACA is positive so they absolutely can't be shy about debunking the lies and they can't leave the field to the right as our recalled pols did on gun legislation. They can't leave head in the sand voids, begging people not to vote the one issue (which is just like saying "My opponents are correct that I should feel ashamed of my vote" instead of standing up for themselves), and expect that the righties won't be happy to take full advantage. Either Dems fill those voids with the truth or the GOTP will be a happy to fill them with unopposed lies.

    Another ACA plus. Heard a very interesting discussion on NPR about how ACA addresses job lock, potential entrepreneurship blocked by people being afraid to leave ther jobs and the insurance that comes with those jobs. Especially  people with conditions like dibetes. ACA is already changing that. These business people were predicting large increases in entrepreneurship and new jobs as a result of ACA. That's a pro-business message Dems should be emphasizing, especially in purple states like Colorado.

    One more time, Dem pols….Grow a pair.

  5. Baking soda and water – not just for cleaning your fridge anymore.

    I came across this article about CO2 harvesters in a 2010 National Geographic magazine. Physicist Klaus Lackner invented a  method of "carbon harvesting" involving "artificial trees".

    Filter inside one of Lackner's earlier models of a carbon scrubberThe basic idea is to scale up the carbon sequestering of a normal tree, and put many of these relatively simple devices in urban areas, airports, wherever excess carbon generation is a problem.

    Conceptually, the devices are table-sized cylinders which suck in carbon and spit out baking soda and water.

    The latest citation for physicist Lackner's research was October 2013 "Medill Reports", which said that Lackner had developed a prototype, and a market – sell the captured CO2 back to greenhouses.

    I think that this could be part of the solution to climate change from atmospheric carbon dioxide. It's so simple that it just might work.


  6. Janet Rowland endorses Mike Kopp for governor.

    "do we allow a man to marry a sheep? I mean, at some point, you have to draw a line."
    Does Mike Kopp look like a sheep?
    Does Janet want to sheep with him?

    1. David:

      13% say it is a good law and should not be changed.

      34% say repeal it.

      51% say change it.  The devil in the detail is what are those changes.  I might be in that category.  Keep the let your kids stay on your plan until age 26 because with this economy they are still living in your basement, and get rid of the rest works for me.

      The most dangerous number for Dems is Bloomberg also reports 72% of voters say the healthcare law will affect who they vote for this fall.

  7. Now, I have been out of town and so what I read back East, may have been a misprint or something…..but did anyone else see the poll where Udall and Gardner were in a virutal tie?

    1. Yup.  Has the local Dems going kind of nuts already.  They are still at the denial stage of grief.  It is to be expected.  Udall is starting to run against Obama, too.  Seems like everybody is.

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