Gazette states that its anonymous Gessler critics don’t back Gessler opponents

(The knives come out for the "Honey Badger" – Promoted by Colorado Pols)

In a surprisingly sharp editorial yesterday arguing that Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler will be "crucified in the general election" if Republicans choose him to take on Hickenlooper, The Colorado Springs Gazette cited two anonymous sources:

"Democrats will have a field day with Gessler," said a ranking Colorado Republican insider who spoke to The Gazette on background. "I don't think he's electable."

Another ranking Republican, asked about Gessler as nominee, said only this: "train wreck."

How can the Gazette offer up these anonymous sources without at least telling us that the people quoted don't back State Sen. Greg Brophy or any of Geessler's opponents?

So I asked Gazette Editorial Page Editor Wayne Laugesen if he'd tell me whether these sources are supporting one of the other GOP gubernatorial candidates. Or if they're on the payroll of another candidate?

Laugesen: "Members of The Gazette's editorial board know who the two sources are. Among those board members is my immediate supervisor, the publisher of The Gazette. Neither source has decided on a candidate (or so we are told). Each has employment that would forbid obtaining compensation from a candidate."

Laugesen might consider tossing his clarifying statement onto his editorial page, in the unlikely event that any of his readers miss this blog post. So now it's up to readers to decide if they trust the Gazette on this. I do.


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  1. dwyer says:


    I found this quote really significant:

    Each has employment that would forbid obtaining compensation from a candidate." – See more at:

    I think that Laugesen has an ethical obligation to clarify that statement.  My first reaction was that his "sources" were government employees and if they were, they should not have been commenting in any way on political candidates.  I don't know what other kinds of jobs might fit that category.  

  2. ZappateroZappatero says:

    Thanks for keeping an eye on the Gazette, Mr. Salzman. Wayne Laugesen has carried on Sean Paige's particularly vicious editorials that are most often directed at Democrats, people with common sense, and even the vast majority of people who think government can and should do good for society. The fact that they are attacking Republican Hero Gessler in the same way is no surprise.

  3. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    Waiting on Bothways.

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